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( Sep. 6th, 2011 08:26 am)
I'm cleaning out my old LJ emails, and have noticed two things:

1) Announcements in LJ News used to be a LOT smaller, two years ago. Four lines, a paragraph. The more current ones take up the whole screen.

2) I can't stand to throw out comments from any of you, even though I know that deleting them from the email won't delete them from the journal. They would still be there, but in my email, as I'm scanning back through, even if you wrote it to me two years ago, it warms my heart. Especially the ones around November when I was getting depressed. Hm, how long will I wait this year before I realize it's time to start on the winter anti-depressant cycle?

In other news, it's a rainy day, was rainy all night, but I slept like crap because of my schedule being different today and the class. Nerves. Which of course makes me not as bright and useful on the day when I need it. I should have taken a Tylenol PM last night and set my alarm clock. I woke at 3:30 thinking that I was missing the beginning of the class - which would have been true if they'd put me in the 3:30AM class, so I almost wish they had. If I wasn't going to sleep I might as well have been in class. No, I did get back to sleep, but it was fitful until the alarm went off at 5:30.

Stuff to do, today, besides just cleaning out old LJ emails:

-Get a birthday present for Hawk.
-See how much money I can spare from my checking account.
-Leave early to stop at the Credit Union and deposit some money into that account. I haven't done anything with it for three years, so if I don't have some activity soon they'll send my funds to the State as 'abandoned.'
-Finish the sleep study and gastroenterology forms.
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( Oct. 21st, 2007 11:28 pm)
Most excellent visit with [ profile] groundctrl and [ profile] littleredhead - a gorgeous walk along a woods trail down to the Damriscotta River, then went to see their building site (woods, right now) and had a pot roast and roasted root veggies dinner (really good sweet potatoes, too - I'm not usually a fan of sweet potatoes), with ice-cream and applesauce afterward (they have the coolest apple peeler and corer, which was fun to use!) and much much much talk about books, Heinlein in particular ([ profile] groundctrl expounded eloquently on Heinlein and gave lots of good opinions about how I could possibly write a Heinleinesque story if I should decide to take up that challenge), and the messed up state of the union. We were having such a good time we almost forgot to leave. Seriously, I'd hate to be that guest that people are too kind to say "get the hell out!" to, but the conversation just kept bouncing.

Oh, and I almost forgot the Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, which we taste-tested - I had dirt and earthworm together, because that seemed appropriate. Sardine is not too bad if followed by pepper, and bacon is not really that bad, at least to start, though it gets a little weird at the end. Soap stays in your mouth forever - ptheh! I didn't dare try to get the buttered popcorn because I was afraid to grab a vomit or earwax bean by accident. I didn't expect that they were really going to BE like actual gross flavors, I figured they'd just used their regular flavors and gave them gross names, but with how convincing the sardine one was... I just couldn't risk getting vomit. They actually had to have people taste stuff and compare! Can you imagine having that job? :P "Here, eat this worm. Now tell me if we got this bean to taste the same."

We brought home a ladybug by accident - she rode on our windshield all the way, so [ profile] eor felt we should reward her tenacity by bringing her into our home. As soon as we got her in here she disappeared, of course. :)

I'm dead tired, now. Must consider falling down. It's a good tired, though. :)
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( Oct. 6th, 2007 10:38 am)
We have a package from Zen! It's a lovely package, including cards (mine has a lovely woodcut of a hedgehog who appears to be facing down a scorpion - or maybe it's an earwig) and candy and her incredibly cute little drawings (I got a pirate monkey!) and introspectiveness; which I cherish most of all.
Finally, the gas meter guy has been and relit the stove and the gas smell has cleared out, and I feel as though I can safely shut the window and go do the recycling and groceries.  I had no problem waiting, of course, drinking Tang and tea, eating chicken soup and vitamins.  (And finished "The Big Over Easy" of course!  That rocked!! :))  My cold seems to have decided to make a little comeback this morning, I guess because my nose got dried out last night. :P  (I'm NOT too sick to go to dinner, though, [ profile] littleredhead!)

With impending dinner plans for tonight I have finally sat down and looked at the link [ profile] littleredhead sent me on how to get to the restaurant.  It seems on initial review as though the written directions which Google maps gives are contradictory to the map.  It says to keep left at the fork in the road, but left would appear from the map to keep you on Rt. 1 rather than take you down Maine St.  Now, I know I've gone through there enough times I should probably remember how this works, but my memory sucks, so I'm glad I have [ profile] eor.  (If I didn't have him along I would trust that I would figure it out on the fly, because I usually can, and I've got the restaurant's phone number in case I can't.) 

Oddly, Google maps always insists on calling Rt 1 "Blue Star Memorial Highway" - as if anyone in Maine would refer to it as that.  Rt 1 has always been Rt 1, it's one of those touchstones of the Maine experience.

Now, must be productive. 

