Yes, against all recent trends I seem to have commited fic.

Title: Stalker. Boring.
Author: [personal profile] derien
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Characters: John, Sherlock
Spoilers: for Post Secret
Disclaimer: No intended infringement on the BBC and their Sherlock show. Also, no intention of implying that all Matthews are stalkers. ;)
Summary: If I write one my headers will be longer than the story.
Words: 252
Notes: In a completely unoriginal story, Sherlock is bored and John is trying to distract him. Sherlock's deductions are those Eor and I made, though it may have taken us slightly longer.

Stalker. Boring. )
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( Jan. 1st, 2011 07:52 pm)
Title: Bicky's Chickens
Author: Derien
Pairing: Rocky Todd / Francis "Bicky" Bickerstaff.
Summary: Bicky thought raising chickens and selling eggs would be a good way to make money, but he lives in a small apartment in New York City. Can voodoo help?
Rating: Green for nothing fun because I'm not so comfortable writing fun stuff.
Words: 6,000-ish
Disclaimer: To think I owned these characters would be the greatest folly. Not so, but in fact quite otherwise. I'm just developing them. ;)
Notes: Many, many, thanks to my kind betas: [ profile] kryptyd, who was willing to kick things around with me, and [ profile] jabber_moose, who reminded me that just checking the back of the video box might not be the best way to do research. And also to my brother, Hawk, who assured me that my lack of research probably didn't hurt me much. :)

Posted on AO3
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( Mar. 22nd, 2010 07:41 am)
If anyone's interested in a good (but Loooong) House/Wilson fic, I recommend A Modest Proposal and its sequel Involuntary Commitment, by Ignaz.
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( Apr. 21st, 2009 10:29 am)
It's a rainy day and I'm being lazy. I've finally just about caught up on [ profile] indeedsir, though I've only read the first chapter of the "Jeeves is a spy in WWII" epic The Long Long Trail - six parts posted so far of fifteen. I kind of don't want to go on to the second chapter until they're all posted.

I have endless amounts of tea, courtesy of my new tea pot brought back from England. :) I had hoped, though, that with a new teapot I wouldn't dribble when I poured like I did with the old one (a rather gaudy thing in dark blue with gold pheasants on it - I thought it terribly pretty when I bought it, but I was 18, then. There are some things we'd often rather not be reminded of when older, and our artistic tastes is often one of them. Think about this when you contemplate getting a tattoo.) but now I find I must accept my fate - I am a dribbler. But the new teapot much more suites me, now - it's round and chocolate brown, fading delicately darker at the edges. I adore it. :)

I forgot to mention that I found out last week that one of the blank phone messages on my answering machine when we came home was my coworker, Alice, calling me to tell me she'd found green peppercorns in a co-op in Bangor, and then realized just as my answering machine picked up that we were in England. It was nice to know that she thought of me and remembered me mentioning that I was out of green peppercorns. :)


While washing dishes just now I found myself singing "Come to the church in the wildwood," a hymn which I only learned because it figured in a sci-fi story I read when I was a kid, where some old German dude with a (I think) bassoon finds that if he plays that song with a special crystal reed he gets little blue warthogs coming out of the woodwork and they... do something. Eat his pants, I think. I read this story multiple times, because it was in a particular anthology which resided at my grandmother's house in Rockland and was something to read when I was there, and a lot of the stories were kind of crazy like that. (I suspect it of being the same anthology which had "Genevive for Everybody," "The Blue Giraffe" and "Helen A'Lloy"). So then I had to look up "The Gnurrs Come From The Voodvork Out" and discovered it was written by Reginald Bretnor, and that there are a few more stories in the Papa Schimmelhorn series (page down to Bretnor) - he was writing them up until 1987! I must find these!

*sigh* Okay, been too lazy, today, must hurry, now. :P
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( Jan. 6th, 2009 07:59 am)
I still haven't found that Jinjur story that I KNOW one of you mentioned receiving for Yuletide! Don't make me go back and read the whole week I was gone over again just to find it. *makes puppydog eyes* I beg you again, please leave recommendations for me to read?

I've been compiling a little roundup of recent fic readings, this morning:

Today's Yuletide reading...
The Adventure of the Expert Cracksman by Mary Crawford. A very acceptable (non-slash) Holmes mystery.

Today's non-Yuletide Christmas story reading...
Jeeves Makes a Move - Which was actually written three years ago by [ profile] veronamay, and I probably mentioned it at the time, but I had completely forgotten it. Lovely and sweet Jeeves/Wooster first time revelation of feelings (no sex).

