I have an unusual mid-week day off because someone wanted to trade days off so she can go to her cousin's wedding on the weekend, so I was able to Skype with my brother Hawk and niece! :) He works four ten-hour days and has weekends and Wednesdays off, so he gets to be full on Daddy on Wednesdays, which he loves. :)

I was just scanning back through my entries trying to see if I've assigned my niece a nickname. She doesn't really need one since she's the only niece I have, but it seems right. And as I was looking back I found that I had mentioned in July that Hawk, his Mate Minx, and the child can all TALK. This holds true for today as well - I barely got a word in edgewise. :) Her diction isn't perfect, and she's still working on sentences, but she's fine with three syllable words. She found Daddy's pill minder and made him eat his 'supplements.' The very first thing she told me was "I use potty!" Not even "hello," first. She's very proud of herself. :) Not out of the diapers yet, but starting. "Someone put the tree in the bag!" actually referred to a good sized stick, with which she showed me her cool staff-fighting moves, and almost nailed Daddy a few times with her 'tree.' :)

Proper nicks are difficult. Hawk got that name from an actual shaman he studied with, but his Mate calls him "Monkey" and herself "Minx." I considered calling her Chick, because she is the child of Hawk. A baby hawk can also be called an 'eyas', I find. At one point when she was eating her breakfast and continually requesting more blueberries, Hawk said, "You eat so many blueberries we'll have to call you Sal," a reference to "Blueberries for Sal," a book every kid from Maine reads. :) She doesn't have a copy, yet, so I'll send it to her. :) I don't know, maybe a proper nick will wait a bit longer.

Eventually I left them to clean up and get ready to go to dance class. I hope the blueberry stain comes off her face, not to mention out of her pink shirt. :)
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( Oct. 17th, 2016 04:36 pm)
My niece is growing up so fast, on the other side of the country, and I'm not getting to interact with her as much as I would like. Can one recommend me a reputable site to download a Facetime app that will run on a Windows PC, with no input from any Apple devices (which I don't have)? I found a site, ( https:\/\/facetimeforwindowspc.org\/facetime-for-pc\ ) but I'm not sure I trust it. (Tried Skype, but apparently that's too outdated for my brother to handle.)
For two weeks my Aunt S was here, and she can talk, for a week my brother and his wife and child were here, and they can all talk, and for two or three hours my cousins Di and Pen and Uncle Jimcito and Aunt Nun were here, and ALL of them can REALLY talk. I've never thought of myself as much of a talker, and maybe this is why - I don't need to ever talk when I'm with my family. :) Silence is nice when I'm alone, but if I have to socialize it's restful for me to be with people who keep the conversation going, since I never had that skill. :)

As I'm typing this Eor is telling me about someone who is trying to find a way to use aggregate data of social media to predict terrorist attacks.

ETA: It's really interesting watching my little niece acquire language. She's 21 months old and can make simple sentences, like "I hear sound!" with hand cupped by ear to reinforce the concept in case we don't understand her diction.
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( Sep. 6th, 2011 08:26 am)
I'm cleaning out my old LJ emails, and have noticed two things:

1) Announcements in LJ News used to be a LOT smaller, two years ago. Four lines, a paragraph. The more current ones take up the whole screen.

2) I can't stand to throw out comments from any of you, even though I know that deleting them from the email won't delete them from the journal. They would still be there, but in my email, as I'm scanning back through, even if you wrote it to me two years ago, it warms my heart. Especially the ones around November when I was getting depressed. Hm, how long will I wait this year before I realize it's time to start on the winter anti-depressant cycle?

In other news, it's a rainy day, was rainy all night, but I slept like crap because of my schedule being different today and the class. Nerves. Which of course makes me not as bright and useful on the day when I need it. I should have taken a Tylenol PM last night and set my alarm clock. I woke at 3:30 thinking that I was missing the beginning of the class - which would have been true if they'd put me in the 3:30AM class, so I almost wish they had. If I wasn't going to sleep I might as well have been in class. No, I did get back to sleep, but it was fitful until the alarm went off at 5:30.

