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( Jan. 25th, 2009 02:55 pm)
Still getting over the cold - I don't think that going out to look at houses, yesterday, was the best thing for it. But we saw some really interesting places! Eor wants the little bungalow we saw. The pipes in the heating system froze, because it was either improperly winterized or it was done too late, and it's impossible to tell if the furnace or water heater need to be replaced. And the kitchen looks completely impossible - it's so small that there's no space at all for a fridge and stove. I kept looking around and cocking my head like a spaniel, wondering how on earth they ever had this set up so as to cook. Only maybe they never did, because the back entry way is full of pizza boxes. The whole house is full of trash. But all the woodwork is original, the walls and ceilings and floors look true, the chimney looks sound, and it has a tiny garage which is still in good shape despite the door being gone.

The big drawback to the property itself is that it's a very small lot with absolutely no shade at midday. And that's not something it's easy to fix. A partial fix might be to grow peas and run their strings up the porch, but you can't just get a full-grown tree in like you can change out a water heater. Well, I mean, you can, hypothetically - I had a uncle who moved a gigantic tulip tree one time, but he had a crew, a crane, a backhoe, a large truck, and plenty of money from the woman who wanted it done.


Just hanging around waiting for [ profile] littleredhead and [ profile] groundctrl, at the moment - we're supposed to go sledding :) - and trying to decide whether to make a thermos of hot chocolate or not. Or whether to make it from the old tried and true Nestle's instant or go with something more interesting. I got these chocolate balls from Granada for Christmas, from Eor's sister - one ball is supposed to be melted into three to five cups of water, strained, and then milk and sugar to taste, so it seems unlikely that I'll ever do this if I don't have someone to share it with. Several someones.


Whoops, I guess I should have posted the above. Sledding has been done and a wonderful feed of Indian food has been fed. I'm finishing myself off with coconut cookies that [ profile] littleredhead brought for me, and some hot chocolate.

We had a wicked good time sledding! It's brilliantly sunny out, if cold, but we didn't feel the cold at all. 13F and we were sweating from climbing the hill. And then we did the Swedish hot chocolate ritual - where you squat on the ground, pour out two cups of chocolate and each couple shares a cup back and forth repeating the ritual phrases: "Did you see me hit that bump, man? I caught air! I totally ate snow!" and "What is the sound of one buttock throbbing?" And then we changed into dry things and found the appropriate Indian restaurant in which to rejuvenate ourselves. :)
computer virus woes of yesterday become LJ interaction woes of today )

In other news, I went with Eor to hang out while he was starting up the van, in case he needed a push to get out of the snow, but all went smoothly. Then he stopped at the end of the drive and sat there until I came up to see what was going on. He just wanted to make sure I had my keys to get back into the house. :) I've been pretty good about remembering my keys, lately - it's easier when you're wearing the same coat and they can stay in the pocket - but 6AM would be a sucky time to lock yourself out. It's so sweet of him to watch out for me. :)

And while I'm posting, have a photo from the Winter Holiday party the other day. )

ETA: Sorry so long and full of mistakes (I've edited three times already). This is what happens when I don't eat or have tea before posting.

Now must go get new tires for the car, if possible.
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( Aug. 22nd, 2008 07:20 am)
I just swallowed, all at one go, all the amazingly cool little ficlets that [ profile] daegaer's been posting over the past few days, and have no brain to properly compose comments on each. She always comes up with a twist on the story or a way to tell it that's somehow not quite what I would have expected. I think that's the particular genius which always makes me stand in awe.

So, for my part, I've had Lady Grey tea, blueberries swimming in goat's milk, and toast with chashew butter and tayberry preserves for my first breakfast, and that was all so very yummy that it makes me want more, but the point was to get myself moving early and go do all the things I didn't yesterday because the boy at the Chevy dealership neglected to phone me until 10AM to let me know that my window handle was in. I don't know if he just doesn't come in until that time or if he thought that because I was out there only shortly before that the day before that 10am was a suitable time for me to be leaving my house or what, but by then I had to tell him that it really was too late for me to go out.

