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( Jun. 24th, 2016 08:58 am)
It's my usual day off, and I'm trying to get a few things done (dishes, laundry) while waiting for this car to be delivered from Vermont. A new 2015 Fiat 500, in blue, which had 23 miles on it's odometer before they started their four hour drive. They will probably arrive around noon, and Eor hopes to be home by 11:30 so he can be present when they get here.

I hope his knee is okay. We guess it's bursitis, but it's extremely painful - started the day after he planted twenty peppers out to the garden. He's getting over it, but was unable to climb Katahdin (one reason we came home from Baxter early) and me needing to drive him to work because we only had one car for the past few weeks has actually been a really good thing, since for at least a week he has been unable to drive. Today is pushing it, and I hope it doesn't set his recovery back, but he wanted me to be here in case he couldn't get home or they arrived early.
The old car (Aveo) was picked up last night. I was kind of sorry to see it go, in a sentimental sort of way, but decided to watch from my bed because for whatever reason the guy had to come at 10pm. This wrecker driver is probably donating his time to National Public Radio, and had to come by when he was done with paying customers for the day.

Eor went down in his stocking feet, and met the wrecker driver's daughter; perhaps seven years old, long braids, and Dad had said she could come along if she would operate the winch for him. She also got to 'steer' the car up onto the truck while it was being pulled up by the winch. After climbing out, while Dad was making all secure she told Eor that her dog likes her Dad so much that he jumps THIS high when he comes home, and then took off chasing moths around the driveway. Eor was quite charmed by her. :)

So there's that chapter done. New car in a few days! I have a check for $14,697 sitting on my desk awaiting the delivery of the new car. Yes, Eor found a place in Vermont who would drive the car over to us. Not sure exactly how much that's costing us, since all fees were lumped together on the bill as a lump sum of $600. They keep it simple in Vermont. They don't even have titles, there.* Thank goodness we did financing through the Credit Union and the woman I dealt with knew that we needed to apply for title in Maine, and took care of doing that for me.
*I have been corrected. They do have titles, there, but a Vermont dealer won't have a Maine title.
In consideration of the trip we were planning to Baxter State Park, E.B. posted to me...

You might find this amusing - just the possibility that we might be taking my car next week got me to finally (!) vacuum out the pine needles from my Christmas tree (or most of them).

Two years worth of pine needles. :) As Eor commented, you don't have to pay for pine-scented air fresheners if you have real pine needles. :)

My response to her...

I actually debated vacuuming my car because I'm embarassed to have the Vehicle Donation people see it in the state it's in!

Two years worth of treating my car like a truck, hauling topsoil and compost and garbage to the dump, including the chunks of metal from the pool.

So, I'm thinking it's time to give up on my car. VIP says they won't touch it, so I'm filling out the NPR Vehicle Donation form right now and just had to type all that VIP had written down for me. Therefore, you get to see, too, since I need to copy this somewhere in case I lose the form and need to start over.

"Clutch failing, left front wheel bearing bad, both front strut mounts bad, right front strut tower rusted through, rocker right rear rusted through, exhaust leak and exhaust hanger broken, EGR valve bolt broken off and drilled out off-center, coolant leak, and wrong length windshield wipers."

Somehow the 'wrong length windshield wipers' makes me chuckle.

I got the new fuse, put it in down there in the parking lot of the parts place, and the new one blew out as soon as I turned on the front blower. There's a bigger issue. I am debating putting another one in and seeing if the wipers will work as long as I don't turn on the blower. Yes, I think I will. After breakfast, because damn it, I'm having my eggs today.
I'm currently reading "The Historian" by Elizabeth Kostova, and aaaauuuuuugh!! Holy fuck, there's a difference between making the reader feel that they're smarter than the characters and making the reader feel like the characters are numb as fucking hakes. When I get the next step in the puzzle 127 pages before the characters do, that MIGHT be overdoing it a bit.

Granted it was 127 pages of telling us how beautiful the country is and how handsome all the people in it are (except for evil people, who are ugly) (is this why the person who loaned this book to me feels the book is 'beautiful'? Because somehow it doesn't strike me quite the same way. The book is not beautiful to me just because the character is apparently in love with the world.) and also a long detour into telling us about a medieval manuscript and why it's terribly important and then giving us the actual text of that manuscript, which takes up less space. And you invented that manuscript for this book, it's part of the fiction! Do you just wish to give an academic verisimilitude? Because here's a clue - this is fiction. Even people who like reading academic texts don't necessarily want fake ones inserted in the middle of their fiction.

Do-do is a very dull girl, lately - all I do is rant about houses and this damned book. The sooner I can finish it and move on to something I like, the better. A pox on coworkers forcing books upon me! And the worst thing is, I had to work with this particular coworker all day, yesterday, and all I wanted to do was talk about how much I hate the book she made me read. So I thought of anything else I could talk about, and was ridiculously chatty all day.

