So, while I was doing the Aunt circuit yesterday Eor made dilly beans - and, as Hawk's mate pointed out, not just 29 jars of pickled beans, but five different kinds. My god.

I just worked on a sudoku for the last 45 minutes - I need to get my brain back in shape. But then again, I need to go work in the garden, too. The knotweed needs a killing - I didn't do it this weekend and I'm not going to do it next weekend because that's the family reunion. The Aunt circuit was just practice. See, there's ancient sibling rivalry between Aunt P and her sister, L, and Aunt BeeJay takes L's side and is not inviting P to the reunion. It's stupid, seriously, and I can't fathom why they can't just be in the same place and keep it private between them even if they have problems with each other, but possibly BeeJay didn't even consult L, just didn't invite P. Or maybe she knew P wouldn't come if L was going to be there.

Eh, I wrote more but just snipped the rest of it. I don't know. It doesn't seem like anything anyone wants to hear, it's the same thing everyone's family has some of, I guess. It all goes back to drug and alcohol abuse, child abuse and neglect and mental/emotional problems that run in my family, and who knows what causes what, really. I think/hope I and Hawk and Eightball are somewhat more aware and stable, but that may be the reason none of us have had kids - because we at least know we're not entirely stable, and don't want to pass that on to another generation.

I don't want it to sound like hanging with family next weekend is going to be a chore or I won't like it, there's a lot that's fun about my family, and obviously some of us stick together and want to support each other. Young H, our cousin M's boy, seems to be looking forward a great deal to seeing Hawk, and I hope we'll see his brother, Young M - I suspect Hawk's their favorite 'uncle' (in the same way Aunt P is my 'aunt').

Okay, this entry is too long, but I wanted to tell this one, real quick: We were in the car to go, and S startes to tell a story, and all of her stories go on forever, with a ton of detail. I'm in the driver's seat and P is next to the car, and P randomly reached out and touched my ear, and I thought she would say something about S talking my ears off. Nope. "Hasn't she got ears just like a little baby? Pink and white, and so soft." S (kind of dazed) agreed, and P followed up with, "You'd better let this girl drive." Of course S totally wasn't fooled, but she went with it because she can take a hint that she's outstayed her welcome.


*(L and P are actually cousins to my father, BeeJay and S - so, not really my aunts, but you know, previous generation, you choose a word that indicates respect, because 'cousin-once-removed' is a mouthful.)
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( Oct. 24th, 2008 06:30 pm)
My poor Eor came home with a fever. And it keeps rising. Last I checked it's about 103. He says he's resting comfortably, not hallucinating or anything, so doesn't need to go to the hospital. I found a hospital site which says 103 is still a moderate fever, 104 is where I should worry, so...
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( Jul. 12th, 2008 10:30 am)
[ profile] eor is home! They got back into town yesterday while I was at work, actually, and he stopped and said hi to me while working - mainly to ask where I'd put the car. Mainertoo escorted him to where I was, I guess. Pretty much everything else faded out around me when I saw my honey - I may have squeed, I don't know. :)
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( Jul. 7th, 2008 09:59 am)
Have seen Eor off, and came home very depressed. Not having slept well last night couldn't have helped, but the trouble was that when I woke up in the middle of the night I kept thinking about him not being here, soon, and couldn't get back to sleep. To distract myself from being depressed I thought about the Chap Magazine Wodehouse writing contest. It only runs to the end of this month, so I don't suppose I'll do anything with it, but it's a fun idea to think about. Wodehouse characters in the modern world. But that didn't help me get to sleep.

At any rate, I have also talked to that kid up at Morong who screwed up our last service. I figured to go with him and give him a chance to redeem himself. And come back, done some stretching, determined to walk to work, and had a second breakfast of feta, tostitoes, nectarine and blueberries. (First breakfast, with Eor, was leftovers from last night - steak, cheese sauce, mashed potatoes, green beans. :))

Now must go, if I'm walking!
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( Mar. 30th, 2007 10:03 am)
Found via [ profile] mizzmarvel, a must-do quiz... 

I had to clip the long version of the description, too...  James Madison - The emo president. )

So now when people ask me what president [ profile] eor resembles I'll be able to say with confidence, "James Madison!"  Er.  Of course that would entail people actually asking me what president he resembles, which unfortunately doesn't happen often.  But it should, obviously!

And now for some unrelated snippets of my day at work, yesterday... Yeah... pretty much all yesterday, aside from some background info.� All very unimportant and probably quite dull to anyone besides me, but I suppose it's true that work is in itself a relationship in one's life. )

Well that's enough of that.  And now that I've gotten stuff about work off my chest perhaps I can move on with my day off and have my weekend.  Today is Friday, today is Friday!  We've made plans to go to the gym, but I wonder if the museum might also be a possibility, being that it's free night.  And/or a good dinner with a drink and ... dancing.  (Or possibly 'dancing.')  Yeah, I seem to want to have a major date with Eor.  The weeks are too long and without enough Eor time in them. 