Oh, also, "Warlord of Mars" must have been book #11 for this year - I have no idea what day I finished it, forgot to tag it - and "The Big Over Easy" was #12.
[ profile] cyberquail's here, and we've had much curry (last night with lamb and tonight it was coconut prawn), and walking in the Audubon Sanctuary at Stroudwater, where we saw several uffa.*  Panir and aloo pakoras** were made***, rum was drunk and Trailer Park Boys was watched.  We are informed that a 'fastidious film' develops on top of heated milk! :)

Also, I tried to figure out something about politics in Maine.  Depressingly, all of our gubernatorial candidates are lame.  I shall now forget their names and vote for the incumbent, Baldacci, because he's done nothing, which is probably the best we can hope for. 

Tomorrow - Armageddon Curry! :)  I have to work, but I'm never much help with cooking anyhow. ;)

*Any of the tall, stalky (Funny how I can spell that word when I'm typing but not at all when I'm walking along, talking...) water birds, such as heron or egrets.

**Interestingly, my spellchecker tried to replace 'pakoras' with 'Karakorum.'

***If you use that recipe, cut the salt down, down and more down - the batter was at least three times as salty as we wanted it.
Just watched two eps of Christopher Eccleston Dr. Who, Empty Child and The Doctor Dances, cut even though I know everyone else has already seen them... )

So, where IS all that Captain Jack (Harkness)/Captain Jack (Sparrow) slash, hm?  It's a natural.

But please, please tell me we'll be doing a few episodes that leave Earth, soon!  This Earth-centric stuff is really getting over done.

We had a phone call from our friend, Teena, in AZ:  She has, in fact, as rumored, enlisted in the Air Force.  She hopes that will get her U.S. citizenship, and also that they may station her in Korea, her country of extraction.  (Extraction?  Is that correct?  Origin, perhaps?)  Anyhow, she hadn't dared tell her friends for fear they would be upset with her, so at first she only told June and June told everyone else, and then let back to her that nobody was mad.  I think it may good for her, as long as she doesn't get herself killed.  I'm thinking - hoping - the Air Force is the safest service to be in. 

BTW, the after effects of having houseguests can be... odd, sometimes.  I've found several little easter eggs so far, including:

- A cork and the top of the wrapper from the bottle of Fat Bastard wine - the latter neatly folded around and stuck to the fridge with a magnet.  They have a hippo on them, it's cute and reminds me of the seal of Ankh-Morpork.  I know [ profile] cyberquail left them. :)

- A pale green towel with teddy bears on it.  I can't imagine where that came from - everyone denies all knowledge of it.

- Two plastic spoons: A green one with a very surprised-looking monkey as the handle, and the other is vaguely fleshy-pink with a handle shaped like... a... male organ.  I have yet to get anyone to admit to them, either.

And that's aside from the up-front gifts. 

Now, sleep. 
And I would tell you all to friend her, as she's a very sweet, wonderful and smart person, but she says she doesn't think she'll write much in her LJ because she already has her Button Quail homepage to keep her occupied - it has a bulletin board where people discuss quails. 

It's always such a bummer to put her back on the plane to Ohio.  She's lovely to have around, not to mention she loves to cook and feed people. ;)

Well.  Seeing her off means I got out and had a walk already, today.  Now I need water, food, tea... and to put things in the laundry.  I suspect by the laundry-scented breeze which just wafted in my window that someone else might already have the washers in play, but it's possible that could be from a the neighboring house.  *crosses fingers*  Our normal weekend pattern did get disrupted. 
I have done more freaking communicating in the last few days.  Shot emails back and forth with -

- an ex-coworker: setting up to have tea.  We're both busy until July 2nd.  Don't we sound like important people?  Can't even find time to have a cup of tea. 

- Cousin Pen: telling her that [ profile] eor had finished the journal scanning and asking for some photos to fill out the DVDs the journals were on - only to be informed that in fact she has MORE journals.

- Mom: just touching base - and she informed me she'll be arriving back in the States during the middle of the week that Eor and I are planning to be incommunicado at Salisbury Beach.

- Phoned brother Jimbalaya/Hawk in a panic wondering what the hell I was going to do with Mom arriving in the middle of the week I'd been planning to talk to nobody.  And talked with him for 45 minutes.  (He had phoned, earlier, to discuss plans for coming to visit.  He'd had the impression that, after 2 days, last visit, he was wearing out his welcome.  I don't think that's the case...?  I enjoy having him here, but I was a little frustrated that he managed to be away during the weekend I had purposely taken a day off to hang with him.)

- Sue Downstairs Neighbor: asking if she'd be willing to hold a key for my Mom in case she wants to use our apartment while we're gone.  ('Yes.')

