Yes, I still haven't showered, eaten breakfast, etc. No caffeine, no inhibitions, so I started back in on learning this song. Transcribing lyrics helps.

He Hadn't Up Till Yesterday
(sung by Sophie Tucker, 1928)

There's a boy I'm crazy about
And I know he's wild about me
At the love stuff he's not a real sheik man
Cuz I'm the roaring lion, he's the poor weak lamb
Has he squeezed me? No.
Has he pleased me? No.
Has he told me tales of France?
Has he ever kissed me unawares
and whispered, "Honey, take a chance?"

Well, he hadn't. Up till yesterday.
But I guess he will tonight.
I've been on the wrong track long enough,
I'm going to start and do things right.
And when I get my arms around him,
And I hug with all my might,
And if he's never called for his mother,
Then I guess he will tonight

And he hadn't, up till yesterday,
But I guess he will tonight.
I'm going to show him in the parlour
Why a girl turns out the light.
I won't waste any time on talking,
I'll start right in on sight.
And if he's never forgotten his Bible, (heh)
You can bet he will tonight.

Now I'm determined to make him give in.
I'm just crazy to have him begin.
He's not a sheik now, but when I get through,
Ronald Coleman will never do the things he'll do.
Shall I make him? Yes.
Shall I take him? Yes.
Shall I burn him up with bliss?
But up to now, I must confess,
He's never even tried a kiss

Well, he hadn't. Up till yesterday.
But I guess he will tonight.
That son of a gun's going to start right in
Getting next to things alright.
Say, for his love I'm so hungry
That his cheeks I'll start a-bite
And if he's never had his moments, (Whoah ho)
Well I guess he will tonight.

And he hadn't up till yesterday,
But I guess he will right soon.
He may be the slowest man under the sun,
But wait til I get him under the moon.
He's got to love his big fat mama,
He'll get no chance to fight.
And my name isn't Sophie Tucker
If that guy don't fall tonight.
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( Aug. 29th, 2012 07:31 pm)
I hope I haven't posted this before, because I've been meaning to look for this one for months and I don't recall actually having done so.... I hear this song every now and again on WYAR, but I listen to YAR in the car on the way to work, so I couldn't really enjoy all of the lyrics, and they're quite cute. :)

Sophie Tucker - He Hadn't Up Till Yesterday
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( Mar. 17th, 2009 09:26 am)
Oh man oh man - my mp3 player is now full of Louis Armstrong - Thank you again, [ profile] innocentsmith! :D I have the Velma Middleton & Louis Armstrong version of St. Louis Blues and what? It sounds exactly like the version I used to listen to as a kid at my grandparent's house, to a point. My brother and I used to sing it together and you have never seen anything as cute as a little boy imitating Louis Armstrong, I swear. :) But then there's two more verses which weren't on the vinyl my grandmother had. Velma sings that she's not too fine, but all the boys like her 'cause she takes her time, and then Louis laughingly threatens to beat her around the head with a fence picket. Maybe they shortened it for families!
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( Jul. 2nd, 2008 09:13 am)
So, through [ profile] daegaer's post I found myself on this page where some guy is cooking through the alphabet and is now on snail porridge and he says Being as comfortably middle-class as I am, and thus filled with impotent rage about the state of the world accompanied by equal feelings of guilt that I don't do anything about it...

I stopped right there and began to wonder, is this what being middle class is about? Impotent rage and guilt? I carefully examined my soul for the guilt, and realized it's pretty much all the impotent rage for me. I'm not guilty about not doing anything about it, I'm angry because I have no prayer in hell of doing anything about the state of the world. I must not be middle class.

Of course I thought "I'll get all kinds of things done, being home today," but what do I REALLY do? Stalk [ profile] triedenture's LJ for at least 25 posts and fall madly in love with her webcomic. And watched this video which she linked to on YouTube, Flight of the Conchords - Business Time. Great stuff, very funny. :) When I can (some time when I'm not listening for the doorbell for a terribly important package) I'll have to watch more of them.
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( Oct. 11th, 2007 10:44 am)
I wish I had speakers so I could listen to the loose digits while doing dishes. Yes I AM biased because it's my brother's band, but they are also being told that they're one of the best bluegrass bands in Seattle at the moment, and imho I think I've rarely encountered bluegrass so very listenable. I think it's because I don't feel as though they do the fakey-down-homey thing that a lot of the bands seem to do.
37) "Politically Correct Bedtime Stories" by James Finn Garner
38) Asimov's science fiction, June 2006

That puts me a week ahead - woot! Only not so woot because I haven't done the things I've got to do for today, yet, and I specifically told [ profile] eor I'd try to do them before he gets home because he has to work tomorrow and it might be nice to spend some time together.