Yesterday's Yuletide...
Hamster's Long Weekend by [ profile] tronella - well-written friendship fic about the guys from Top Gear. (I've seen all of two eps. :))

A Most Dreadful Christmas Eve by Traykor. Passable short hurt/comfort Holmes/Watson.

Sunday's Yuletide readings...
Bid Thee Welcome To My Heart by concernedlily (for Afrai) - quite well-written, but I'm sure I'm missing a whole lot by not knowing the source work, Susanna Clark's "The Ladies of Grace Adieu."

Secretly Lawyers by Scott ([ profile] soda_and_capes) for [ profile] entwashian - I don't know the source material on this, either ("Sugarshock"?), but I'm supposing that if one were a fan of it, this story would probably be true to it's source. I think it's probably well-written in it's particular genre, if that makes sense? I guess the point I'm trying to make is that this is a goofy, fun little story, and I'd probably find the source material unbearable. But if you like "Sugarshock" you'll probably find this delightful. :)


Now I'd better get moving - much to do before Dr's appt and then work. :P Not least - eat! During which I'll probably read more. ;)
I know that many of you have posted your favorite Yuletide story recs on your own LJs, but I was away all last week and couldn't read them as they were posted. If anyone has recs I'd love if you could post them in comments to me so that I can enjoy reading lots of things in the next few days! :) Particularly, didn't I see someone post about a General Jinjur fic? Some Jeeves/Wooster?

I had a nice lunch with Looks To Alaska, today, and cooked chicken parm this evening, so now we have lots of food to carry us through the next week.. and it's time for bed.
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( Jan. 29th, 2008 09:36 pm)
Memo to myself: Looks good - from Yuletide 2004, and I hadn't seen it yet! The Councils of Despair - Aral Vorkosigan/Simon Illyan
An icon of me with the Lord of the Rings hair.  Doesn't it look like I just kind of pulled it forward and hacked it off so it wouldn't be in my face?  That's because I did.  Elvengirl told me my eyebrows could use plucking, but I kind of like how they look.  Then again I've always been fond of bushy eyebrows. 

So, anyway.  This stupid Ivan/Byerly story I've been working on for ages; I've come to hate it.  I feel like the guys don't act enough like guys, and the feedback I get from my beta reader indicates that my sense of dramatic timing is off.  I had the climax happen about like I thought it really should, I mean, if such things were playing out in real life.  I think I'll just post what I have here and hope someone can give me a clue, since I just don't know what the fuck I'm doing at this point. 

Title: Adjusting Perspective
Author: Derien
Fandom: Vokosigan series, Lois McMaster Bujold
Pairing: Ivan/Byerly
Rating: PG 13 for some implications
Summary: Byerly's reputation is in danger?  Also, weapons runners from Jackson's Whole.
Notes: No more AU than any slash, but borrowing some artifacts from "A Deeper Season" and "What Passing Bells" universe.  (At least I'm reasonably sure that's where I picked up the flower shop girl, although I gave her a name.  But that's certainly where the androgenesis idea came from.)  Miles is with Ekaterin, Gregor is with Laisa, Ivan's at loose ends.

Adjusting Perspective Ch 1 of 3 )

Chapter 2
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( Apr. 20th, 2007 01:37 pm)
So, I've been reading those few Ivan/Byerly and one Byerly fic that I've found, and it occures to me...  Byerly can't really afford to have an open relationship with Ivan.  You'd think it would be the other way around, but consider - Byerly's usefulness as an information gatherer depends on people accepting him as a rather silly, useless wastrel of a Vor lordling.  Ivan, while not tremendously well-known, is still probably recognized as someone who's close enough to the Emperor that if he hears things he might repeat them to the right (or wrong, depending on your viewpoint) ears.  If Byerly spends too much time around Ivan people might get the idea he might be repeating things to Ivan.  Also, Byerly pretty much HAS to continue going out partying, and at least flirting with, other people all the time in order to gather information. 

I think, if nothing else, there's good potential for conflict in any budding relationship they might have, most of it on Byerly's side.  Because Ivan's not going to even think of this stuff.
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( Apr. 17th, 2007 11:08 am)
Someday I'll post again.  This is the third day of overcast and precipitation, I think.... possibly the fourth?  I've been burying myself in Ivan Vorpatril/Byerly Vorrutyer fics, although I've found few enough.  I read An Ordinary Man by [ profile] firefly_124 twice to make up for that. :)
It's been so cold that over the past few days the tree out front has developed a split I can put my thumb into, about a yard or more long.  This makes me very sad.  [ profile] eor thinks I shouldn't call the city because he supposes they'll just take it down.  I'm thinking that if that paint was sprayed in there it might be saved.  [ profile] eor thinks it's going over and won't park the car under it.  I think it's going to die but not fall.  Anyone have any ideas?  Barring that, anyone want to place bets? 