Stuff to do, today, besides just cleaning out old LJ emails:

-Get a birthday present for Hawk.
-See how much money I can spare from my checking account.
-Leave early to stop at the Credit Union and deposit some money into that account. I haven't done anything with it for three years, so if I don't have some activity soon they'll send my funds to the State as 'abandoned.'
-Finish the sleep study and gastroenterology forms.
Aunt Sigh and I went to Portland to the Ace Hardware on Monday and then to the Old Port to just sort of hang around, and I really don't want to forget the whole day. I know we checked out South Freeport and Delia Parker Winslow Memorial Campground, but I can't recall what we did before that in the morning.

Before we went into Ace we stopped at the drum shop there at Union Station Plaze: she had to look at almost everything, she has always wanted to be a drummer when she was younger. Almost bought some zils there (she has taken bellydance and is thinking about taking it back up) but they were very plain and quite heavy seeming.

She's the same in a hardware store as anyplace else - I thought she might be bored, but she wanted to look at everything, she nearly bought a toilet seat for Eor on a whim, and exclaimed in great delight over a pink hammer that was on the counter. :)

Then I drove over to the Old Port and as I was trying to find a place to park on Commercial Street she asked if this was really where I wanted to go, because it looked kind of boring. I said "Boring? You think so? Well, I just want to look at this one garden, I want to see how it's doing." Sure enough, as soon as she went around the corner from Three Dollar Dewey's and saw the tiny garden hidden in between the buildings, and then we wandered around the corner into Wharf Street she was hooked. :)

We had to wander slowly (she'd hurt her ankle on the path at the house in Rockland on Saturday and it still wasn't quite up to a lot, the cobbles were a little difficult, but she didn't complain about that at all, she loved the cobbles) and went through the new Cool As A Moose anex and up their stairs, and she almost bought a pair of pyjama pants for me - black watch with the Cool As A Moose logo - but after we looked through the whole lot I decided that there were no pyjama pants that I thought would actually be comfortable for me - even the extra large looked as though they were too small. :( So we wandered on, up Fore, observed the 'art' which the local shop owners are trying to get rid of (the 'razor blades sticking up out of the ground' which is supposed to represent waves) and then sat on a bench in front of the Regency and looked at the dolphin statue, the patterned cobbles, and their outdoor cafe (very cute, I think it's called something like The Garden Shed, because they just put a little shed over there to stage things in, and a line of tables with umbrellas) and then walked through the Regency, used their bathroom, went down to the spa and asked the price on massages, then fled (omg something like $75 for 50 min.??) and went to Seimper Mas, where she bought me a pashmina (shawl - and a fake one, really, or it wouldn't be so cheap, but I love the colors - mustard yellow, mossy green, and black, with paisleys :)) and some zils, and wanted to buy me several other things, but I told her I didn't need the clinky belt thingy for belly dancing as I have a chainmail skirt already. :)

Good fun. :)
So, while I was doing the Aunt circuit yesterday Eor made dilly beans - and, as Hawk's mate pointed out, not just 29 jars of pickled beans, but five different kinds. My god.

I just worked on a sudoku for the last 45 minutes - I need to get my brain back in shape. But then again, I need to go work in the garden, too. The knotweed needs a killing - I didn't do it this weekend and I'm not going to do it next weekend because that's the family reunion. The Aunt circuit was just practice. See, there's ancient sibling rivalry between Aunt P and her sister, L, and Aunt BeeJay takes L's side and is not inviting P to the reunion. It's stupid, seriously, and I can't fathom why they can't just be in the same place and keep it private between them even if they have problems with each other, but possibly BeeJay didn't even consult L, just didn't invite P. Or maybe she knew P wouldn't come if L was going to be there.