I don't expect the fabric store to be open this early, but it looks as though we'll have the always delightful company of [ profile] littleredhead and [ profile] groundctrl with whom to peruse (or, as she said, ravage and plunder) the fabric store tomorrow, so that's okay. :D
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( Jul. 9th, 2008 10:25 am)
Something chewed up my tummy the night before last or during the morning yesterday - I have at least five itchy bumps; three in a line, and then, a few inches down another couple, one of which is quite large and might be two right on top of each other. And I was too tired to go find hydrocortisone cream last night when I noticed them, so of course I've made it all worse by scratching while I was asleep. :P

Last night was the planned having a drink with co-workers evening. The conversations were amusing, but I was a listener, not a participant, mostly. A girl from one of the airlines, who's been hanging out with my coworkers for a couple of years, was sitting next to me, and I was a little annoyed to find that she had no idea who I am. ("I'm kind of a big deal around here!" is Mainertoo's line.) She asked me how long I'd been working there and I could tell she was really confused by the answer that I'd been around since forever. She doesn't remember me from one time to the next when she sees me, even though she often shows up when we're working and says things ostensibly to me which could be interpreted as mildly flirtatious. She's obviously doing it only for the attention of the guys present. Ah well, whatever.

Now I really need to run, I have to check on some paperwork at the office of the Dr. I'm supposed to see for a consultation on Monday.
Eor and I went to the Old Port Festival with [ profile] littleredhead and [ profile] groundctrl yesterday, and I acquired a silver (colored) ankle bracelet with little bells on it for $4, and a quite impressively dark red sunburn at the base of my neck for free. :) Photos (of the festival, not my red neck) will be forthcoming, I swear - I won't be lazy this time like I was with the Florida photos. Or rather, I'll BE lazy and find an easier way to do it, that way it might get done. I got all hung up on editing and choosing and renaming those Florida pics, that's what killed my momentum.

We haven't seen them in so long I'm afraid that I must have babbled like a crazy person. Ah, well.

Later we went to see Iron Man with a woman from binne. Very cool to meet her, she seems quite nice, and we hope to hang with her again, sometime. The movie was a lot of fun, but I'm not quite sure why people are so gaga over it. I do agree, however, that Robert Downey Jr. did a great job. I like how they've retconned the Tony Stark character - the thing that was really lacking in the comic, when I was a kid, was that Stark was just square and boring. Now he's this goofy, impetuous genius, and it works well.
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( Oct. 29th, 2007 09:33 pm)
One of my coworkers is having a Halloween party on Wednesday night. I've been debating going, but I don't really feel like it. I probably should, because I'm feeling sick of the coworkers, and it always makes me like them again to hang out with them. It reminds me that it's not really them I hate, it's the job. Only there's just so few of the originals left... it's a little depressing.

What I'd really like to do is go trick-or-treating with one particular coworker and her little boy. He's being a train. "Not Thomas The Tank Engine. Just A Train." Although his 'costume' so far is just a cardboard sandwich board thingy with a train drawn on it, because some of the neighbor kids are making it for him. (Eor thinks it's adorable that the neighbor kids like him so much that they'll make his costume for him. :)) His mom will dress him as a conductor, also, to give more of a feel for it, because he has most of the 'costume' for that already - the kid is a train fanatic. I'm trying to remember if it was last winter of the winter before that he started understanding the calendar concept because he HAD to know when he would be able to go to Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad again.

Anyhow, Cute Little Boy's Mom said I could go with them but I'd feel kind of weird about it. And then my other coworker, Book Seller, said she needed a costume for taking her grandchildren out, and I offered to lend her my witch hat and black crushed velvet gown (fits almost anyone), so I probably won't have anything to wear even if I do want to go trick or treating or to a party. (Of course I lie - I could always dress as a peasant.)
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( Oct. 21st, 2007 11:28 pm)
Most excellent visit with [ profile] groundctrl and [ profile] littleredhead - a gorgeous walk along a woods trail down to the Damriscotta River, then went to see their building site (woods, right now) and had a pot roast and roasted root veggies dinner (really good sweet potatoes, too - I'm not usually a fan of sweet potatoes), with ice-cream and applesauce afterward (they have the coolest apple peeler and corer, which was fun to use!) and much much much talk about books, Heinlein in particular ([ profile] groundctrl expounded eloquently on Heinlein and gave lots of good opinions about how I could possibly write a Heinleinesque story if I should decide to take up that challenge), and the messed up state of the union. We were having such a good time we almost forgot to leave. Seriously, I'd hate to be that guest that people are too kind to say "get the hell out!" to, but the conversation just kept bouncing.

Oh, and I almost forgot the Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, which we taste-tested - I had dirt and earthworm together, because that seemed appropriate. Sardine is not too bad if followed by pepper, and bacon is not really that bad, at least to start, though it gets a little weird at the end. Soap stays in your mouth forever - ptheh! I didn't dare try to get the buttered popcorn because I was afraid to grab a vomit or earwax bean by accident. I didn't expect that they were really going to BE like actual gross flavors, I figured they'd just used their regular flavors and gave them gross names, but with how convincing the sardine one was... I just couldn't risk getting vomit. They actually had to have people taste stuff and compare! Can you imagine having that job? :P "Here, eat this worm. Now tell me if we got this bean to taste the same."

