Today, Derien travelled 1.54 miles on the journey from Bag End to Rivendell.

Entered tunnel under Hedge to reach the Old Forest.
Crossed a wide hollow to a faint path on the far side.
Continued on steadily rising ground as the path vanished.

A total of 76.02 miles along the way.

Generated by Eor's Walk Tool inspired by Eowyn

ohmygod! I got to the TUNNEL!! :D

I'd have gotten there a lot faster if I'd been walking over the last three weeks. Of course I didn't count the walking I did on the ship, which was a lot, and a lot of it being stairs. I was going to take a pedometer, but forgot, and then we found out that Eor's sisters and niece's pedometers got messed up by the motion of the ship, so I guess it doesn't matter.

So, yeah, I could do better, but I have actually swept the driveway (arm workout with that huge push-broom), lifted weights, and walked briskly on an incline of 8, today. Now I've got to take a quick shower before bed. Have been doing the weights more over the past few days because my shoulder has been getting worse over the winter. This is my left, and it just sort of loses power at a certain point when I'm putting my jacket on or the like, that motion. Hawk tells me if I don't work it, it will calcify and then I'll have real problems.
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( Dec. 27th, 2012 09:42 pm)
It's my Friday. :) Which is cool, because yesterday was my Monday. Gotta love a week like that. ;) Tomorrow evening we go see Hawk and his Mate, Minx. (She refers to Hawk as Monkey, as in "The Adventures of Monkey and Minx!" because their life deserves a title. :))

Walked a mile, after seventeen days off, which puts me only at 23.6 miles. :P Well, in my defense, something's been wrong with my foot for quite a few days, it was swollen and I didn't want to jam it into a shoe. It's still not good. (Might have been caused by the middle sandal strap pressing on the prominent veins which cross the bones in that foot (on my other foot the veins run with the bones). Loosening that strap and tightening the other two meant I could still wear them - absolutely vita,l because even if I could have put a shoe on I just can't wear shoes in Florida, my feet can't bear being that hot - but the sandal constantly wanted to fall off when I walked.)

I started writing up a yule haul list, but I think I'll wait to post that until after tomorrow, when I get the boxes which are waiting for me at the mailbox and have met up with Hawk. I'm not even sure I'll make that public, though, because even though it's small enough I'm not entirely comfortable talking about things I get.

I have gotten lovely cards from many of you, though, which is wonderful. :) I got them all hung up this evening. Some of you are so amazingly good at writing stuff in cards! And the very interesting variety - some awfully cute choices, reflecting each unique personality. ;)
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( Dec. 10th, 2012 08:39 pm)
I walked, after five days off... only a mile.* Not doing so well. Probably won't feel as though I have time to walk the rest of the week, as need to get all cards done, finish prezzies, pack for vaca, clean house for having friends over Friday, etc.

Going to Florida, Saturday. :) My Aunt is sick and was really spacey last Wednesday when I phoned, but I said we were going to visit her, anyway. I mean, what else are we going to do, really? We've got plane tickets in to West Palm Beach and, two days later, train tickets from West Palm to Orlando, so it's not like we're changing our plans now. We are going to pack some working clothes and hopefully help them (Aunt and her mother in law) around the house - do some yard work or something.

(*ETA that brought me to 22.6 miles, and there was nothing interesting to report on the Walk Tool. I'm just reading that part of the walk at the moment and there's a lot of lovely description, though I'm not sure exactly where I'd be.)
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( Jan. 13th, 2012 10:06 am)
But not completely still, because that would be bad.

