I went back to bed after [livejournal.com profile] eor left this morning and slept for another three hours. So instead of feeling bad about all the time I spent in front of the computer I got to feel bad about all the time I'd spent sleeping. At any rate I moved along fairly quickly after that, getting a shower and breakfast and sorting the laundry. Until I got distracted by the bottle of hair conditioner.

Last week I picked up a new bottle, because I was almost out, and it was a little bit of trouble to find it because they've changed the name and the entire packaging of the type I get. The new bottle is excitingly twisted and carries the amusing little legend, "Greasy roots? Split ends? Bad credit? No problem!" which of course sends my mind wondering if it's expensive and might put me more into debt if I did in fact have bad credit (because that's the kind of suspicious mind I have) and I had not way of checking to see if the price has gone up since they changed the packaging, but I did notice that although the outside dimensions of the new bottle take up the same space the exciting new twisting shape means there's almost three ounces less volume inside the bottle.

I've become very aware, with the liquids ban, of the size of various containers and how marketers play with people's perceptions of what they're getting. Perfumes are the easiest example to see. Quite often I'll think, "Oh, that's GOT to be four ounces!" I'll snatch the bottle up and squint to read the tiny print on the bottom - 1.2 oz. They make the glass on those bottles thick! People pay outrageous money for amazingly tiny amounts of product in all sorts of things, but skin care products are probably the worst offenders, being more subtle about it than the perfume manufacturers. I always knew this was the case, but it's become much more evident to me now that I'm comparing amounts all the time. I feel like it's a rip off to pay for overpackaging, not to mention being bad for the environment with more waste afterward.

And then because I had to come online to post this of course I got distracted and have been here far too long, so now I get to be annoyed with myself about time online as well as time sleeping, and I have more Vorkosigan fics lined up to read, later. I got recs for Taura fics from someone on [livejournal.com profile] bujold_fic. :)
The pants I climbed Cannon Mountain in appear to be irrevocably stained by the mud we encountered. I have washed them repeatedly, with direct applications of soap beforehand and special stain pre-treatment solutions, and long soaking, and nothing seems to want to budge these stains. I don't understand how I can have got into so much more mud than Eor did - his pants looked fine. They are darker in color, though.

I'm not sure what to do. These are the pants I usually wear all summer - they're some Old Navy flatfront khakis I've had for a few years, rather large, and if I cuff them up to just below my knees they make a fair approximation of coulottes. I could cut off the stained part and make them long shorts (with the risk that I might never hem them and I'd always look frayed - a very popular look, but not one that does well on someone my age, I think) or I could just continue to only wear them with the cuffs rolled up to hide the stains and save them for times I'm going to get dirty. Or I could give them to Goodwill and let someone else deal with them. I was planning on getting another pair of pants, anyway, just to have a change.

Oh - ETA - and I did go get my license renewed. :) It will come in the mail and there will be a new picture of me looking dorky to carry around in my wallet.
rant )

Meanwhile, I've wasted like an hour and a half on this project, I'm now starving and pissed off and want to cry because I'm so goddamned unproductive and it's almost time to go to work.

I've eaten one real meal, today, and sort of filled in with toast, nuts, dried apples and beef jerkey. The meal was tacos - beef and corn on corn tortillas with corn chips. Corn good. I'm sure it's a balanced diet, right? I'm having ice-cream before we go to bed, for the dairy part. ;)

This day hasn't been total suck, but it's been a bit on the busy side. got the van back, mailed out stuff, talked to Dad )

and now for a story about kinkyness with sox at work )

Ah, while I'm here - since Eor shows no sign of being ready to go to bed - I should catch up with my list of books read.

(19) "French Milk" by [livejournal.com profile] lucylou
Of course I'm going to be fond of this book - it has manatees. Not to mention, it's by Lucy. )
(20) "The Casting Away of Mrs. Lecks and Mrs. Aleshine" by Frank R. Stockton
I swear they are the true mothers of Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg. )

(21) "Diplomatic Immunity" by Lois McMaster Bujold
Oh no, I've been caught up in my mad love for the Vorkosigan saga yet again! Some spoilers may lie herein. )

Phew, way too long a post.
You know how my HR person at work just said,"I can't help you," and wouldn't even listen to my problem at all?  She has an assistant, an ex-lobsterman-and-Coast-Guard guy, who sat down and listened to me, yesterday, and went through my papers, and in a matter of minutes located something that seemed like it might possibly be the problem and proposed a solution to it.  cut for length )

Oh how I sigh and lament that the proprieties of today's age to not allow me to call my caseworker onto the Field of Honor for having treated me with such indignity and disrespect! 

Why, yes, at least being made to feel as though I were being listened to made me feel a LOT better.
Okay, I've done it to a few people on occasion - I have forwarded things that assumed that all my friends and relations had the same moral standpoint that I did, and been gently reminded that such was not the case.  I shall draw the veil over this rant to some extent - it's all about people thinking everyone should be Christian.  Please skip along if you're going to be offended that I'm not )
/end rant.

And now, because I did it already and I might as well post something that's not a rant, a poll about random stuff... )

The Grim Squeaker wishes you a Happy Hogswatch! :)
Our neighbors have now got themselves one of those little 4-wheeler things. They've been zooming around their yard and up the dirt road past our place. And flattening down the grass on the embankment which is our view out our bedroom window - I'm really glad I didn't seed it with wildflowers at the beginning of the year as I'd intended to do or I'd be really pissed right now. Last night they didn't stop riding until midnight. That made it nice trying to get to sleep after having painted our barn all day. Can you imagine? They spent their money on that and they still haven't gotten their septic system fixed. They also got a lawn tractor, which they're just using for anything they can think of. Giving their million dogs a ride in the trailer. Carrying the garbage to the road. And y'know, I took the bitch test on www.thespark.com, and it says I'm only 23% a bitch, however... most of their tests are not particularly accurate.

BTW, I found out recently that sometimes people make up stuff in their journals or just sort of enhance it or spin it a bit. I may be cranky and boring, but I don't have the basic creativeness to make stuff up. Well, the other thing is, I have a hard enough time keeping myself clear on what's reality, I wouldn't want to blur the lines for myself.:)
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( Jul. 3rd, 2001 09:00 pm)
I spoke too soon. Depression began to catch up with me today. And, this evening, as I attempted to put my after-dinner time to good use with job-hunting, I found that I can't e-mail out my resume (why I don't know, it just hangs every e-mail I attache it to), I can't update it on my website (my ftp refuses to connect properly), I can't put it on a disk (my 3.5 drive corrupts every disk I put in it) and I can't print it out (my printer has decided, suddenly, that black ink is too boring for it). I feel really cursed. My resume is up on Monster, so that's something.

Now, something which kept me up last night - How do I know if someone really thinks of me as a friend? Yeah, I know this is something I should have figured out when I was in high school and I'm almost frikkin 35, but I'm socially retarded, okay? I'd love some feedback on the comments page.


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