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( Jul. 17th, 2008 12:03 am)
I went out and had a couple of drinks with Phoebe and her nice young man this evening, which was a lot more fun than hanging out with the whole group last night because I was actually in the conversation. I don't know what it is about me, but if there's a few people talking I'm always just listening. I guess that there was nothing stunning about the discussion, just one of those general yakkity-yak type sessions that one must have with friends every now and then, but it was great. :)

Healthiness breakdown of the evening:
Two twenty minute walks (down and back) - that can go on the plus side of my equation.
32oz of Guiness - on the negative side, but current rumor has it not so negative as we used to think.
Buffalo mako strips - these are shark steaks cooked in Buffalo sauce. Yum-ee. On the negative side for the blue cheese dressing, but I'm really glad I had the opportunity to try them. This has got to be one of the reasons Rosie's is in the top 10 of the top 40 bars in the U.S.
Two-thirds of a piece of peanut butter chocolate pie. Um. Negative, but also delicious. What happened was we all took forks and dove into the first piece of pie and suddenly... it was gone. So we ordered another.

What with not having connectivity this morning (I was able to collect my email, but then it went away) and not having time last night and tonight my flist is at skip=40 before I get back to stuff I have already read. I gather that [ profile] katmaxwell and [ profile] kryptyd are both having trouble with spiders, too. What's up with this? The bites on my stomach from last week are almost cleared up, but still itchy.

I tried to do a Day In My Life pictoral essay thingwhatser, yesterday, but ran into trouble with work. I'm not allowed to take pictures of our equipment or people working and nobody wants their picture taken in uniform. Hm. I may post what I can, but I have such a dull life.
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( Jul. 9th, 2008 10:25 am)
Something chewed up my tummy the night before last or during the morning yesterday - I have at least five itchy bumps; three in a line, and then, a few inches down another couple, one of which is quite large and might be two right on top of each other. And I was too tired to go find hydrocortisone cream last night when I noticed them, so of course I've made it all worse by scratching while I was asleep. :P

Last night was the planned having a drink with co-workers evening. The conversations were amusing, but I was a listener, not a participant, mostly. A girl from one of the airlines, who's been hanging out with my coworkers for a couple of years, was sitting next to me, and I was a little annoyed to find that she had no idea who I am. ("I'm kind of a big deal around here!" is Mainertoo's line.) She asked me how long I'd been working there and I could tell she was really confused by the answer that I'd been around since forever. She doesn't remember me from one time to the next when she sees me, even though she often shows up when we're working and says things ostensibly to me which could be interpreted as mildly flirtatious. She's obviously doing it only for the attention of the guys present. Ah well, whatever.

Now I really need to run, I have to check on some paperwork at the office of the Dr. I'm supposed to see for a consultation on Monday.
Well, we were hoping to go see midget strippers tonight, but maybe tomorrow. One of the girls at work was trying to organize a trip out to the strip club, but she just phoned a few minutes ago and let me know that everyone has pretty much bagged out, just like they did a few months ago when I tried to organize the same sort of expedition. "People are poops," I said - completely ignoring the fact that I was one of the people who was sort of bagging out, because I'd left her a message saying that I really couldn't go at 10pm, if that was when she was planning on it, seeing as we have to be up at 6am. I feel bad, though! She said she just got done bartending (her other job) a twelve hour day, and the only thing that got her through it was the thought of midget strippers, so she was pretty disappointed. Possibly she's up for going tomorrow if other people will find that works better for them, so Eor and I said we would go if that was the case. (I also told her that they aren't really midgets, they're dwarves, and that the last time we went the place was so ridiculously crowded that you could barely move, so that hopefully she won't feel quite AS let down.)

I think I'll have a piece of cornbread. I finally made the cornbread I was thinking about months ago! I found a simple sounding recipe and did it this morning, because it was cold as a Norse hell in here. Okay, it was 68 degrees. Still. I wanted the oven on. :) And it's not too bad for a first attempt, I think.