Eh, I wrote more but just snipped the rest of it. I don't know. It doesn't seem like anything anyone wants to hear, it's the same thing everyone's family has some of, I guess. It all goes back to drug and alcohol abuse, child abuse and neglect and mental/emotional problems that run in my family, and who knows what causes what, really. I think/hope I and Hawk and Eightball are somewhat more aware and stable, but that may be the reason none of us have had kids - because we at least know we're not entirely stable, and don't want to pass that on to another generation.

I don't want it to sound like hanging with family next weekend is going to be a chore or I won't like it, there's a lot that's fun about my family, and obviously some of us stick together and want to support each other. Young H, our cousin M's boy, seems to be looking forward a great deal to seeing Hawk, and I hope we'll see his brother, Young M - I suspect Hawk's their favorite 'uncle' (in the same way Aunt P is my 'aunt').

Okay, this entry is too long, but I wanted to tell this one, real quick: We were in the car to go, and S startes to tell a story, and all of her stories go on forever, with a ton of detail. I'm in the driver's seat and P is next to the car, and P randomly reached out and touched my ear, and I thought she would say something about S talking my ears off. Nope. "Hasn't she got ears just like a little baby? Pink and white, and so soft." S (kind of dazed) agreed, and P followed up with, "You'd better let this girl drive." Of course S totally wasn't fooled, but she went with it because she can take a hint that she's outstayed her welcome.


*(L and P are actually cousins to my father, BeeJay and S - so, not really my aunts, but you know, previous generation, you choose a word that indicates respect, because 'cousin-once-removed' is a mouthful.)
Picked up some overtime Friday night because we have so few women at the moment that there just was nobody to stay. I hope they don't wait until last minute next Friday to ask me again. Maybe I should be preemptive and just offer on Monday so that I'll be expecting it. I wish they'd hire more women, though! I guess they're just not applying.

So, Saturday morning Eor let me sleep in, and we didn't get near as much yardwork done as we normally do on a Saturday, but gosh I feel as though I need the rest. I just feel as though we've been going going going forever. Anyway, we did weeding and clipping and spread paint stripper on a couple of doors we'd like to add to our place for winter-time (there's one which used to have glass panels in it, and I'm excited at the idea of putting frosted glass in so we can use it on our bedroom, I think that would be really cool looking!) and I made a huge beef curry in hopes some friends would stop over, but they didn't show and so Hawk and his mate had some when they got back and were most delighted. :)

Hawk and H-Mate had headed on up to visit Dad on Friday night, with the apparent intention of staying until Sunday, but they didn't sleep well on Saturday night, even though they were sleeping in their van, which they've slept in often and is a familiar bed for them. Somehow they both had nightmares. I attribute it to sleeping near Dad's house. They took Dad to see Alistair Frazier and Natalie Haas in concert at the Strand in Rockland - I'm so envious! Frazier and Haas put on a really good show the last time we saw them. He's a good - probably VERY good - fiddle player and an absolute ham, she's quiet and a just effing amazing cellist. And I guess Dad was very attentive to the music and seemed to have a very good time.

But their report on his health is not good. Apparently he's pretty shaky, and when he stands his blood pressure can drop so precipitously that his knees just buckle. It's... yeah. I don't know as he has much longer.
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( May. 31st, 2010 09:26 pm)
Got back home yesterday, just minutes after my brother got done hauling most of his things from his van into our place (except for his bike, which is still in the back of his van). He came out to meet us as we got out of the car, saying that he'd been just moments from taking off all his clothes. (Because I guess what else do you do when you arrive in a new place to live after driving for days?) So today has been pulling bamboo (three wheelbarrows full of fresh bamboo and some other things - the linoleum I had dug up before we left, a few burdocks, etc.) and hanging with Hawk, shopping, cooking, and kind of trying to talk about the logistics and get settled in to a new routine where there are going to be three people living in this space. And he brought me the most awesome steampunk bracelet which I'll have to post a picture of as soon as I get new batteries in my camera!

