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( May. 21st, 2009 12:29 pm)
It's warm out, feels nice on my achy old bones. I believe I shall pack my hat, shorts and sandals and go poke around the new place, cleaning and making myself feel at home. If I get hungry I can walk up the street from there and buy a hotdog. :) But I think I'll get some cheese and corn chips on my way, anyhow, so I can sit on my deck and have tea. I have no chair or table, but that's okay. I'll take one of these old cafeteria trays we have.
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( May. 21st, 2009 12:07 pm)
My keychain is now FAT! :)
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( Feb. 28th, 2009 09:18 pm)
Man I'm beat. We got up at our regular weekday time this morning, went out for breakfast, did some driving around looking at houses, then hooked up with our real estate agent at 10:30 and did more of the same until around 4:30pm, then I went out to do the laundry. By the time I was back and we had it all put away it was almost 8pm and too late to do grocery shopping, so I've been poking around looking at Hulu for a while.

We had lunch with the real estate agent in Wiscassett at Sarah's, nice little place, quite tasty. We're getting to know the r. e. a. awfully well. :)

And my god we saw so many houses I can't even begin to talk about them. Though we only got inside three, I guess. All of them small - one (which wasn't even on our list, we just happened across it) was an old camp made over into a tinier cottage than I've ever imagined, decorated to perfection. Quite impressive. If nothing else I think this is giving us a good idea of what we want our living space to eventually look like. After we fix it up, I hope.

I think I'm on info overload right now. Headache. I couldn't even read any fic, and absorbing anything about Hulu was completely useless. However, they seem to have classic Star Trek. I didn't expect that. None of the Russian Sherlock Holmes series, though. Like I expected that. Ha.

Um. Bed.
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( Nov. 13th, 2007 10:31 am)
*is shamefaced* I didn't go to the gym, yesterday. Well, strictly speaking I went. I drove down there, went in, walked around, didn't see Phoebe, and I left again. I wanted to go buy some ice-cream. Which I haven't eaten any of, yet.

Maybe I will, now, though, as reward for getting some work done on Chapter Eight. :) Not sure if I got enough mileage out of the fever, yet. I hope it's a little better than Seven, which Eor said lost a lot of vitality when I rewrote it to make it longer.

I guess the lack of comment on that excerpty thing I wrote seems to indicate it really should stay on the cutting room floor. I wonder if my attempt at giving some background for 'ethnicity' as understood in their society was so bad as to be thought offensive?


Uh, Eor? You know how we decided we won't buy a house until March? That guy from Court Street Realty just called, and I sort of went ahead and said we'll see that place in Brunswick at 2pm on Saturday. I would at least like to see it. Okay, I'm just a wuss and didn't want to say that we'd changed our minds, but ALSO I kind of think that looking at houses is fun, and probably educational. But if you want me to phone him back tomorrow and withdraw I'll be glad to.

Everyone else - you know how the pictures of the last place we looked at were scary? This place may be even scarier.

PS ETA: How do I link back to a Flickr photo so that it appears on my LJ?
Just because the law says the management company is required to heat us to at least 68 degrees does not mean they have to leave it at exactly 68 degrees day after day. This is becoming tiresome. I may need to get a set of longjohns, my knees are cold. Instinct kicked in and for a while we couldn't stop eating. I've lost track of how many cups of tea I've had.

I've become such a wuss. Used to would have been I'd have been happy enough if the house was this warm. ;)

Should be writing, but am reading "The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress" - damned good story. I feel horrible about every bad thing I've said about Heinlein. ;) Something about the style of it had me thinking that a Heinleinesque story written with a Bertiesque voice could possibly be quite a lot of fun - TMIAHM is narrated by a guy who leaves out all unnecessary words. But I suspect it would be encroaching on the sort of thing that Charles Stross is coming out with, soon.

Charles Stross )

And in other news of people getting back to you, Simon Carr )

Now we're cooking a ham, so that's helping the temperature in here a little.
...only to find out that I'm still on vacation. All my co-workers are indeed laughing at me for going in when I didn't need to, but it was still a delightful surprise. :) [ profile] eor and I went up to Western Prom and laid in the sun for a little while. Thankfully my allergies left me alone, because I took antihistimines before bed last night. I guess I'll need to do that again tonight. It's nice to not be snuffling. It's a lovely day. It's the kind of day that makes one wish one had a summer place to go to where you could hang out in your own yard, or be 'in' for people to drop by for tea.