PS!~ If anyone wants to go along to the dwarf strippers tomorrow, drop a line - the more the merrier! :)
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( Oct. 29th, 2007 09:33 pm)
One of my coworkers is having a Halloween party on Wednesday night. I've been debating going, but I don't really feel like it. I probably should, because I'm feeling sick of the coworkers, and it always makes me like them again to hang out with them. It reminds me that it's not really them I hate, it's the job. Only there's just so few of the originals left... it's a little depressing.

What I'd really like to do is go trick-or-treating with one particular coworker and her little boy. He's being a train. "Not Thomas The Tank Engine. Just A Train." Although his 'costume' so far is just a cardboard sandwich board thingy with a train drawn on it, because some of the neighbor kids are making it for him. (Eor thinks it's adorable that the neighbor kids like him so much that they'll make his costume for him. :)) His mom will dress him as a conductor, also, to give more of a feel for it, because he has most of the 'costume' for that already - the kid is a train fanatic. I'm trying to remember if it was last winter of the winter before that he started understanding the calendar concept because he HAD to know when he would be able to go to Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad again.

Anyhow, Cute Little Boy's Mom said I could go with them but I'd feel kind of weird about it. And then my other coworker, Book Seller, said she needed a costume for taking her grandchildren out, and I offered to lend her my witch hat and black crushed velvet gown (fits almost anyone), so I probably won't have anything to wear even if I do want to go trick or treating or to a party. (Of course I lie - I could always dress as a peasant.)
I have to leave in about a half hour to attend a going-away breakfast for a co-worker, who has been mentioned herein previously as Granny Goose. She's seriously one of the best screeners ever. Slow, sure, but she has a right to be at her age, and she's careful, which is what really matters in a screener. Plus she's got a great attitude with the passengers, and they never seem to give her a hard time. I mean, who would? We're going to miss her.

Afa, also, is retiring this week, and we're going to miss him as well, just for his inimitable Afa-ness. He's a good guy, always willing to help someone out. He constantly plays at being a creepy old pervert, and I'm sure his line "When did we start doing that?" will continue being quoted for years. :)

There's a going away party for both of them on Thursday, but someone decided that a select few ladies would be going out for breakfast today. Which has unpredictably worked out not so good for me. Eor is actually home, today, because they had a plumbing problem in the building he works in, yesterday (there was a leak in a water main and then one of the valves was shut off and broke in the off position) so he's kicking around here working on the van, since it's such a lovely day. And he has a desire for eggs with bacon, which I can't help him with. Someone take Eor out for breakfast for me! :)

Well, my half hour is almost up, now - guess I'd better pack my lunch and uniform and put some clothes on. Maybe I'll wear the uniform pants. Usually when we go for breakfast most of the women do that. It's going to suck when the new uniforms come out with the stripe down the side of the pants.

Did I mention that Hannaford carries goat's milk in quart containers? I only discovered that weekend before last. Yum! I needs me moar!

Also, Eor made a really delicious roast on Sunday. It's a little tough, because I chose an inferior cut of beef - I had thought he was going to make beef curry. But he did a good job with it. The major part of my lunch today is going to be some of that with frozen collard greens and peas/baby carrots/pea pods/baby corn frozen mix. I'm still doing the fruits and veggies kick. I don't know as it's making me feel better, yet, besides mentally/emotionally because I feel as though I'm doing something good for myself.

Yesterday Phoebe and I did not do the ellipticals, but went for a nice walk in the sunshine down around* by Back Cove instead, because she was hung over. She said the walk did her wonders, though, and she felt fine after that. :)

*We only made three miles, we're slow.
Double plus good - I got a card from [ profile] daegaer! :) It has Crawford playing with a bocce ball. :)

Also good - Today was the last day of the Boring Detail. Which, however, IS actually better than working at the checkpoint. Tomorrow Mainertoo has said he will detail me in baggage so I can teach him stuff, so my mini-vaca is over but at least it's an easing back into work.

