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( Sep. 6th, 2011 08:26 am)
I'm cleaning out my old LJ emails, and have noticed two things:

1) Announcements in LJ News used to be a LOT smaller, two years ago. Four lines, a paragraph. The more current ones take up the whole screen.

2) I can't stand to throw out comments from any of you, even though I know that deleting them from the email won't delete them from the journal. They would still be there, but in my email, as I'm scanning back through, even if you wrote it to me two years ago, it warms my heart. Especially the ones around November when I was getting depressed. Hm, how long will I wait this year before I realize it's time to start on the winter anti-depressant cycle?

In other news, it's a rainy day, was rainy all night, but I slept like crap because of my schedule being different today and the class. Nerves. Which of course makes me not as bright and useful on the day when I need it. I should have taken a Tylenol PM last night and set my alarm clock. I woke at 3:30 thinking that I was missing the beginning of the class - which would have been true if they'd put me in the 3:30AM class, so I almost wish they had. If I wasn't going to sleep I might as well have been in class. No, I did get back to sleep, but it was fitful until the alarm went off at 5:30.

Stuff to do, today, besides just cleaning out old LJ emails:

-Get a birthday present for Hawk.
-See how much money I can spare from my checking account.
-Leave early to stop at the Credit Union and deposit some money into that account. I haven't done anything with it for three years, so if I don't have some activity soon they'll send my funds to the State as 'abandoned.'
-Finish the sleep study and gastroenterology forms.
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( Feb. 9th, 2007 12:26 pm)
They make me so depressed. 

The place I used to always buy my natural foods, the Whole Grocer, sold out to Whole Foods about a year ago.  The new Whole Foods store is now complete and the old store that used to be the Whole Grocer is being cleaned out, so everything was on sale 30% off.  I thought, wow, this will be my chance to try some of the things that are always too expensive to even try, and get some things for a couple of people I still owe gifts to.  But even with the prospect of gift-giving and at 30% off most of the stuff was STILL too expensive.  Even so, I carefully thought about it for a half hour and found a few things that seemed like a good idea.  They all fit in one of the smaller shopping bags. 

$112.  One Hundred and Twelve Dollars. 

That was over an hour ago and my heart is still fluttering in my throat.  It's a good job I didn't faint or shriek, "What!?  NO!  This is wrong!" 

On the other hand maybe I should have.  [expletive deleted]

Also, I changed my journal layout. Change is always difficult for me, whether the change of stores I used to love or my own personal space. With my journal, I chose and like the changes, but it's still hard to get used to, especially feeling all flustered as I do at the moment.

Now must get things done. Going to the gym when Eor gets home. :)
You know how my HR person at work just said,"I can't help you," and wouldn't even listen to my problem at all?  She has an assistant, an ex-lobsterman-and-Coast-Guard guy, who sat down and listened to me, yesterday, and went through my papers, and in a matter of minutes located something that seemed like it might possibly be the problem and proposed a solution to it.  cut for length )

Oh how I sigh and lament that the proprieties of today's age to not allow me to call my caseworker onto the Field of Honor for having treated me with such indignity and disrespect! 

Why, yes, at least being made to feel as though I were being listened to made me feel a LOT better.
If you may have noticed a lack of actual content in my journal the last few days I'm going to attribute that to having things on my mind.  I don't like to talk about the same things over and over, and they're not going away until certain things have been accomplished or certain dates have passed. 

I'm sure everyone's sick of hearing about my Worker's Comp problems, but OWCP lied to me.  Again. )
So on that front I'm feeling intense hatred and anger.  When I start thinking about it I have to distract myself before my blood pressure rises.

called back by the dr for more tests - possibly girly TMI... )

And then of course there's the wisdom teeth coming out on the 22nd which is also hanging over my head, though my dread has become somewhat less dreadful with all the other things distracting me.  It's like when someone stamps on your toe to take your mind off having hit your thumb with a hammer.

Regardless of what else happens, though, there's still Christmas boxes in my livingroom which need to be filled and sent out.  I have found a few other things to add to them.  I stopped at the airport gift store, where I get a 30% employee discount.:)  I might do that again, today.

the list of people I need to phone )
Four phone calls.  It doesn't sound so bad when I lay it out like that.  Easy, right?  Sure, if you're not phone phobic.  Even making some ordinary call makes me all jittery.

Only, I feel as though I've forgotten something.  Have I?  There's no point in calling the OWCP themselves yet again. 

For a few moments we had a gorgeous red sunrise, but as soon as I ran for the camera it faded out into dull blue-gray.


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