And because [ profile] eor's last two entries quoted this song it's going through my head, and I love it and think everyone should be exposed to this song at least once, Adam Brodsky's "The Feel Like I'm Gonna Cut My Head Off Blues." (Giant razor sharp blades are available at Lowe's?) (I don't think Brodsky will mind, as he generally encourages sharing of his music.)

Off to do some things, and stuff.
The Loose Digits, live at the Tractor Tavern - suffers from every drawback of live video (horrible lighting and background noise), but that's my brother, Hawk, on the standup bass. :)  They do several pieces - "Cuckoo's Nest," "Squirrel Hunt" (closeup early on! :)), and "Miss Ohio."
In my first lines post I turned up that on the first of November I was listening to Mel Brooks music in fast forward (because I was trying to locate the breaks in order to snip the wav files up into mp3s).  In particular the one I was listening to when I posted about it being 'trippy' was "Vorobyaninov's Theme (The Walk Through Russia)" from The Twelve Chairs.  Don't download it because it's from a Mel Brooks movie; you might expect something funny and be disappointed.  It's quiet and melencholic, and better for Halloween than Christmas.

I was good and went to the gym yesterday, though I was also bad and went late, so it was for a very short period of time.  So of course today I went back to bed and slept soundly for another couple of hours after Eor left for work.  There may actually be a connection between the two, as my shoulder was hurting last night so I took a Tylenol PM, which has a small amount of anti-histimine in it to make a person sleep soundly.  If I haven't used it in a while it can make me crash hard. 
work, retention of employees )

Hm.  Just realized I have one egg left in the fridge.  I was going to do a small shopping trip this morning, but it might be too late, and all I really need is eggs, so maybe a quick walk to the corner store will do.

... (a walk to the corner store happened) ...

Yay, eggs have been fetched and scrambled.  Although I couldn't find them at the first corner store I went to, can you believe that?  Milk, sandwiches, no eggs.   

... (work happened and now I'm home again)...

I forgot to post this.  Because I left my computer downloading Stephen Fry reading The Hitchhiker's Guide.  A huge file - I may need to get it onto a CD, quickly.
We're listening to radio - "World Cafe" in fact - and they played a Tom Waits song; "Long Way Home."  As Tom sang his first words out, [ profile] eor chuckled... well, giggled, really. 

"Are you laughing at Tom Waits being so very Tom Waits?" I asked.

"Yes, I love him!"
more rambling about Tom Waits )
So, anyhow...  I sold a bunch of my vinyl albums, today.  The majority of them, in fact.  The ones I got rid of today are all things I think I can replace on CD. 

(Now they're playing Laura Jones version of "Long Way Home."  Hm.  I always like hearing different versions.)

Anyway, the list of vinyls I got rid of today... )

Tomorrow I plan to ramble about The Wall, but I need to sleep, now. 
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( Aug. 5th, 2006 04:02 pm)
Hey, LooksToAlaska - Percy's expanding his shop

(And for the rest of you - last year when Hawk was visiting I directed him down to Percy's store to see if he could rent a bike, and Percy just outright lent him one of his own.  Lent his own bike to a guy he never met.  I guess he could tell that here was a guy who was just jonesing to ride.  When Hawk stopped somewhere a guy came up to him and said, "A friend of mine has one like that" - it was an unusual Brazilian bicycle, apparently, and this guy was checking to make sure Hawk hadn't stolen it.  So Percy knows a lot of people who look out for him.)

I was actually looking for an article I saw yesterday in the paper about Bill Cunningham, who used to live down the hall from me, years ago, when I lived in a huge building downtown.  I remember him as round, bouncy, somewhat insane.  No wonder I haven't seen him around in years - he's now skeletally thin and in a wheelchair, one of his legs having been amputated due to developing diabetes.  But he's still doing his art, and it only gets better, apparently.  There were a couple of small photos of his pieces, and I was hoping there was an online version of the story so I could link back to it.  No such luck, or at least I can't find it. :(  I've written to the newspaper, though, maybe they'll be able to help me. 

The connection was that the Percy article was called "Art Thinking" or something like that, so I hoped it was the article about Bill. 