Must go find a new fuse for the van. It blew while I was driving, yesterday and let me tell you it's hard to drive in a snowstorm with no wipers or front heater blower. I was relatively pleased with the fact that it took me no time to diagnose the problem as a fuse; I pretty much knew instantly what was wrong, but then I didn't know where to find the fuse box... panel? it didn't do me much good at the time. Eor has now yanked the bad one, and told me where to put the new one, so I can run down to the parts store and get it this morning - and it's not snowing, today, so I can see while I drive.

(Yesterday I had to take a cab to work, was 15 minutes late and didn't get to eat proper breakfast. I was not a happy camper. All cereal and no eggs gives me a tummy ache.)
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( Jul. 7th, 2008 09:59 am)
Have seen Eor off, and came home very depressed. Not having slept well last night couldn't have helped, but the trouble was that when I woke up in the middle of the night I kept thinking about him not being here, soon, and couldn't get back to sleep. To distract myself from being depressed I thought about the Chap Magazine Wodehouse writing contest. It only runs to the end of this month, so I don't suppose I'll do anything with it, but it's a fun idea to think about. Wodehouse characters in the modern world. But that didn't help me get to sleep.

At any rate, I have also talked to that kid up at Morong who screwed up our last service. I figured to go with him and give him a chance to redeem himself. And come back, done some stretching, determined to walk to work, and had a second breakfast of feta, tostitoes, nectarine and blueberries. (First breakfast, with Eor, was leftovers from last night - steak, cheese sauce, mashed potatoes, green beans. :))

Now must go, if I'm walking!
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( Jan. 6th, 2008 09:12 pm)
I'm going to pimp [ profile] eor's review of Charles Fourier, because I think he gives a nice, quick, summation, although it takes ages to even scratch the surface of Fourier, really. (I've also been reading a book about Fourier, though a much shorter one than that which Eor read, and I've gotten bogged down.)

I meant to mention on my post re Darrin that he said he's heard that the Manager who he asked to tell us where he was and that he would like visitors got reamed out for passing that info on, even though he had asked her to as a friend. Eor says that's not surprising, as there's legal issues with a Manager doing that. He thinks the only way around that would be if it had been in the form of a written note which had been posted, and then probably it could not be done by a manager. Well. I suppose this is where having an email network would have been of great use.

Reminds me... I need to find out if anyone's arranged a card. It will never be done through official channels because having a heart is not allowed by the gov't.

Oh... mu. I just remembered that I, um, should have arranged myself a ride to work tomorrow, if possible. I guess I could probably still phone Pheobe. I don't really want to ride the bus if I don't have to. The van is getting the heater installed. Hopefully for real this time. (Possibly some of you remember the debacle of... I think it was last spring - where the RV people kept it for two weeks and then never actually DID the work they were requested to do, "because it would cost you too much money." Sooo... you pass up the chance to make money because you don't want to do the work? Yeah it will cost a lot, but that was what we originally asked you to do. Idiots.) We're taking it to someone else this time.
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( Jan. 2nd, 2008 10:11 am)
This morning, digging out my car* with a sliver of moon overhead, I felt pretty good about myself. This whole winter weather thing can be exhausting and trying, but sometimes it offers chances for one to feel good about just surviving and getting to work at all.

And then I came home, made breakfast, read some of the stories I've been ignoring for a few days, and was slothful.

*This sort of thing is a bonding experience. I don't particularly like this car, but when I put in quite a bit of work to get it out while it's holds up it's part of the deal by providing a warm place for me to defrost my fingers I can't help but feel a bit kindly toward it.
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( Jul. 26th, 2007 10:45 am)
I finally got my paint for the car! And I got my black sandals cut down so they fit my feet better! Okay, it's not a perfect job, there's a bit of a corner, but it took the shoe repair guy like 2 minutes and he charged me $4, and now I don't have a mile of sole sticking out in front and behind my feet. So, Yay! :) I can probably sand off that bit of a corner easily if I want to bother. Now I know that a razor knife is NOT the way to go with these foam sandal soles - he said a power sander was the thing to use.

And now that I know where the shoe shop is I'll probably go back with other things. I can't believe it's taken me so long to get around to finding a shoe repair shop. I need to make a list of things a small town needs, so that if I ever get around to building my own town I'll be able to plan in everything. (Okay, I probably won't be able to build my own town for real, but maybe I can write about a town. ;))

Help me out, here, what do we need? The perfect town to live in would have what?

- General Store
- Shoe Repair
- Seamstress/Tailor for alterations on clothes.
- Coffee/Tea hangout
- Breakfast all-day restaurant (Open 24-hours, per [ profile] ladyfalcon.)
- Dancing
- Public transit
editing the list to add your suggestions and some commentary )
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( Jul. 16th, 2007 10:16 am)
Just got back from a long walk around my neighborhood (trying to make myself have an hour's worth of excercise). Ah summer. There's work happening on at least one house in every block. Almost made me want to get a job as a painter, so I could be outside on lovely days. Then I noticed that at quite a few of those job sites there was an older person standing around, watching. Undoubtably the affluent owner of the property, making sure the workmen are working, or just curious what work looks like. By the time they get tired of watching I have to imagine the worker is so tired from being watched that they knock off for lunch.

