Seattle, as always, was gorgeous, if a little rainy and overcast. Miss Longshanks (my niece, about 2.5 years old, now) was asking to see sun and rainbows every day, and it usually came out during her naptime, which was just sad. We did see sun while we were on our way back from the Children's Museum my last day there, and a rainbow in the fountain at Seattle Center. Better weather was had during my week there, apparently, than had been seen for months, and flowers were abundant (though it seems to me that they always are). And now, at home in Maine, it began snowing last night, and is still coming down heavily nine hours later. I really should get out there and start pushing some of it around so that when Eor comes home he'll be able to get into the driveway.

I arrived in Seattle last Friday, and Saturday we attended The Moisture Festival. I had no idea what to expect, I had never heard of it, so I packed my knapsack with my raincoat and sweater, thinking we might be wandering around a park. In fact it's a Vaudeville variety show in a small theater, which may have been part of a warehouse at some point in it's past - cement floor, folding chairs, and not enough chairs for everyone. A lot of small children and their parents ended up going to sit on the floor at the front, and were referred to as a tiny mosh pit by one of the performers.

I've got to say, the performers were very good - there were a couple of tumbling groups, one of which was a family who involved all five of their kids in the act - and the final act was Avner The Eccentric, who was amazing. He's a sort of mime/clown/magician, and he wound up with his tissue-eating routing (yes, you can watch it on YouTube! although being there is always better.)

All of this had a tremendous impact on Miss Longshanks. Sunday she carefully cleaned a booger off her hand with a kleenex and, as soon as everyone had praised her for not eating the booger and had turned their heads back to what they were doing, popped the tissue in her mouth. Then she ran around giggling and opening her mouth to show that she had the tissue in there, while we all tried to convince her that she needed to do the grand finale and pull a bunch of flowers out of her mouth.

Monday while we were making dinner she matter-of-factly opened up the cabinet under the counter and took out a spare box of kleenex, and went to the couch with it and her Margaret doll. When I went to fetch the box back she insisted she only needed two, one for her and one for Margaret. We all kind of knew what was coming, and sure enough, she popped those tissues into her mouth, then ran around giggling and showing it off while Mommy Minx tried to convince her that it was going to turn into a butterfly and come out of her mouth.

I had looked up the Wiki on Avner the Eccentric during the day on Monday, and no wonder he sounded familiar; he lives on an island nearby and must often fly out of the airport I work in, and probably knows and has worked with other people I have met through Tree's Mom, like Antonio Rocha, who lives a few minutes drive away from me. (When she visited summer before last she asked me to take her down to visit Antonio Rocha so she could convince him to come perform at her storytelling festival in Canada, and I heard a great deal about the performance art community in Maine during that visit, in addition to spending some time playing with his delightful little girl while they talked business.) But I think it was Tuesday evening when we opened up the laptop just before bedtime to watch a few Mary Poppins songs on YouTube before bed and Miss Longshanks saw the tiny picture of him on the Wiki page. "The man who eats tissues!" she murmured in delighted wonderment. Like, why should there be a picture of the man who eats tissues on her computer? Must be a sign.

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