In all of yesterday I ate three servings of yogurt, two oatmeal cookies (I hoped the oatmeal might help), a cup of coffee (I count this as food because of all the cream I put in it) and some vitamins.  And tried to drink plenty of water.  Oh, and walked to work.  I'm trying to use this tendency to not be hungry as much as possible.  Of course [ profile] eor ate not much more than one serving of mac and cheese and some potato chips, but he also slept like eleven and a half hours.  He just has to outdo me.  *rolls eyes* ;)

He was asleep when I got home last night, so I sat at his computer desk (in the kitchen), where he'd left a lamp on for me, and wrote for a little while - on paper (*gasp!*);  I didn't want to turn my computer and start clicking keys, because he sounded as though he was restless (this place is theoretically three rooms, but it's effectively more like one big room.) - and then went to bed. 

Y'know, that yogurt which I just finished eating (the same container I've been eating for the past two [three?] days) was a month past it's sell-by date.  I think date is pretty much random with yogurt.
I got a comment on the Great Write Meme! I'm so excited. :) Okay, is that self-centered or what?  )

walked 2 hrs 10 min - not all at once. )

inconclusive result from nurse practitioner, further tests needed. )

food - I hope I don't sound like Bridgit Jones. )

Whee, I got to be the first person to do [ profile] eor's first ever real and actual poll with his new paid account!

"If you could only write that much on the stories you write," sez he.  Yes, really.  Time for bed, now.  I've spent my entire evening composing this much.  And making macaroni.
I just thought of something very amusing to me this morning.  Antibiotics kill all the bacteria, not just bad bacteria.  The good bacteria in my large intestine are going to be wiped out.  My small intestine is already struggling to maintain against the recent gluten influx. 

Yes, that's the full extent of the joke.  Well, it made me laugh.  :)
My tummy hurts.  It feels like it's blown up like a balloon... and still I go "Bagel? Yay!  Macaroni and cheese?  Yay!!"  omgsoyummy(ow). Yummmmm(ow).  Yummm...
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( Feb. 12th, 2006 11:54 am)
When I went grocery shopping yesterday I loaded up the cart with wheat-based things: pastas and breads, I bought an expensive roll for myself and Twizzlers for [ profile] eor (first ingredient on Twizzlers = "wheat"), and the whole grocery bill was about $40 less than it usually is. 

We had french toast for breakfast!  I know I'll be hungry in an hour, but what the hell. :) 

I'm going to make a run back to the store because I forgot tomato soup (to have with toasted cheese sandwiches, yay!) and cream of chicken soup (for making tuna noodle casserole).  (Yes, I know most people use cream of mushroom.  Eor uses cream of chicken.)

Oh!  I should get more tuna, and some mayo, so I can have tuna fish sandwiches for lunch at work!  Oh!  Ramen!  I can have ramen again!  (Well, for six weeks - I probably shouldn't buy a case.)

God, this is pathetic. :)
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( Feb. 11th, 2006 03:25 pm)
You've probably seen [ profile] eor's post about going off the gluten-free diet for six weeks.  This is so they can see if he gets gluten anti-bodies.  Or something like that.  So, last night we had pizza.  I've been so tired all week that I was really looking forward to sleeping ten hours last night, but I had to get up after only a little more than six hours because of how bad my tummy hurt.  I only had two pieces.  So what do I do, today?  After my tummy stopped hurting (sometime just short of noon) I ate another piece of pizza (around 2pm).  I had talked myself into it, thinking maybe it was actually the baba ganoush, salmon and green peppers which I had for lunch yesterday, or the chicken fried rice I had for breakfast.  And it still could be.  But I've asked him to get me in with the gastro doc, too, and get my antibodies checked when the six weeks is up.  *yawn*  Maybe if it does turn out that I also have a gluten problem I can learn to be more careful about my diet and perhaps that will help my feeling tired all the time. 

Eor thinks I just eat the baba ganoush because I like the name. :) 


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