Speaking of which, must arrainge a lunch for myself. And take a shower. And go pick up the paint for my car - it came in two weeks faster than I'd expected. :)

What else, what else... oh. Write my brother and let him know we could lend him a tent, campstove and dishes, because I did talk to my Aunt and ascertained that she'll be camping with a friend who has everything they need. Do dishes. That will about kill my time for today, but if I have any left I should write more on my elephants story. And write that spoilery-speculative post on HP that I've been promising to indulge myself in.

Maybe I don't have time to pick up the paint today.

What was I doing earlier today? I was reading and responding to a number of replies to my post last night on the study group - I had asked for opinions and help with a problem on binne. A certain person who's a friend of my Mom's and an ex employer of mine and very dedicated to her cause (homelessness and poverty) posts asking for help and donations to her cause, which immediately puts an end to any conversation that's been going on. She does this every time people start to talk.

People on the study group are of the opinion that being a friend of my Mom's and all should not entitle her to post whatever she wants, and that asking for money, even donations to a cause, is not particularly acceptable on a discussion group, and that I should make a rule that covers it and have a talk with her, privately, asking her to stop.
I've eaten one real meal, today, and sort of filled in with toast, nuts, dried apples and beef jerkey. The meal was tacos - beef and corn on corn tortillas with corn chips. Corn good. I'm sure it's a balanced diet, right? I'm having ice-cream before we go to bed, for the dairy part. ;)

This day hasn't been total suck, but it's been a bit on the busy side. got the van back, mailed out stuff, talked to Dad )

and now for a story about kinkyness with sox at work )

Ah, while I'm here - since Eor shows no sign of being ready to go to bed - I should catch up with my list of books read.

(19) "French Milk" by [ profile] lucylou
Of course I'm going to be fond of this book - it has manatees. Not to mention, it's by Lucy. )
(20) "The Casting Away of Mrs. Lecks and Mrs. Aleshine" by Frank R. Stockton
I swear they are the true mothers of Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg. )

(21) "Diplomatic Immunity" by Lois McMaster Bujold
Oh no, I've been caught up in my mad love for the Vorkosigan saga yet again! Some spoilers may lie herein. )

Phew, way too long a post. that we'd be able to spend the whole day, Sunday, buying a bike for me )
Exhausted, we came home and cooked spicy pork chops, mashed potatoes and corn, which we enjoyed over a Dr. Who (thanks again [ profile] daegaer - I'm endlessly indebted to you :)), only disturbed by one call from my brother, Jimbalaya/Hawk, who wanted to let me know he's going to be flying into Manchester (New Hampshire) on the 22nd - his friend who lives in York will pick him up, though, and he'll spend a little time with him. 

Which reminds me, I need to send him Uncle Don Jimcito's phone number.  Don Jimcito lives in Portsmouth, NH, and Mom will be there - Portsmouth and York (Maine) are not far apart.  And I've got to get a key made to leave with my neighbor so that if Mom or Jimbalaya get to Portland before I get back from vaca they can use our apartment.  Argh.  I should not have read so long this morning.  But I knew that.  I also have to get a piece of mirror cut for the van and a gas can.  That was the plan for this morning.  And I'm not even showered, yet.  Bleary eyed.  Still tired from last night. 

In fact, tired as I was, it was hard to get to sleep.  Jimbalaya said he'd called Eightball, our youngest brother, and attempted to get him, also, to come visit, but could get no real response from him.  We haven't seen him in years, and I'm afraid we never will again, the way things are going. :(  I try to avoid thinking of his job as a cult, but.  Grr.  Ten years he's been working for them, and he can't ever get a vacation?  I lay awake fretting. 

Need tea.  And shower.

eta: Bah. I emptied every piece of paper out of my pockets and I don't have the dimensions for the mirror I need to get for the van. I might actually have to shift my ass and go measure it.

eta one more time: Heh. Found it. And two twenty dollar bills. :)

because I can't seem to stop editing: I keep wondering if I should have put the name of the bike the other way around. The company is Specialized, the type of bike is Sirrus. I told [ profile] eor I would get a little black paint and changing that second 'r' to an 'i' - because it's a black bike, you know, and it's, like, a serious bike, so, um. Yeah. /me is a dork. He started it, though, with his perversion of the "Chef!" theme song. The lyrics actually run "serious profession," and he will always sing it as Remus Lupin's theme song: "Sirius Black obsession." ;)

And I think I'll leave going to the hardware store for tomorrow, because this place is a mess and I need to do some dishes, at the very least.


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