Florida included lots of cake and icecream (because Eor's birthday, yay!) and a new Nook (which I'm sure he already wrote a review of). And let me tell you, taking a sleeper compartment on a train is very cool - private and quiet and I slept SO well. And you travel while you sleep! :) Unlike planes, where I travel while in a nightmare similar to being on really bad drugs.

Tomorrow morning I have my yearly physical, so I'm going to have to get everything packed early and get my butt out the door. I'm dying to try putting a fanfic on the Nook, but I don't know as that can happen tonight. I'm reading "Fix Bay'nets" on the Nook! I had started reading it before and can't recall why I bogged down, but I'm once again reminded that this book is everything Daegaer ever implied. It's nice to know that Fenn really wrote a loyal, adoring Gedge who followed Bracy's orders only when he felt like it.

I read "Bite Me" the third in Christopher Moore's series about the vampires Jody and Tommy. This one didn't end like I expected, which is ... kind of good, I think. Also, a good deal of it apparently the blog posts of Abby Normal, who's style is kind of like a modern goth version of Bertie Wooster - a loopy, perky, slang-loaded narration. Verging on annoying, but I liked it. :)

I should say also that Jasper Fford's "Thursday Next: First Among Sequels" (which I believe is the fifth in the series) was pretty enjoyable for me, though for a good deal of it I was wondering what the hell was going on and how it was all going to fit together.

I've been horrible about trying to keep track of how many books I've read this year, I have no idea.
Augh, I keep saying I'm going to make a post about this weekend and how much fun it was to hang around with Aunt S and Cousin S, and I keep feeling as though I don't have time to do it justice.

Short version: Memorial service for Cousin S's father was quite nice, with Air Force ceremony and lots of food at the reception, after. (Which I didn't eat much of.) I had left my camera in my car back at Aunt BJ's and therefore did not take pictures, but retrieved it later and went back to spend more time with Cousin S. We went to her other grandmother's place where she was staying so she could change and then went to Lincolnville Beach with Aunt S. Supposedly other people were going to show up, but they didn't so we got tired of waiting and went to Camden to wander around the shops.

cut for big photos! )

Sunday, Aunt S and I decided we had to go find one of our ancestor's graves, and spontaneously decided to stop at her friend's house which is next to that cemetery. The friend wasn't home, but her husband who is a potter and bronze caster was home, and he gave us a tour of his shop.

cut again for more big photos! )

That's all I can stand to post at the moment - Flickr is being really slow, I think because they're trying to get me to upgrade. Not the way to impress me, Flickr.

Now I really should do a million things in the last hour before leaving for work. Including calling Aunt S to see when she's coming to visit!
I may have mentioned that the doctor told me I have "anxious bladder" - that's why, supposedly, with the Zoloft I'm able to sleep through the night and not get up to go to the bathroom (unless I've drunk quite a lot). Can you imagine what "anxious bladder" means when faced with an interview? I had to pee a half hour before the interview, I had to pee right before the interview, and even so I felt as though I had to pee DURING the interview. Yeah. :)

This morning, in total contravention of all my intentions re the 'spare' room (between the bathroom and the hall) becoming the exercise room (you can see my weights and foam roller stacked behind the chair), I did my stretching in the kitchen. Mostly because I wanted to start out with dancing to get my blood moving, and that's where there's the most space. I chose "The Great Curve," by the Talking Heads, as it was the first really long song I found that I thought would be good to dance to, and it did serve the purpose of moving my blood. :) I'm still sweating. I read the other day that itchy legs when out in the cold is caused by capillaries in the skin being unused to working, therefore if you do aerobic exercise more often you won't get that as much. Weird. Not that I should really need more reason to get aerobic exercise than that it's good for the heart and lungs.