The sketch is by [ profile] twirlynoodle, and the crappy adaptation to icon is all my fault. 

My roses are melting.  *le sigh*

I'm trying to read "Let's All Kill Constance" by Ray Bradbury, and finding it very forced. And it's leading me into the temptation to write all in nonsequiters. I should probably go back to finishing up Jules Vern's "To the Moon and Around the Moon." (Okay, I know I haven't got that title quite right. But it's close.)
[ profile] eor posting on the recent changes in the van - he cracks me up. :)

Had a nice long phone conversation with Hawk this evening.  I think he mainly called because he wasn't quite sure if our brother Eightball's birthday was today or tomorrow.  (It's tomorrow.  It's a bit difficult having all our birthdays sequentially only a couple of days off a month between each.)  He told me a lot about how he feels playing music has changed him as a person, made him more confident and outgoing. 

I've got more Worker's Comp claim issues to deal with, tomorrow morning.  I got a letter from them saying that my injury was inadequately documented, which is bullshit.  I'll have to see if my doctor can write a new report, or if perhaps the one she wrote before didn't get properly filed.  It's most definetly work related, I don't see how there can be any dispute with the type of injury it is. 

Oh, wait, I can't do that tomorrow, it's a holiday.  That's good.  I'll go to the gym, instead.  I forgot to go over the last two days. 

I worked on my Pseudo Victorian Boy's Adventure story, but didn't feel as though I got much done.  I rearranged a lot but didn't feel as though I managed to increase the level of detail in Chapter Two as much as I should have.  Chapter One, though, is postable.  I guess.  *quails*  I need a name for this damned story besides the PVBA.  I have considered "Down The Great River By Raft" and "Into the Warm North" - either way there should also be something like ":Two boy's adventures.  With a thousand elephants."  Maybe.  Heh.

BTW, in "Fortress of Solitude" - the boys do at least give each other hand jobs.  How much do I love Jonathan Lethem for this?  A great deal. :)
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( Aug. 23rd, 2006 10:05 am)
I chose a picture which shows my whole outfit pretty well, and got it all cropped and ready, but then [ profile] eor pointed out that [ profile] cyberquail may not want pictures of herself up, and it was one with both of us.  Soo...  I'll wait on that.  Meanwhile, some cute pics of Eor, and one which shows my headdress (made by [ profile] cyberquail) pretty well, because I was very delighted in that.

Read more... )

I spent way too much of my morning - like, pretty much ALL of it - playing with photos. 
Via [ profile] princesslaurene: The end of the world

Just in case, I'd like to express my love for [ profile] eor, LooksToAlaska, [ profile] cyberquail, Mom, Dad, Hawk, Eightball, [ profile] mizzmarvel, [ profile] daegaer, [ profile] bravecows, [ profile] matushan & many more...  If you want to hear why I love/like you, or someone else, comment (and feel free to comment anonymously if you like).  Because with the last 4 days to chronicle I haven't got quite enough to do.

*wanders off in search of coffee, food, and more quarters for the dryers....*
Feeling somewhat better today.  Still coughing, and my hearing is still fuzzy, I can tell, but the ringing in my ears has stopped. 

You know you've got a really bad memory when you need Semagic to remind you of your sweetie's birthday.  A few days ago I was quite aware of it, but the last couple of days I've been too sunk in my own misery of being sick.  Now I'm doing the "How the heck am I supposed to get him something before tomorrow?" freak out.  I don't have a car, so I can't get anywhere.  I wish Semagic would have reminded me yesterday, so I could have walked (very slowly). 

In fact, though, now that I think of it, he did say something about Monday being Memorial Day and quizzing me on what that meant, and I thought it meant his birthday - that's how confused I was, yesterday.  But what he was driving at was that we always go put flowers on his grandparent's graves on Memorial Day weekend, and this year we'll incorporate going to my grandparent's graves as well, because it shouldn't be too far out of the way. 
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( Feb. 13th, 2006 09:24 pm)
Okay, what the heck, I'll jump on the meme bandwagon.  A few days behind, like always. :)

I had a much easier time finding words that fit me on the Nohari Window - however, I do think the Nohari Window is not particularly 'opposite,' because it's not as though all of the words on the Johari are really positive.  "Self-conscious?"  It would be hard to find a way to make that positive. 

OMG, [ profile] eor's results on the Which Star Trek Character Are You quiz!!  Bald and smart is sexy! :)

ETA: Heh, I just noticed his subject line and music. :) *is slow*


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