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( Dec. 16th, 2006 08:46 am)
Cool idea - Open ID lets people from other blogging sites leave comments on your livejournal with their other blog ID, or even read your friends locked posts if you allow them to.

Someone set up an LJ in the name [ profile] anonymous.  It's a no-brainer joke, but there's a bunch of really stupid people who think that lj user=anonymous is the person who anonymously posted something mean on their journals.  That is scary. 

I was hoping there was a community called anonymous.  I imagined it would be a lot like Post Secret. 

Thanks to [ profile] holyschist I spent possibly an hour reading Nathan Castle's Nude Rollerdisco of Comics.  I think I read all of them - Melaines Choles (existential angst), Seamonster (sweet human folly, but then gets creepy and sad at the end), Great and Small (ironic and odd stories of animal/human interactions during WWII, but the last frame nearly made me cry) and Squid Gideon (which I actually thought was really amusing in a meta-humor way.  I love meta-humor.  I'm a dork. :)) - and that hour even included pauses for reflection.  I'd say it was an hour well-spent. 

I think I need to turn the conversation at the beginning of "Seamonster" into an animated icon. 

And did I mention how much I loved Looks To Alaska's response to my lament about honor duels being not okay in today's world?

there is a NEED for Honor Duels......
in today's world we sadly settle for the random ass kicking or drive by........

It's sad.  Sad.  Isn't it?  I think it goes right along with our loss of respect for craftsmanship.  We have no artisans, now, just Wal-Mart and drive-by-shootings.  It's no wonder I have a thing for those gay Victorians. 

Something else, there was something else much more important I was going to say...  Oh, right, gosh, how could I forget!  I'm staring at a picture of a rabbit which has taken up residence in the typing stand on my desk.  The picture has taken up residence, that is.  The rabbit is in the picture.  Get the picture?  Yes, like the impatient child I am, I tore open your gift as soon as it arrived, [ profile] daegaer, and didn't stop to wait for Hogswatch morning.  It's a very lovely picture! :)  As too, was the card. :)  Cute little cottages.  I'll take that with me to my real estate agent, Afa Twoshoes,* and tell him I want a house like that.  Only with trees around.  And I want it for $135,000.  ;)

*The other day my co-worker came in with two shoes on.  They were both black, but they didn't match. :)
His other job is real-estate agent, and he's constantly pushing me to buy a house, so I string him along a little for the fun of the conversation, but basically I tell him that I want to live in town and pay the same for a mortgage as I do for rent.
Via [ profile] princesslaurene: The end of the world

Just in case, I'd like to express my love for [ profile] eor, LooksToAlaska, [ profile] cyberquail, Mom, Dad, Hawk, Eightball, [ profile] mizzmarvel, [ profile] daegaer, [ profile] bravecows, [ profile] matushan & many more...  If you want to hear why I love/like you, or someone else, comment (and feel free to comment anonymously if you like).  Because with the last 4 days to chronicle I haven't got quite enough to do.

*wanders off in search of coffee, food, and more quarters for the dryers....*
(Yes I know that probably most of my friends already read it, but I have to squee over it...)  Chapter Fifty-Seven of [ profile] mars_assassins is up, where things come to a head.  I'm not an angst person, but [ profile] daegaer built up to this angst quite well, I thought, and executed it delicately.  I may have a burning flirtation with the pirates at the moment, but I have a long-term and serious relationship with the assassins, and indeed all of [ profile] daegaer's work. ;) 

I must at least somewhat organize my clothes and etc. for the trip to Ohio before I leave for work, as this evening is my co-worker, Jaylow's, going away party (she's moving to Savannah, GA) and tomorrow morning I have a PT apt. and might not have a lot of time.  I'm having the damnedest time waking up - something to do with staying up til half of midnight, I think.  Silly me.  *blink*  Well, [ profile] eor didn't seem headed for bed, and I never realize I'm tired if anyone else is awake.  Oops, phone...

That was my neighbor, asking if I want to go for a quick half-hour walk, and since I haven't seen her in like a month and a half and I need to wake up anyway, sure... why not. :) 
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( Aug. 5th, 2006 04:02 pm)
Hey, LooksToAlaska - Percy's expanding his shop

(And for the rest of you - last year when Hawk was visiting I directed him down to Percy's store to see if he could rent a bike, and Percy just outright lent him one of his own.  Lent his own bike to a guy he never met.  I guess he could tell that here was a guy who was just jonesing to ride.  When Hawk stopped somewhere a guy came up to him and said, "A friend of mine has one like that" - it was an unusual Brazilian bicycle, apparently, and this guy was checking to make sure Hawk hadn't stolen it.  So Percy knows a lot of people who look out for him.)

I was actually looking for an article I saw yesterday in the paper about Bill Cunningham, who used to live down the hall from me, years ago, when I lived in a huge building downtown.  I remember him as round, bouncy, somewhat insane.  No wonder I haven't seen him around in years - he's now skeletally thin and in a wheelchair, one of his legs having been amputated due to developing diabetes.  But he's still doing his art, and it only gets better, apparently.  There were a couple of small photos of his pieces, and I was hoping there was an online version of the story so I could link back to it.  No such luck, or at least I can't find it. :(  I've written to the newspaper, though, maybe they'll be able to help me. 

The connection was that the Percy article was called "Art Thinking" or something like that, so I hoped it was the article about Bill. 

It's a beautiful day and I went for a walk to the Transportation Center (train/bus terminal).  It was a place I new I could use a bathroom and get a drink of water, and then walk back.  Unfortunately I did that after having told Eor that I was going to the Western Prom... I sort of overshot and kept going, so when he went looking for me I was not to be found.  Oops.  So we both had lovely, but independent, walks.  I just didn't expect him to go looking for me, and I hadn't realized until I got moving that I really needed to walk for at least an hour. 

Among the many lovely musical selections I listened to on my way was "Jackie Chan," by (I think) The Toasters. :)  It got me thinking about Jackie Chan movies, the goofy nobility of the characters he usually plays, and thinking of that as to film noir as ska is to jazz...  and don't tell me film noir and Jackie Chan movies are completely incompatible - Cowboy Bebop would give that the lie.  I wish I could write something like that. 


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