We brought home a ladybug by accident - she rode on our windshield all the way, so [ profile] eor felt we should reward her tenacity by bringing her into our home. As soon as we got her in here she disappeared, of course. :)

I'm dead tired, now. Must consider falling down. It's a good tired, though. :)
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( Aug. 23rd, 2006 06:25 am)
...and the Buttonmobile is on it's way back to Ohio. :(  We've done as much visiting back and forth in the past couple of months as the entire previous fifteen years, I think.

There's a pile of dishes, but all day to do them.  Well, I have 'til 10am.  I just caught myself thinking that it was okay that I was tired, maybe I'd get to bed earlier, and then I remembered that I still have to work today, so I can't get to bed any earlier.  Although [ profile] eor points out that since we won't have to cook (our fridge being packed with leftovers from the last three days cooking binge) we have a chance of getting to bed earlier than usual.

Better go look at my bank balance and see if I can pay my bills. 
I was welcomed home by [ profile] cyberquail asking, "How was your Armageddon?" 

Nothing much.  It was a rather blah Armageddon - pretty much like every other day, oddly enough.  But the Armageddon Curry she and [ profile] eor cooked up was most excellent. ;)  

Followed by a blueberry/rum lhassi.  Yay! :) 

Also, Trailer Park Boys is really pretty awesome.  This evening we watched another three episodes, the second of which was titled, "I'm not gay.  I love Lucy.  Wait a minute, maybe I am gay."  And then in the last ep that we watched this evening spoilers! )
[ profile] cyberquail's here, and we've had much curry (last night with lamb and tonight it was coconut prawn), and walking in the Audubon Sanctuary at Stroudwater, where we saw several uffa.*  Panir and aloo pakoras** were made***, rum was drunk and Trailer Park Boys was watched.  We are informed that a 'fastidious film' develops on top of heated milk! :)

Also, I tried to figure out something about politics in Maine.  Depressingly, all of our gubernatorial candidates are lame.  I shall now forget their names and vote for the incumbent, Baldacci, because he's done nothing, which is probably the best we can hope for. 

Tomorrow - Armageddon Curry! :)  I have to work, but I'm never much help with cooking anyhow. ;)

*Any of the tall, stalky (Funny how I can spell that word when I'm typing but not at all when I'm walking along, talking...) water birds, such as heron or egrets.

**Interestingly, my spellchecker tried to replace 'pakoras' with 'Karakorum.'

***If you use that recipe, cut the salt down, down and more down - the batter was at least three times as salty as we wanted it.
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( Aug. 13th, 2006 08:36 pm)
one cut, since multible cuts really don't make sense anyway )
That kept us up until midnight...

...and we got up at 4:30am to start the long drive home. 
(Another backdated entry - I'm writing this almost a week later, so some details have already gone out of my head.)

returning the dog )
a walk in the woods )
breakfast )
real estate )
music )
stargazing )
[ profile] eor is of course doing his post about the weekend, but I suppose I can still do my own notes.  This, of course, is actually written on 8/16 and backdated.

Five states between us and our goal... )...and my birthday celebration. )
(Yes I know that probably most of my friends already read it, but I have to squee over it...)  Chapter Fifty-Seven of [ profile] mars_assassins is up, where things come to a head.  I'm not an angst person, but [ profile] daegaer built up to this angst quite well, I thought, and executed it delicately.  I may have a burning flirtation with the pirates at the moment, but I have a long-term and serious relationship with the assassins, and indeed all of [ profile] daegaer's work. ;) 

I must at least somewhat organize my clothes and etc. for the trip to Ohio before I leave for work, as this evening is my co-worker, Jaylow's, going away party (she's moving to Savannah, GA) and tomorrow morning I have a PT apt. and might not have a lot of time.  I'm having the damnedest time waking up - something to do with staying up til half of midnight, I think.  Silly me.  *blink*  Well, [ profile] eor didn't seem headed for bed, and I never realize I'm tired if anyone else is awake.  Oops, phone...

That was my neighbor, asking if I want to go for a quick half-hour walk, and since I haven't seen her in like a month and a half and I need to wake up anyway, sure... why not. :) 
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( Jul. 27th, 2006 08:15 am)
(because other things distracted me from posting about it at the time...)