Tomorrow is my Uncle's memorial service, so I'll be getting up early and taking a long drive. I was hoping to convince myself to do some baking today so I'd have something to take with me as an offering for the family get-together and also so I would have something I could eat. However... yeah. For some reason I could not get myself to bake. OH! I just remembered someone told me about a new gluten free bakery in Portland, on Forest Ave. I wonder if I'd be able to find that this morning before work if I left right away? I guess I'll be going! Erm, anyhow, will be good to see family and especially Florida Auntie, who I called the other day. Man, can she talk. I was on the phone at least an hour and barely got twenty words in. :)
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( Jun. 14th, 2009 09:41 am)
Just spent a half hour talking with first my Dad and then my brother, Eightball. Eightball had asked that when I found out when our Uncle's memorial service is going to be I let him know - he was hoping to get some time off and come up for it. But that's looking quite unlikely, now, as he has made plans with his gf and is now going to go BACK to California in the beginning of September. Getting time off in July when he's already told his boss he's leaving in September... yeah, just doesn't sound good. I knew that something would happen and he'd leave the East Coast before our other brother, Hawk, would get here. We discussed the fact that obviously something tremendous would happen if we were all on the East Coast at the same time, since circumstances have conspired to make sure we don't all get together for years. The magnetic poles of the Earth would flip, or something. He says "We owe it to the Earth and the peoples of the Earth to make sure this doesn't happen." ;)

HOWEVER... He's hoping to be at the Brain Arts Festival at Radio City Music Hall in NYC to give a demonstration of whatever it is that he does (a sort of movement-based meditation, I think?) on August 14th, and he'll buy my ticket in to this event if I'll come. wow. 0.0 I should do this, I think. I've never been to New York, really; only in the train station on my way elsewhere. Hm.
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( May. 10th, 2009 08:56 pm)
I feel like a cad having posted on Facebook about my Uncle having died and gotten a response of a virtual hug from someone I went to high school with. I was just honoring my Uncle's memory, it's not as if I feel personally bereaved. I was not close to him. He was just this guy who happened to be my Dad's brother. I don't think my Dad was ever as close to him as I am with my brothers, they were quite different in temperament, but of course it's going to be affecting him. I don't know.

Spring is about new life, though. We have leaves starting on the trees, popping out all over! Forsythias started I think two weeks ago and are still going - they're not near as ephemeral as the cherry blossoms, which bloomed one weekend and were dropping the next.

We went for a lovely walk with [livejournal.com profile] littleredhead and [livejournal.com profile] groundctrl, yesterday, only slightly shortened from what they had planned because part of the trail was blocked off because the ospreys are nesting. We didn't see any of them, but we did see a great blue heron. (And as I'm looking this up, I wonder if the herons we saw in Regents Park were grey herons? Because the Blues don't seem to have Europe listed as in their range at all.) And then we went to see the alewives running - they go from the ocean to spawn upstream. (When I was in high school I recall seeing a guy come up from the brook with two plastic bags, one full of alewives and the other of fiddlehead greens, and he was a happy man. :) He told me food is there for the taking if you know where to look.)

Well, bedtime, now. :)
Google Maps "Holmes Mill, Maine." Off Head of the Tide road, running up to the North West, you can see a little unnamed track that does a right angle to North East and terminates in a white, blobby dot. That's my father's house. It doesn't look like a house at all. It doesn't even look round, which it actually is. I think all we're seeing in that picture is reflection off the parts of the roof which aren't in shadow.

And btw, I have no idea about this "Holmes Mill." I lived there for three years and I don't recall ever hearing of Holmes Mill. My father's address is still officially Belfast.

Google Maps also claims that it would be a shorter trip, time wise, if I went North all the way to Albion, over through Freedom and back down to Holmes Mill rather than going across to Belfast and then turning North as I always do. Maybe the roads run faster, but it looks very counter-intuitive. I was trying to decide whether to pick him up the day before or that day. I'm guessing that five hours of driving, ten hours on the plane and another three hours of driving in Texas might be too much for me in one day, so I'm hoping to fetch him down the day before.

The above was hours ago...