Yesterday when I got home, around 5:30, my heart started racing. Initially I didn't realize that was the problem, I just felt kind of faint and fluttery around the solar plexus, and taking into account that I hadn't eaten for a while and had hung out waiting for Hawk to get two of his toenails removed (having to see your little brother in pain is a little stressful) and then driven home in a major snowstorm (also stressful), I thought it might be a low blood sugar reaction, so I made something to eat (rice and egg in bouillon broth) and tried to read for a bit, but after a while I realized that my heartbeat was shaking my whole body back and forth enough to be distracting from reading.

cut for length )
So, here's the things we learned from last night:

If you have your toenails removed, expect it to bleed a lot, build your foot a little tent in your bed with stacks of books or a box to keep your blankets off it, and plan to keep your foot elevated for a couple of days or it will swell.

If your heart is racing, massage the carotid artery (one side at a time). Sometimes a perfectly healthy heart can start in at double time and a little pressure on the carotid can reset the receptors that tell the heart how fast to beat.
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( Dec. 2nd, 2011 07:00 pm)
I'm home and good. :) I don't know if it's fortunate or unfortunate that of course they found nothing wrong with me. It's what I expected. I came home, Eor went out and got breakfast for me, then I fell asleep for over two hours. He eventually had to wake me with promises of tea and ice-cream - while I was asleep he'd gone up to the UPS store in Brunswick, where we receive packages, and picked up a package he'd ordered including five boxes each of rooibus, ceylon and lapsang souchong. And then I made dinner and dubbed around online watching videos about daleks and Amy Pond, even though I've never seen any of the shows with her. Because she's hot, why not? Also, because I've finished reading all the Questionable Content.

I still haven't had my promised ice-cream. *is on the prowl*
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( Sep. 6th, 2011 08:26 am)
I'm cleaning out my old LJ emails, and have noticed two things:

1) Announcements in LJ News used to be a LOT smaller, two years ago. Four lines, a paragraph. The more current ones take up the whole screen.

2) I can't stand to throw out comments from any of you, even though I know that deleting them from the email won't delete them from the journal. They would still be there, but in my email, as I'm scanning back through, even if you wrote it to me two years ago, it warms my heart. Especially the ones around November when I was getting depressed. Hm, how long will I wait this year before I realize it's time to start on the winter anti-depressant cycle?

In other news, it's a rainy day, was rainy all night, but I slept like crap because of my schedule being different today and the class. Nerves. Which of course makes me not as bright and useful on the day when I need it. I should have taken a Tylenol PM last night and set my alarm clock. I woke at 3:30 thinking that I was missing the beginning of the class - which would have been true if they'd put me in the 3:30AM class, so I almost wish they had. If I wasn't going to sleep I might as well have been in class. No, I did get back to sleep, but it was fitful until the alarm went off at 5:30.

Stuff to do, today, besides just cleaning out old LJ emails:

-Get a birthday present for Hawk.
-See how much money I can spare from my checking account.
-Leave early to stop at the Credit Union and deposit some money into that account. I haven't done anything with it for three years, so if I don't have some activity soon they'll send my funds to the State as 'abandoned.'
-Finish the sleep study and gastroenterology forms.
This article suggests that there might be a new medicine for Alzheimer's coming out soon - - the parts being uridine, choline, and the omega-3 fatty acid DHA 'in the correct proportions.'

The Wiki entry for uridine ( ) says "Harvard researchers report that supplementation in rats with a combination of uridine and EPA/DHA omega-3 fatty acids has antidepressant activity equivalent to that of commonly prescribed antidepressant medications, such as Prozac and other SSRIs." Dietary sources are sugarcane extract, tomatoes (0.5 to 1.0 g uridine per kilogram dry weight), brewer’s yeast (3% uridine by dry weight), beer, broccoli and organ meats (liver, pancreas, etc.)

The omega 3 DHA article on Wiki is a lot more complicated, but it's here and dietary sources are fish oil, flaxseed oil and some particular type of sage.