Yesterday, went for a walk with said Sue Downstairs and very nearly made myself late for work.  A nice time. :)

Oh yes, it IS summer, isn't it?  Summer in Maine - it's so short that everything gets crammed in.  You end up at Fall feeling almost relieved that you can hunker down for the winter.
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( Jun. 8th, 2003 10:44 pm)
I had fun last night.:) [ profile] eor and I went to visit our friend Ora. We hung around an ice-cream shop for a while, then went dancing at ManRay. When we lived in Boston we traditionally met up with Ora and other friend at ManRay on Saturday nights because it's 80's music night. Ora is an amazing and energetic dancer.:) The DJ, Chris, was never very good, but he's gotten even worse, if you can believe it! This guy has an amazing ability to clear a dance floor. I suppose part of the fun is being goofy and making fun of his choices and segues.:) (As a note to Portland friends - whoever was the Saturday night DJ downstairs at Asylum last week when we were there with [ profile] lemondropgirl was much better than Chris.)

Of course there's some price to fun. Driving home two hours, finding that the parking space you pay for is filled by someone else's car at 3:30AM. Having to leave your car in the park and get up at 11AM in order to move it and not get a ticket, so therefore not getting enough sleep. I've been useless all day today. But Ora's worth it.:)

I nearly fell asleep in the car on the way to Brunswick, today. Eor wanted to find a particular type of gluten-free bread (Gillian's) and the Brunswick Super Shaws was the only store he knew carried it. Now Lemondropgirl will probably tell me that Hannaford carries it and I'll feel dumb, but Hannaford wasn't listed as one of Gillian's distributors. Eor's just starting into this gluten-free stuff, after being informed about the symptoms by [ profile] licking_suntan's journal. (So LJ really is a powerful communication tool.) He's trying out the diet to see how it works for him (it can't hurt), and if it does he might get tested to see if he really has celiac disease. So far it not only seems to do him wonders, but even the small amount less gluten I have eaten has been helping me, as well. I find it hard to believe we could both have untreated celiac disease, so for now I'm choosing to think that I might not be gluten intolerant but just be somewhat sensitive to it. But not eating gluten can't hurt me, and usually any diet causes some weight loss, which also can't hurt me.

Oh, and after we got back from Brunswick I had a little discussion with my new downstairs neighbor about his friends and their cars - he seemed to take it okay. He's the landlady's husband's nephew, or something like that, so I don't really have as much pull as he does, but he seemed perfectly willing to admit he was in the wrong and try to mend his ways. Maybe it's a good omen. I miss our old downstairs neighbors, though, they were totally sweet.
I'm going to talk more about Wednesday, because there was so much in it.

That afternoon we found out Eor will have to have a CAT scan, and possibly surgery on his ear. It appears now as though his repeated ear infections might actually be caused be a cyst in there. He's not feeling really happy about the prospect of surgery, and is concerned he might lose some hearing.

And after seeing the Dr in Dover NH we continued on from there to Portland ME to see Adam Brodsky's show. First we hooked up with some friends (Caw, Lorelei [ETA Lorelei = [ profile] mollyrazor], and Lorelei's new boyfriend A) and had dinner (at Norm's on Congress Street - if you ever get to Portland that's the best place to eat), then walked around being obnoxious drunks on the streets of Portland. Stopped at Amigo's (a dive bar, for those of you who don't know Portland).

Eor and I used to have a massive thing for Lorelei, but she was married then. Well, she's not married anymore, a recent development, but she met A before breaking up with L. :P Oh well. It IS good to see her happy. We teased her and flirted as a compliment, anyway, and A seemed to be taking it in stride that she wants to flirt with _everyone_ - she's so delighted to be out of the bad relationship.

Caw is hysterically funny - she doesn't drink, but she doesn't NEED to. Everyone else around her needs to drink just to get to the same zone which she normally inhabits.;)

So they were great to hang out with.:)

Then we went to the show, at the Free Street Taverna (which, by the way, is also not a shoddy place to eat - Greek cuisine). Brodsky, as always, was cool.:) Eor went up and talked with him before the show. Eor DOESN'T usually voluntarily speak with people, so this made me very curious. A few minutes later Brodsky came by our table and said hi, talked with us all for a few minutes, and expressed his condolences about my Grandfather. And, later on during the show, he dedicated his song "Dough" to me, because Eor had told him it's my favorite.:) Well, it's hard to have a favorite, but I like it a lot. So, we danced - we were the only people in the place dancing, of course, this being Maine, and not a really large venue, either.:)

Thursday and today were fairly quiet.:) Thursday we cleaned house most of the day, and recovered, and today I've been a slug.:)
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( Jul. 3rd, 2001 09:00 pm)
I spoke too soon. Depression began to catch up with me today. And, this evening, as I attempted to put my after-dinner time to good use with job-hunting, I found that I can't e-mail out my resume (why I don't know, it just hangs every e-mail I attache it to), I can't update it on my website (my ftp refuses to connect properly), I can't put it on a disk (my 3.5 drive corrupts every disk I put in it) and I can't print it out (my printer has decided, suddenly, that black ink is too boring for it). I feel really cursed. My resume is up on Monster, so that's something.

Now, something which kept me up last night - How do I know if someone really thinks of me as a friend? Yeah, I know this is something I should have figured out when I was in high school and I'm almost frikkin 35, but I'm socially retarded, okay? I'd love some feedback on the comments page.


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