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( Jun. 26th, 2008 08:20 am)
probably not a celebrity siting, cancer and paper mills... )

In completely other news, other people apparently sited Julianne Moore coming through the checkpoint day before yesterday. I had no idea who they were talking about, but now I wish I'd seen her just because they say she has dark red hair and is covered with freckles.
Just because the law says the management company is required to heat us to at least 68 degrees does not mean they have to leave it at exactly 68 degrees day after day. This is becoming tiresome. I may need to get a set of longjohns, my knees are cold. Instinct kicked in and for a while we couldn't stop eating. I've lost track of how many cups of tea I've had.

I've become such a wuss. Used to would have been I'd have been happy enough if the house was this warm. ;)

Should be writing, but am reading "The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress" - damned good story. I feel horrible about every bad thing I've said about Heinlein. ;) Something about the style of it had me thinking that a Heinleinesque story written with a Bertiesque voice could possibly be quite a lot of fun - TMIAHM is narrated by a guy who leaves out all unnecessary words. But I suspect it would be encroaching on the sort of thing that Charles Stross is coming out with, soon.

Charles Stross )

And in other news of people getting back to you, Simon Carr )

Now we're cooking a ham, so that's helping the temperature in here a little.
I was doing a meme that asked which celebrity you would choose to play yourself in a movie, and I wanted to choose Janeane Garofalo, but thought it would be a good idea to come up with someone who actually looked a bit more like me as a second choice, so I used My Heritage Face Recognition. Am amused by the suggestions it gave me - within the top ten was River Phoenix. :)

first result )

But then I realized I'd done it wrong and not saved my own photo in (an old one from six years ago), so I ran it again and got some different results. This time the male included was Rehnquist, which I giggled over most childishly, because I did read "The Homing Pigeons" when I was in college, where they use "rehnquist" to mean "male sexual part." :) Perhaps they purposely have the thing set to give you some really odd matches just for fun?

second result )
[ profile] eor and I woke this morning to find that his review of the most recent Asimov's had been commented on.  By the editor, Sheila Williams.  We wandered around going "omgomgomg, EEP!" before he had to go to work. 



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