I just finished reading "The Afternoon Tea" book, Michael Smith. I'm going to call that Book #22 for this year, even though I only skimmed through the recipes - the last nearly half of the book - because after all I have no need for recipes for sandwitches, cakes and cookies I'm never going to make. The history of tea in England and the descriptions and explanaitions of all the paraphenalia and the rituals is great, though, and his enthusiasm is infectious. I wish I had some way to play the tea host! I suck as a cook, though, and I haven't got any space for such a thing.

[ profile] eor found all sorts of cheap houses for sale in Rumford, though. Anyone want to join us in buying houses in Rumford, Maine? Cheap! We could buy up a whole neighborhood and make an artistic community! :) Bring along your friends and family! [ profile] bravecows, get your parents to buy you one for your birthday! ;) I'll try to make a link, but if that doesn't work it's . And then we could have huge tea parties! :)

Now, completely apropos of nothing, can anyone tell me why nobody's done a fanvid of Shanghai Noon using "Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond Of Each Other"?
Despite my incredible ability to get distracted, I have managed to do some dishes, take my shower and call the management company back regarding their work on our tub, and ask if there will be a next step. 

Yes, I can't recall if I mentioned it, but while Mom was here we also had the tub piping ripped all apart and put back together by the maintenance guys.  They had to install a whole new set of fixtures and pipes in order to get the dripping to stop, and they leveled it so it now drains.  There's just the issue of the enamel being worn through and the metal underneath still rusting away yet to deal with.  They gave us a rubber mat to stop our asses feet coming directly in contact with the rust, but I'd really rather have it repainted if at all possible, because the mat just seems like a place for things to grow.

Anyway, I don't exactly win at life, I never do, but I keep staggering on through the race with lots of help from [ profile] eor. ;)
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( Jun. 23rd, 2006 06:39 pm)
Yes, two days earlier than I said we'd be, but only a day earlier than we'd planned - and thereby hangs a tale, but I'll go into it later when I have time.  For now I've got to clean out the car because there'll be no doing laundry or grocery shopping until that's done.  And at some point I've got to get this thirty bags of stuff that I hauled out of all the closets and washed before we left put back IN the closets - we have started but there's much to do. 

And then I'll catch up on all of you - soon, soon! :)  The sooner I get done working on settling back, the sooner I get to do that...
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( Jun. 16th, 2006 10:52 pm)
After killing myself to get those thirty bags of laundry done, after using up ten hours of my Annual Leave time...  the management company decided not to spray in our half of the building. 

The 'smite' icon is not really how I feel, though.  I mean.  Well.  Sorta.  But it made us shake a lot of dust out of the corners, which may help our allergies, so it may be a good thing. 
The note I just sent to Mom and Hawk...

Did you know laundry is not a scalable project?  Doing more laundry is not really like just doing laundry, only 'more.'  Yesterday was seven hours of franticness, running back and forth with the little carts in the laundrymat, stuffing things in bags as fast as I could, and now you can barely move in this apartment.  There are approximately thirty garbage bags, some clean, some still dirty, some even still wet - I've got to stick my hands into every one and make sure they're dry, then label them.  We're climbing over them in order to get from one side of the room to the other.  I'd strongly suggest not coming here until we have a chance to at least start on getting this sorted out. 

I dragged myself out of bed this morning, creaking and moaning (and not in a good way), and stumbled to the kitchen, flipped the switch - and the kitchen was LIT.  Every grimy crack and crevice in full-on high definition technicolor.  For the merest slice of a moment I missed the old, dim light which went away in the hands of the electricians, yesterday, and then I remembered that if I want mood-lighting I can always turn on the paper lantern in the corner, but for waking up in the morning this brilliant thing is good, because by the time that slice of a moment had rolled around I was feeling as though I'd already had a pot of tea.  I started bustling around, not only seeing all the grime but actually having the energy to do something about it.  I'm sure it's not as though I'll feel like this every morning, with the light.  Once I'm used to it I'll probably ignore it completely.  But for today, the dishes are done, the table has been wiped down, stuff on the sideboard that hasn't been looked at in months has been thrown out or rearranged to bring it to light so that it might get used, and I think I'll pick away a bit at this pile of crap on my desk. 

Did I mention that I got my credit card bill the other day, and I had accidentally overpaid it by $400-something?  That's a nice surprise.  The new glasses I ordered, Monday, are already paid for. :)  I'm getting psyched about the idea of new glasses. 
The electricians just left - they replaced our kitchen light with the new one we bought on the weekend, so now it's all set and if the building burns down it won't be our fault. :)  electricity )
This has been a productive week, so far.  I also got my new glasses ordered, yesterday.  About damned time - I had the exam back in November.  Maybe between  more light in the kitchen and new glasses these annoying headaches might ease up a little. 


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