Kayaking on Monday with the TSA Adventure Club (aka The Ladies from Work)* was fun! :)  They bus you from the store, provide kayaks, paddles, water sneakers and flotation vests, and have two guides who take you out and might even give you impromptu tour guide talks if you get marooned by the tide. ;)  All for $12.  And then you get a $12 voucher against doing the half-day course, so it'd be $37.  I think in that one they teach more skills.  Anyway, it was a perfect day, and we saw Canada geese and some other kinds of stalky water birds in two different shades of gray/buff, and cows - you have to go through a cow pasture to get to the water.  (I'm not sure, but I think they are the beef steers belonging to Wolfsneck Farm, so they're soon going to be organic steaks.  I base this conjecture entirely on not having noticed any udders.  The guides didn't mention this, I think they're afraid it will depress people.)  And we got the castle tower explained to us.

This castle tower is one of those weird things that attracts comment, because it's just sitting in the middle of a residential area, in someone's back yard.  Apparently it's the last remnant of one of those grand hotels from back in the day, and the person who owns the land now wants to tear it down, but he's prohibited from doing so because it's a landmark for all the ships in the area and is on all the marine maps.

And afterward we went to Gritty's and had a beer and some food and talked. :)

*Slinky (Mistress of the Night) suggested a kayaking trip, GK brought in info on the Walk-On Adventures, Al McL got there early and signed us all up and paid in advance, and other attendees were CF and CW.  They're a good bunch to go out with. :)
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( Jun. 1st, 2003 06:33 pm)
Stole this one from [ profile] littleredhead...

Don't Trip
You will be smothered under a rug. You're a little
anti-social, and may want to start gaining new
social skills by making prank phone calls.

What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?
brought to you by Quizilla

Supposedly, using Semagic, I should be able to break my friends page up into two pages or more so that I don't see everyone on the same page. I can't figure it out and am starting to feel frustrated and headachy. Probably some tea would be a good idea. I'm a little tired. I got about 5 hours sleep after dancing late last night with [ profile] lemondropgirl and Eor, and then today I spent some time with [ profile] xmuskrat, littleredhead and B. (who's LJ name I don't yet know - ETA: B would be [ profile] groundctrl.) walking around the Old Port Festival. Fried dough was obtained, and it was good.;) It's cool, overcast and windy, and we were lightly rained upon for a while, but it was quite pleasant nonetheless, and the company was fun.:)

I'm very stuck on the Red Dwarf: Parallel Universe story I've been working on... I think I'll post what I have done so far and invite commentary - and probably disaster, as I tend to not finish things, especially after I've opened the field to commentary. (Oh, and [ profile] rowantree, I borrowed one of your names, though I spelled it phonetically in hopes people would pronounce it correctly, is that okay?) Feel free to suggest where I can go with this story. )

I found that having Dog instead of Cat gave a different slant to my thinking on the situation.
I'm going to talk more about Wednesday, because there was so much in it.

That afternoon we found out Eor will have to have a CAT scan, and possibly surgery on his ear. It appears now as though his repeated ear infections might actually be caused be a cyst in there. He's not feeling really happy about the prospect of surgery, and is concerned he might lose some hearing.

And after seeing the Dr in Dover NH we continued on from there to Portland ME to see Adam Brodsky's show. First we hooked up with some friends (Caw, Lorelei [ETA Lorelei = [ profile] mollyrazor], and Lorelei's new boyfriend A) and had dinner (at Norm's on Congress Street - if you ever get to Portland that's the best place to eat), then walked around being obnoxious drunks on the streets of Portland. Stopped at Amigo's (a dive bar, for those of you who don't know Portland).

Eor and I used to have a massive thing for Lorelei, but she was married then. Well, she's not married anymore, a recent development, but she met A before breaking up with L. :P Oh well. It IS good to see her happy. We teased her and flirted as a compliment, anyway, and A seemed to be taking it in stride that she wants to flirt with _everyone_ - she's so delighted to be out of the bad relationship.

Caw is hysterically funny - she doesn't drink, but she doesn't NEED to. Everyone else around her needs to drink just to get to the same zone which she normally inhabits.;)

So they were great to hang out with.:)

Then we went to the show, at the Free Street Taverna (which, by the way, is also not a shoddy place to eat - Greek cuisine). Brodsky, as always, was cool.:) Eor went up and talked with him before the show. Eor DOESN'T usually voluntarily speak with people, so this made me very curious. A few minutes later Brodsky came by our table and said hi, talked with us all for a few minutes, and expressed his condolences about my Grandfather. And, later on during the show, he dedicated his song "Dough" to me, because Eor had told him it's my favorite.:) Well, it's hard to have a favorite, but I like it a lot. So, we danced - we were the only people in the place dancing, of course, this being Maine, and not a really large venue, either.:)

Thursday and today were fairly quiet.:) Thursday we cleaned house most of the day, and recovered, and today I've been a slug.:)


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