The Wiki entry for choline ( ) says "choline concentrations were inversely correlated with anxiety symptoms in subjects aged 46–49 and 70–74 years who had valid information on plasma choline concentrations and symptoms of anxiety." and "The foods richest in phosphatidylcholine — the major delivery form of choline — are egg yolks, soy, wheat germ and cooked beef, chicken, veal and turkey livers. In 2004, the USDA released its first database of the choline content in common foods. The most often available choline dietary supplement is lecithin"

Lecithin! Which has been suggested for memory problems for a long time. My cousin thought I had set this up as a running joke when we used to work together. I'd ask some random person "Isn't there something you're supposed to take for your memory?" and they'd say "Yeah, there is, but I forget what it is." But eventually we all realized it was lecithin.

So... cool!
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( Oct. 13th, 2009 09:46 pm)
I said to someone at work the other day that I rarely get sick because my immune system has gotten so built up with seeing hundreds of people a day and being breathed on and such... and here I am sick again. It's too damned soon after the last time, it feels stupid! I felt fine this morning and it came on seemingly quite suddenly, at about 1:30. I bought EmergenC and drank down like five packets of that during the day, but it hasn't helped. We're out of Vitamin C at home - well, actually I tried to chew one up last night and it tasted so yucky I spit it out. They were all discolored and weird and I tossed them out. So regardless of how I feel tomorrow I will at least have to go out for a few groceries, and if I'm out I might as well mail out this thing I've had kicking around for a certain person's birthday since August. Yeah. /me = vacant Other than that, though, it's going to be quiet pursuits tomorrow like polishing boots and trying to write my review for the GranadaSlash group. I have "Silver Blaze," and I'm pretty sure it has to be coming up soon. Wonder if Hulu has the Granada Holmes episodes? There's probably a copy on Eor's computer, but I never feel comfortable using his computer.

It's crazy ass cold around here. I hope that cabin Hawk is taking Dad to next week is insulated or they might use up wood far too fast. Off to bed now so I can get warm. I have discovered the old rice in a sock trick for a bedwarmer! Good thing, too, as the hot water warmer I got in the spring needs a cork whatdayacallit - ring to keep it from leaking, the word escapes me at the moment. Not grommet, not washer... maybe it is washer? No, I don't think so. Gasket? Well, I think if that's not the word it will do. The thing leaks, anyhow.
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( May. 2nd, 2009 08:24 pm)
I may be beginning to get hungry. This is only noteworthy because I've been going for something like 10 hours on breakfast. It was a big breakfast - homefries, bacon and eggs - but I never go that long without getting hungry. Oh, I did have a bowl of icecream at 4:30pm. Still, that's nothing like my normal feeding schedule.

Groceries will have to wait until tomorrow, but laundry is done. Now there's dishes before I can cook, I guess.

The laundromat was quiet this evening. I guess 5pm is a pretty good time to show up.

PS - The new rice cooker is the same brand, but so many details look different, it's weird!
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( Nov. 10th, 2008 07:17 am)
I spent most of my morning in the dr's office getting a prescription for this bladder infection )

Poor Eor is so tired. :( I hope I don't disturb him too much at 11pm when I take my next pill.

At least coming home early meant I did some dishes and cleaned the shower. Luckily, I couldn't get my computer to turn on after the power outage at 6:30 this morning (Eor says it's just that my on/off switch is getting flaky) so I couldn't be distracted by the Net.
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( Oct. 24th, 2008 06:30 pm)
My poor Eor came home with a fever. And it keeps rising. Last I checked it's about 103. He says he's resting comfortably, not hallucinating or anything, so doesn't need to go to the hospital. I found a hospital site which says 103 is still a moderate fever, 104 is where I should worry, so...
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( Jul. 17th, 2008 12:03 am)
I went out and had a couple of drinks with Phoebe and her nice young man this evening, which was a lot more fun than hanging out with the whole group last night because I was actually in the conversation. I don't know what it is about me, but if there's a few people talking I'm always just listening. I guess that there was nothing stunning about the discussion, just one of those general yakkity-yak type sessions that one must have with friends every now and then, but it was great. :)