The 'what science-fiction writer are you most like' meme... but, I don't know who he is. )

Since I'm here editing for something else anyway, I might as well add - When Gregory Benford himself took the above test it told him he was someone else. Arthur C. Clark, I think? I find that amusing. :)

and what house paint I am! )

We have the Granada Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett, the second season!  Only on loan from one of [ profile] eor's co-workers, which is kind of better because it means I can legitimately push for watching it just as much as he can stand, so that we can return it soon.  pacing uneven, but slash abounds )

I also have new music!  My brother Hawk sent me two CDs - One of Loose Digits, who I know he plays with, and the other is King County Hay Ride.  I don't know what his relationship to them is, exactly.  I feel bad that, although I recall him talking about them, I can't at all remember what he said. 

I haven't had a chance to listen to them, yet, because my CD drive is still acting up.  Read: not doing much of anything.  The lights flash, but nothing else happens.  And I'm inclined to think that if the lights flash it can't be completely unplugged, but I have to get the case open and see.  Which I can't do until I turn it off, which I can't do until I post this post.  So I'd better get crackin'. 

Quickly, then, on to the big Fic Roundup of the week of 01/14 - 01/20! 

First up, [ profile] daegaer's Schwartzkinder Drabbles of Wrongness - I'm going to rate these as a group ♥♥♥♥:
Winter Break
Expeditionary Preparations
Cleared For Lift-Off
Dining With Disaster

[ profile] skyblue_reverie's Mr Wooster and the Birthday Gift - ♥♥♥ quite hot and definitely not work-safe. ;>

[ profile] worblehat's If I Might Say So, Sir - No hearts here.  Sorry.  Perhaps with a good, harsh beta it might be made into something.

There were a couple of other things I read, of course, but they're locked down so there's no point linking to them. 

ETA! [ profile] anima_mecanique's From the Journals of Dr Dawson has come unlocked! ♥♥♥♥ and a yay!!

And now I think I'm too tired to open my computer, tonight. 

Oh, I did want to mention - though this is of interest to nobody but me, I'm sure - we went out and opened new bank accounts )

Damn, this is the post from hell, even with all the cuts.  Must stop now, even though I just thought of a little work story I had wanted to tell.  Maybe tomorrow.
Just because I feel weird about posting only about books when a good deal of my reading life is online.  (For some reason my 'history' seems to start my week on a Monday.  *is puzzled*)

During the week starting 1/1 I read...

at least 6 [ profile] daegaer fics:
Sailing to Hirugashima (Weiss Kreuz, Mamoru/Nagi AU) ♥♥♥♥
The Hinge Upon Which Perfect Happiness Turns (Weiss Kreuz, Nagi/Mamoru historical AU) ♥♥♥♥♥
The Luck of the Game (Weiss Kreuz, Crawford/Schuldig historical AU) ♥♥♥
(And three entries on her special filter which I can't link to.)

[ profile] msliz4857's
A Letter From Jeeves ♥♥

And from Yuletide Treasure
Frontier Games (I don't know the fandom but it says it's Rosemary Sutcliff's "Eagle of the Ninth" series ) ♥
The Bridal Path (Addams Family) ♥♥
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective (If Somewhat Unnecessarily Violent) Assassins (Fandom: Neil Gaimon's "Neverwhere" - features Vandemar and Croup.)
Asleep When You Should Be Awake (Fandom: Torchwood) ♥
Close (Fandom: Torchwood) ♥
Interlude (Fandom: Torchwood) ♥
Duende (Fandom: Patrick OBrian - Master and Commander series) (except I don't think I've finished reading this one, yet.) ♥♥
In the House of Dust (Fandom: Gilgamesh) ♥♥♥
Legend (Fandom: Naomi Novik - Temeraire series) ♥
The Rose-Bandit At Blandings by mine own [ profile] peak_in_darien (Fandom: PG Wodehouse - Blandings Castle) ♥♥♥

I think I'll try to make this just a weekly roundup list, because I can't deal with doing this every day, and I certainly can't deal with writing reviews.  My highly subjective rating of hearts, on a one to five scale, is going to be affected by things like length of story and whether I know anything about the fandom or like the characters.  The writing on all of these stories has been top quality, regardless of if I gave it no hearts at all. 
Well, I've posted it up on [ profile] citynextdoor.  I feel... embarrassed.  Partly because, even though I've lived here 15 years I'm really not a native like [ profile] lemondropgirl, so I almost feel that I have no right.  But, there you go.  Robert Frost wasn't much like the people he wrote about. ;)

Title: Port Omens
Authors: Derien and Eor
Fandom: Good Omens
Characters: Aziraphale, Crowley
1) Many of the best ideas were Eor's, and he did the beta read, so I think he deserves equal billing.  And then I changed a bunch of stuff after he betaed, so don't blame him for the suck. 
2)For the November challenge on CityNextDoor - "Home Sweet Home."  Aziraphale and Crowley as they might be in Portland, Maine.  I'll entertain any suggestions for a better title.  Of course they can't really be natives because they're not really natives anywhere, but they've changed their edges a little.

let me shuffle you off to a city next door to the real Portland
Warnings for Explicitness need to be given on both the following fics. 