It's a beautiful day and I went for a walk to the Transportation Center (train/bus terminal).  It was a place I new I could use a bathroom and get a drink of water, and then walk back.  Unfortunately I did that after having told Eor that I was going to the Western Prom... I sort of overshot and kept going, so when he went looking for me I was not to be found.  Oops.  So we both had lovely, but independent, walks.  I just didn't expect him to go looking for me, and I hadn't realized until I got moving that I really needed to walk for at least an hour. 

Among the many lovely musical selections I listened to on my way was "Jackie Chan," by (I think) The Toasters. :)  It got me thinking about Jackie Chan movies, the goofy nobility of the characters he usually plays, and thinking of that as to film noir as ska is to jazz...  and don't tell me film noir and Jackie Chan movies are completely incompatible - Cowboy Bebop would give that the lie.  I wish I could write something like that. 
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( Jul. 7th, 2006 11:04 pm)
Double Dutch Bus lyrics - if anyone has an mp3 of this song, can I have it?
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( Jul. 4th, 2006 09:55 am)
So, I wrote to Rude909 yesterday asking if repeat podcast-type things of his show are available, and he wrote back to me (I'm amazed - he used to only check his email once a week) and said no, but (among many other things) he referenced this show which IS available to listen to whenever you want; Local Motives.  It's the shows, chunked up conveniently into songs and chat, so you can hear (and save) local Maine bands performing live in the studio.  I love this sort of thing.  Unique moments, saved.  Hopefully I'll be able to sit down and listen through some of these, soon.  Now, off to work.
"It was supposed to be a story about roommates.  And then you wanted to stick something about vampires in there."

"And werewolves."

"Mm," he said, nodding, "And then it all piled up, all that Mary-Sue, and it kind of struck you like ape-scent galora."

At least, that was what I thought he said.  As it turned out he was saying "Ape-scent gloriola."  Phwoot!  Listen to this song!  Jose'e Chouinard, the figure skater from Canada, did a routine to it, about eight years ago. Damn, she rocks.  Oh, I can't believe it waited until tonight before I was truly aware of it.  Eor told me it was cool, and how did I not hear it - really hear it - until I was, like... drunk. 

("now, if the sweater has like reindeer on it or is a funny color like yellow, I'm sorry, you can't get away with a sweater like that.  Look for brown or grey or blue.")

Oh yes - this is a drunken post, by the way.
I'm going to talk more about Wednesday, because there was so much in it.

That afternoon we found out Eor will have to have a CAT scan, and possibly surgery on his ear. It appears now as though his repeated ear infections might actually be caused be a cyst in there. He's not feeling really happy about the prospect of surgery, and is concerned he might lose some hearing.

And after seeing the Dr in Dover NH we continued on from there to Portland ME to see Adam Brodsky's show. First we hooked up with some friends (Caw, Lorelei [ETA Lorelei = [ profile] mollyrazor], and Lorelei's new boyfriend A) and had dinner (at Norm's on Congress Street - if you ever get to Portland that's the best place to eat), then walked around being obnoxious drunks on the streets of Portland. Stopped at Amigo's (a dive bar, for those of you who don't know Portland).

Eor and I used to have a massive thing for Lorelei, but she was married then. Well, she's not married anymore, a recent development, but she met A before breaking up with L. :P Oh well. It IS good to see her happy. We teased her and flirted as a compliment, anyway, and A seemed to be taking it in stride that she wants to flirt with _everyone_ - she's so delighted to be out of the bad relationship.

Caw is hysterically funny - she doesn't drink, but she doesn't NEED to. Everyone else around her needs to drink just to get to the same zone which she normally inhabits.;)

So they were great to hang out with.:)

Then we went to the show, at the Free Street Taverna (which, by the way, is also not a shoddy place to eat - Greek cuisine). Brodsky, as always, was cool.:) Eor went up and talked with him before the show. Eor DOESN'T usually voluntarily speak with people, so this made me very curious. A few minutes later Brodsky came by our table and said hi, talked with us all for a few minutes, and expressed his condolences about my Grandfather. And, later on during the show, he dedicated his song "Dough" to me, because Eor had told him it's my favorite.:) Well, it's hard to have a favorite, but I like it a lot. So, we danced - we were the only people in the place dancing, of course, this being Maine, and not a really large venue, either.:)

Thursday and today were fairly quiet.:) Thursday we cleaned house most of the day, and recovered, and today I've been a slug.:)


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