Healthiness breakdown of the evening:
Two twenty minute walks (down and back) - that can go on the plus side of my equation.
32oz of Guiness - on the negative side, but current rumor has it not so negative as we used to think.
Buffalo mako strips - these are shark steaks cooked in Buffalo sauce. Yum-ee. On the negative side for the blue cheese dressing, but I'm really glad I had the opportunity to try them. This has got to be one of the reasons Rosie's is in the top 10 of the top 40 bars in the U.S.
Two-thirds of a piece of peanut butter chocolate pie. Um. Negative, but also delicious. What happened was we all took forks and dove into the first piece of pie and suddenly... it was gone. So we ordered another.

What with not having connectivity this morning (I was able to collect my email, but then it went away) and not having time last night and tonight my flist is at skip=40 before I get back to stuff I have already read. I gather that [ profile] katmaxwell and [ profile] kryptyd are both having trouble with spiders, too. What's up with this? The bites on my stomach from last week are almost cleared up, but still itchy.

I tried to do a Day In My Life pictoral essay thingwhatser, yesterday, but ran into trouble with work. I'm not allowed to take pictures of our equipment or people working and nobody wants their picture taken in uniform. Hm. I may post what I can, but I have such a dull life.
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( Jul. 14th, 2008 11:28 pm)
It's late and I'm tired, but thought I should post something just to remind myself that I'm alive.

Today was my consult with the plastic surgeon. He's all positive about results of surgery and that he feels it will be helpful to me, but then again of course he would be. The nurse mismeasured my hight, though, because I KNOW I didn't lose three quarters of an inch since my last yearly physical. And although that seems minor, it bothers me a little. Details can be really important when you're going under a knife. Hm. We shall see what the insurance says about how much they'll pay and how much will be left for me to pay.

I went for a walk when I got home, and dinner was rice with onions, peppers, summer squash, zucchini and mushrooms, which was pretty tasty. I'm not sure who to believe re nutrition - I know some would say that's a dinner that's good for me, but probably the body builder I work with* would tell me that it's all useless carbs and shouldn't be eaten after 4pm.

I also did lots of dishes.

Really interesting post. Well, anyhow.

I guess I don't need to lean a broom against the back door tonight because it's impossible to open it anyway with the stuff that Eor left piled against if for me to take down to the van. Stuff for the trip to Salisbury Beach next week; our plastic rug, the tent, and the kites. :D

I suppose tomorrow night I'll go out with the coworkers. I'm debating doing one of those pictoral 'day in my life' posts. If I can get myself together early enough to walk to work it might be cooler.
ETA footnote * "The body builder I work with" is my co-worker, Orangejello** - not, as might be construed, a personal trainer who I'm specifically seeing. Though he does DO personal training, and is happy to help any of his co-workers out with his knowledge.

**Pronounced "orAHNgelo."
Okay, I've embarked upon my quests of making phone calls. See, this is what sick days can be really useful for - obviously, I'm not going anywhere, so I can be on hand to get the phone. (It is a beautiful day outside, though. *sigh* A high haze, so great for getting burned, but it doesn't seem overly hot, from what I can tell.)

blah blah lots of phone-tag with trying to track down answers to questions re my neck and shoulder pain. )

Maybe I need to sublimate my overthinking with a little mindless exercise. I'll be in the other room pumping iron if anyone needs me. Next to the phone.

Hey, those of you who are reading this who are people I work with - I'm trying to not talk about this potential breast reduction at work, so help me not talk about it, okay? No particular reason, I just relish seeing people's reactions afterward if I do it. ;D I talked with La Professeur* about it )


* She used to teach microbiology, before working with us.
making flour substitute mix )
work restrictions form needs returning )

*Tapioca is made from casava root - why don't they call it casava flour?? It would make things so much easier.
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( Apr. 29th, 2008 09:38 pm)
With my P.T. having been extended, it looks as if I won't really have time to take that Statistics class during Summer Session A. I'm kind of down because I'd been looking forward to being back in school, but kind of relieved because I'm not doing well enough yet in my math practice sessions. (I'm sure it's already to late to even dream of finishing the story for the contest, though, so putting off the class isn't going to help me there. :P) And it's not offered at any convenient times for Summer Session B. Eor suggests I should look into one of the other Statistics classes for Summer Session B, though. I'll have to do that tomorrow.