Another good - ElvenGirl showed up at the Boring Detail, because I was working with CeeJay and, in fact, he'd just sort of brought her in the car, figuring he could let her have the car and I would bring him back to Portland. It was nice to visit with ElvenGirl a bit and talk Pratchett books. :)

Yet Another good - I got Chapter Five posted this morning, so I'm still not late on any chapters and I'm five months into it. Of course now I'm running out of pre-written stuff and am really going to have to work. *is scared*

I started "Swallows and Amazons" yesterday, but it was going slowly and then [ profile] eor finished "The Maltese Falcon" and I wanted to discuss it with him because of the cryptic non-spoilery things he said in his review, so I started that as well.

I did, however, finish "The Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green," by Cuthbert Bede, yesterday, so that makes book #23.
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( Dec. 16th, 2006 08:46 am)
Cool idea - Open ID lets people from other blogging sites leave comments on your livejournal with their other blog ID, or even read your friends locked posts if you allow them to.

Someone set up an LJ in the name [ profile] anonymous.  It's a no-brainer joke, but there's a bunch of really stupid people who think that lj user=anonymous is the person who anonymously posted something mean on their journals.  That is scary. 

I was hoping there was a community called anonymous.  I imagined it would be a lot like Post Secret. 

Thanks to [ profile] holyschist I spent possibly an hour reading Nathan Castle's Nude Rollerdisco of Comics.  I think I read all of them - Melaines Choles (existential angst), Seamonster (sweet human folly, but then gets creepy and sad at the end), Great and Small (ironic and odd stories of animal/human interactions during WWII, but the last frame nearly made me cry) and Squid Gideon (which I actually thought was really amusing in a meta-humor way.  I love meta-humor.  I'm a dork. :)) - and that hour even included pauses for reflection.  I'd say it was an hour well-spent. 

I think I need to turn the conversation at the beginning of "Seamonster" into an animated icon. 

And did I mention how much I loved Looks To Alaska's response to my lament about honor duels being not okay in today's world?

there is a NEED for Honor Duels......
in today's world we sadly settle for the random ass kicking or drive by........

It's sad.  Sad.  Isn't it?  I think it goes right along with our loss of respect for craftsmanship.  We have no artisans, now, just Wal-Mart and drive-by-shootings.  It's no wonder I have a thing for those gay Victorians. 

Something else, there was something else much more important I was going to say...  Oh, right, gosh, how could I forget!  I'm staring at a picture of a rabbit which has taken up residence in the typing stand on my desk.  The picture has taken up residence, that is.  The rabbit is in the picture.  Get the picture?  Yes, like the impatient child I am, I tore open your gift as soon as it arrived, [ profile] daegaer, and didn't stop to wait for Hogswatch morning.  It's a very lovely picture! :)  As too, was the card. :)  Cute little cottages.  I'll take that with me to my real estate agent, Afa Twoshoes,* and tell him I want a house like that.  Only with trees around.  And I want it for $135,000.  ;)

*The other day my co-worker came in with two shoes on.  They were both black, but they didn't match. :)
His other job is real-estate agent, and he's constantly pushing me to buy a house, so I string him along a little for the fun of the conversation, but basically I tell him that I want to live in town and pay the same for a mortgage as I do for rent.
...since it looks as though I'm never going to sort out the post I made well enough to bother making it public, again. 

- Moose did a jello shot off the male bartender's belly just for MY viewing pleasure (and not at all because he really really wanted to and just needed to be talked into it - he's such a good co-worker ;)).  Because he was so kind to me, I later did a jello shot off the female bartender's belly. ;)

- Moose pretty much forced me to talk to an absolutely adorable and shy girl who is a writer.  I failed to get her blog nick, but I came yay > < close - she started to say "I have a blog - " when we got interrupted.  I suppose I'm going to have to haunt the place, now, and see if she shows back up.  Nah.


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