Excellent Jeeves/Wooster fic posted this morning on [ profile] indeedsir by [ profile] skyblue_reverie - Jeeves and the tale of Abington Chase, Part I and Part II.  She does a good Jeeves voice, and the whole story goes a long way toward explaining him and why he is the way he is. 

And that reminded me to go check up on [ profile] keelywolfe, because she was always my source for the rough stuff.  While I wasn't looking, she finished A Lacking Of Foresight! :) 
I just noticed that it was two years ago that [ profile] acchapin posted a random comment on my LJ.  I had been trying to locate her page of stories which, I believe, was my introduction to Jeeves and Wooster slash for... several years, and had finally tracked her down and wrote to her through her school account, but she couldn't write back to me, her email wouldn't go through, and she therefore tracked me down on LJ and gave me the correct url for her stories.  And there, two years ago, is me saying that I would try to drop a note to anyone who had her old, incorrect url.  I don't think I've done it.  Meanwhile, I could have been reading her LJ for two years, but did not.  I didn't friend her because I didn't want to be rude and stalkerish.  And now she's done with LJ and doing flickr, which is just photos as far as I can see.  Beautiful photos.  But still.  On her fanfic site she indicates that she's not going to write anymore.  What a bummer.  It's just another one of those reminders that I can't pay attention to everything at once, and that stuff doesn't just stand still and wait for me to get around to it. 

I'm a bit odd, today, because I slept way too soundly the first part of the night and then woke up at 3:30am.  And lay there and stared at the ceiling until the alarms went off some two and a quarter hours later.  I have to get to the Post Office, now, and send out things.  Hm.  And sign up at the gym while I'm in that neighborhood.  And then I should go the other way and fetch my dress at the dry cleaners, only that seems like kind of a long walk to carry a dress.  Maybe it'll wait until tomorrow.

I forgot to mention; my Dad sent me a book on witchcraft and physics.  Possibly as a birthday present, although he had already sent me money, so maybe it was just a random book-sharing thing.  He wrote in the front of it that he got some amusement out of the book, but if I didn't like it I could throw it away.  *chuckles* :) 

Again in the my how time flies department - some of you may remember the Chewbacca & Honoria Glossop story I started over a year ago.  Well, on vaca I committed more of this atrocity.  Anyone feel like beta reading part two of a ridiculous WIP I may never finish?  Or should I just post it unbetaed? 
(Yes I know that probably most of my friends already read it, but I have to squee over it...)  Chapter Fifty-Seven of [ profile] mars_assassins is up, where things come to a head.  I'm not an angst person, but [ profile] daegaer built up to this angst quite well, I thought, and executed it delicately.  I may have a burning flirtation with the pirates at the moment, but I have a long-term and serious relationship with the assassins, and indeed all of [ profile] daegaer's work. ;) 

I must at least somewhat organize my clothes and etc. for the trip to Ohio before I leave for work, as this evening is my co-worker, Jaylow's, going away party (she's moving to Savannah, GA) and tomorrow morning I have a PT apt. and might not have a lot of time.  I'm having the damnedest time waking up - something to do with staying up til half of midnight, I think.  Silly me.  *blink*  Well, [ profile] eor didn't seem headed for bed, and I never realize I'm tired if anyone else is awake.  Oops, phone...

That was my neighbor, asking if I want to go for a quick half-hour walk, and since I haven't seen her in like a month and a half and I need to wake up anyway, sure... why not. :) 
In Chapter Thirteen of Pirate Vindaloo, after more triple-X pirate sex, they get into this big philosophical debate and start citing Locke and Hobbes.  I'm finding it quite amusing.  :)
I've been reading Pirate Vindaloo, by [ profile] hippediva, a Jack Sparrow/James Norrington novel length fic.  I have no idea how long it actually is.  I read ten-and-a-bit chapters, yesterday, and another one and a half(ish?) today, and it doesn't feel as though I'm nearly done.  It's quite compelling, if, like me, you have a thing for sea battles, heroism in raging storms and hot pirate sex twu wuv.  *looks innocent*


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