Why yes, I do feel a little bit as though I'm trying to go in three directions at once and getting nowhere.
So many things I forget to post, which I had fully intended to. (Am composing between doing other things so as to avoid spamming my f-list.)
cut for length )
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( Feb. 24th, 2008 07:50 pm)
Er, hi, I guess I haven't posted in a few days. I'm still alive. Eor is quite sick - he's had this fever for five days and it seems to have settled in his throat glands so that he can barely swallow. I've laid in lots of pudding and fruit cups for him, and have been periodically doing hot compresses on his throat. And reading "Ensign Flandry" by Poul Anderson. Which is pretty decent - I mean, it IS Poul Anderson, it can't really be bad. ;)

I wrote a little at the laundromat, yesterday, and it was absolute crap, but it felt good to be doing some writing. I'm not sure what's happened to me over the past few months. I hope I can get back to it.

Tomorrow evening I have to attend a co-worker's party, and it's not the party I had hoped to be attending this week. Tuesday I have pt early, and again on Thursday. Wednesday Eor's sister in law will be showing up, with one-year-old child in tow, and she'll be here on Thursday night, too, here to help her sister move. I hope she brings a kennel, as this place is not kid-proof. The co-worker's party which I had hoped to go to should be happening on Friday, but Saturday we have to wake up stupid early to catch the bus to Boston, where we'll get the train to Florida.
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( Feb. 20th, 2008 10:13 am)
I actually am loving going to physical therapy. Seriously. I wish I could continue indefinitely. I want to go out every day and have this nice young lady run me through stretches and exercises. Actually, though, she showed me something today that felt so amazing... No, nothing like that, sheesh. They have these stiff foam pillar things, about four or five inches in diameter, and she had me put it under my ribs and fold myself backward over it (yes, like the opposite way of what you normally think of your spine ever being supposed to move - or at least what I normally think of), and then move it up a little, do it again, move it up a little, do it again... I suspect that the guy I had for pt before, Mike, had tried to get me to do that, but that I never really got his explanation of what I was supposed to be doing, and that he didn't ever catch me in what I was doing wrong and get me do it right, because I recall his version of this just being uncomfortable and unhappy for me. His instructions were more like, "put this under your shoulders and roll on it." I tensed all up, because I was envisioning moving against it, like one cog against another. The way she got me to do it was so relaxing that I felt just great all the drive home, and I'm seriously considering buying one of these foam things just based on that. But possibly I got it more this time because she pushing on my spine a few minutes before and explaining to a student the importance of increasing my mobility in that area, and I suddenly recalled a dance show I saw a long, long time ago, where I marveled at the incredible mobility this one dancer had in her spine, and how it gave her movements so much more life than the next dancer who was doing the same things. She said this kind of stiffness in the upper spine (ribs to neck) often occurs both with people who lift a lot and people who sit a lot, and I fit both categories. Oops. I'll bet that holding my arms in typing position is encouraging to that stiffness.

Now. Food. Tea. And wool socks. Damn my feet are cold.
My fingers went numb-tingly, so I danced around the kitchen for a while, trying to get my circulation going (because my face and body were roastingly hot, but my hands were like ice), and Eor gave me tea with lots of honey, and it went away.

Possibly a lack of sugar, since I don't normally eat so little for such a long time as I have been the past three days.

ETA: 9:33PM - I ate soon after I initially wrote the above, and they numbness never came back. I initially made the post private so I could wait and see how it was going to turn out. Didn't want to unnecessarily worry anyone.


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