My brain and eyes are just dead from trying to sort out flight connections, and Dad has decided he wants to make the trip alone, because his brother has invited him to stay for a month, if he wants. Which is good for me, and it would be great for them to spend more time together, but I am nervous about him making connections on his own. I impressed upon him that he should ask them up front to help him out. Eor assures me that usually if people are completely mystified by the process the airlines will take care of them and get them there. I hope so.

I think I want to sleep now. Wish I'd done some dishes instead of looking for flights.
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( Feb. 17th, 2009 10:54 am)
Oh, I don't believe that I did not post about the fact that my brother has an interview for a potential Physician's Assistant internship at Mercy Hospital in the Bronx! Also he's going to come visit after, because he figured if he was going from the West Coast to the East Coast for an interview he might as well stop up and see family. He'll spend the night with me and Eor, and then hopes to go on up to see Dad the next day. (He'd like me to go along, and I want to, but I'm not at all sure I can spend the night.) I don't know which I'm more excited about - the potential internship for him or seeing him! :) (Although if he gets the position it'll mean leaving Loose Digits, I imagine.)
Anyone have a carrot cake recipe they want to offer me? It has to be a from-scratch type so that I can just substitute the wheat flour with my tapioca-rice-and-potato-flour-mix.

Carrot cake used to be my all-time favorite, and my grandmother would make me one as my birthday cake every year, but her recipe was "take a Betty Crocker spice cake mix, reduce the water requested by half and put in a cup of shredded carrot." She was all about ease of preparation, Gram W. ;) Her mother would beat her for being lazy because she would do things like sit on the ground while using the hand pump when hauling water in, but she, along with Eor, was a big believer in laziness as a motivator for inventing easier ways to do things, and arguing there'd have never been any technological progress if it weren't for laziness. (Oh, I just recalled someone thanking me yesterday for my tip about taking shirts out of the dryer as soon as they stop and hanging them up quickly as a way to avoid having to iron them - "You saved me an hour's work, yesterday! You're brilliant!" "No," I said, "I'm lazy!" ;))

Or if you have a good spice cake recipe I can obviously work from there. ;)

Ow, my neck. Time to go stretch and get ready to go to the gym. I think Diz will be there at 8:30, Phoebe might be late.
I've been resizing photos for the digital photo frame I'm getting ready for my father, and some were a joy to see, things Eor found in a box of old family photos he scanned in for me. :)

ETA: I meant so say, I linked the picture to the ones on flickr of me and my dad.


It's a tough tie for favorite between this one and the one of me and my cousin where we're dressed in our Sunday frocks sitting among the flowers looking uncharacteristically like little angels, her blonde and me a redhead, but I haven't found that one, yet.
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( Sep. 28th, 2008 04:09 pm)
I finally got myself together to phone my father. He's so odd. We chitchatted about this and that - I told him a little about my trip to LA and we discussed the relative cleanliness of rain water vs. groundwater and how water is filtered to make it safe to drink - as one does. Then he brought the subject back to my potentially imminent surgery.

"You know, with surgeries like this you can get numb spots. Are you aware of this?"


"You're not bothered by that?"

"No. I'm all set."

"Have you discussed this with the surgeon."

"Yup, we went over it."

"And you're not worried?"


A bit later...

"So, Dad, was there any particular reason you wanted to talk to me?"

"Oh, I just thought you might be feeling nervous, I thought I'd call and buck you up."

Oh, really? Sounded to me as though you were trying to make me more nervous. Is it any wonder I fret about things, with a parent like this? I swear. I know it's just because he's worried, though.

So now I seem to have set Eor to seeking a digital photo frame for my Dad, because I haven't sent him photos in years. Anyone who has digital photo frames - how do you deal with the issue of containing information with the picture? Do you put a caption on the picture?
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( Sep. 9th, 2008 10:55 am)
I just looked back at my last books post and realized I never mentioned one of the books I enjoyed the most while we were at Salisbury Beach - I was steeping myself in pirates and sea stories that week, with Fluke and Post Captain:

31) "Captain Blood," Rafael Sabatini - Great stuff - swashbuckling adventure. :)

32) "The Graveyard Game," Kage Baker - Could have sworn I wrote something about this, but on looking back it seems I did, just not after I'd finished it and it had a number. Very good, but inconclusive end and now I'm dying for the next book, which I think is not out, yet. Also, there's not much I can say about the whole thing without ruining it for some of you, but I do love Joseph, and, even more, Lewis.

33) "Tears of the Giraffe," Alexander McCall Smith - Um, yeah. More heartwarming stuff about the Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency. I enjoy reading these books, but I do think they seem to infantalize people from Botswana.

34) "The Sisters Grimm: The Fairy-Tale Detectives," Michael Buckley - Really weird book. Reads like a Disney movie up to a certain point, and then has a twist end, after the younger girl makes herself look like The Tin Woodman, and her sister into Mama Bear, who turns out to be a twelve foot tall grizzly. Yeah, that wouldn't happen in a Disney movie; they'd be something cute. Craptastic editing, as Puck's hair is described as "tussled." It has been fought with? How about "tousled," maybe?

Now I'm reading "Return to Neveryon," Samuel R. Delaney, which just confused me by bringing all the stories together. Delaney books aren't supposed to have any closure or point!

Meanwhile, today I was reading and not sewing the bling on my skirt. Must do! Yesterday's classroom stuff went well, I think, though I was exhausted by the end of the day. Today it's all simulator training, I have half the class, and still have a co-teacher, so it's going to be easy. Aside from the fact that I have to leave now and my stomach is not happy. Owey, in fact. Granola and peaches is probably not the best thing for me to eat for breakfast.

I got email back from my brother, Eightball, re maybe us getting together while I'm going to be in Los Angeles next week. His exact words: "OH HELL YEAH!!!!" :D
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( Jul. 17th, 2008 11:59 pm)
I finally called my brother, Eightball, back - he phoned me like a week and a half ago. And we one of those bizarre conversations which ramble from depression (how to reprogram your brain to not be depressed) to wilderness survival to whether the zombie apocalypse has actually already happened (maybe that's the problem with the members of the public who I have to deal with at work!). It's hard living so far from my brothers, when we can talk all night given half a chance.

God my phone bill is going to suck. At least I don't do it too often.

Also - [livejournal.com profile] inscrutable hooked me up with this cool icon! :)
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( Jul. 16th, 2007 10:16 am)
Just got back from a long walk around my neighborhood (trying to make myself have an hour's worth of excercise). Ah summer. There's work happening on at least one house in every block. Almost made me want to get a job as a painter, so I could be outside on lovely days. Then I noticed that at quite a few of those job sites there was an older person standing around, watching. Undoubtably the affluent owner of the property, making sure the workmen are working, or just curious what work looks like. By the time they get tired of watching I have to imagine the worker is so tired from being watched that they knock off for lunch.

Speaking of which, must arrainge a lunch for myself. And take a shower. And go pick up the paint for my car - it came in two weeks faster than I'd expected. :)

What else, what else... oh. Write my brother and let him know we could lend him a tent, campstove and dishes, because I did talk to my Aunt and ascertained that she'll be camping with a friend who has everything they need. Do dishes. That will about kill my time for today, but if I have any left I should write more on my elephants story. And write that spoilery-speculative post on HP that I've been promising to indulge myself in.

Maybe I don't have time to pick up the paint today.

What was I doing earlier today? I was reading and responding to a number of replies to my post last night on the study group - I had asked for opinions and help with a problem on binne. A certain person who's a friend of my Mom's and an ex employer of mine and very dedicated to her cause (homelessness and poverty) posts asking for help and donations to her cause, which immediately puts an end to any conversation that's been going on. She does this every time people start to talk.

People on the study group are of the opinion that being a friend of my Mom's and all should not entitle her to post whatever she wants, and that asking for money, even donations to a cause, is not particularly acceptable on a discussion group, and that I should make a rule that covers it and have a talk with her, privately, asking her to stop.


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