I finished reading "A Harum-Scarum Schoolgirl" a couple of days ago and need to make one more installment about the femme-slash, but I'm not sure there's any particular short bit that I can quote from the last part of the book.

A long, infodumpy quote and spoilers for the end of the book... )

Phew! Twenty chapters, a hundred and sixty-one pages in my Nook. Oh, and that bit about her hating to sew didn't make any sense as she had made extensive alterations to an evening gown to be worn on stage by the Vicar's wife earlier on in the book, so I have to wonder if Brazil was patching together a few different story ideas and not paying a lot of attention. There was even a sub-story at one point where Diana tells a short story about an adventure she had with her cousin. I don't know if I can read another Brazil right away, but I kind of want to. :)

And some random other stuff...

Today I've done a lot of things to make myself feel good - a good amount of stretching that made me feel inches taller, followed by a nice long, hot shower, some fanfic, leftovers soup with eggs and veggies, and then a pot of tea and a cookie. Now it's nearing noon I have to get started on the real things that need to be done - groceries, dishes, laundry to be put away. But first I think I'll make a run to Harpswell. Eor got his VW van back the day before yesterday! It's been gone nine months; he'd begun joking that he expected a Beetle along with it. :) But, on the way home we realized that they'd tossed an extra rug in the back, and then he got an email from the shop yesterday saying they'd found the front license plate lying around. So I intend to make the run up there and swap them the rug for the plate. I'll do grocery shopping on the way back, I think.

Here are some fun little puzzles I found through [profile] lifeofmendel, most of them pretty easy (I mean, I got most of them and was appalled with myself on the couple I missed): BrainBats
I've been reading Angela Brazil novels - girls at boarding school, WWI era - and the first two were kind of slashy, but this one...

(Diana, the main character, talking about her roommate, Loveday):

"I'm falling in love with her," she admitted to Wendy. "I was taken with her, of course, the moment I saw her, but I believe now I'm going to have it badly. I think she's beautiful! If there were a Peach Competition, she'd win at a canter."

(Diana has gone to bed very upset):

All night long Loveday had uneasy and troubled dreams about Diana. They met and parted, and quarrelled and made it up, they did ridiculous and impossible things, such as crawling through tubes or walking on roofs; they were pursued by bulls, or they floated on rivers; yet always they were together, and Loveday, with a feeling of compunction and no sense at all of the ridiculous, was trying with a sponge to mop up Diana's overflowing rivers of tears that were running down and making pools on a clean table-cloth. She awoke with a start, feeling almost as if the sheets were damp. Stealthy sounds came from the next cubicle, and the candle was lighted there.

"What's the matter, Diana?"


"Aren't you well?"

"Yes, I'm all right."

"What is it, then?"

As a grunt was the only answer, Loveday got up and drew aside the curtains. Her room-mate was ready dressed, and was in process of combing her light-brown locks and fixing in a slide.

"What the dickens are you up to, child?" ejaculated Loveday in amazement.

Diana turned quickly, pulled Loveday down on to the bed, flung an arm round her and laid a fluffy head on her shoulder.

"Oh, do be a sport!" she implored.

"But what do you want to do?"

Never fear, she actually just wants to go visit her cousin, who's getting sent to the front. However, female ejaculation is apparently not a myth. ;)

Later, they get a new agriculture teacher who brings two student- assistants with her...

"I believe I'm going to adore Miss Chadwick! She looks so sporty. She wrinkles up her nose when she laughs, just like a baby does."

"The little dark student with the freckles is my fancy."

"Oh! I like the other, with the bobbed hair."

Damn, I need to get to sleep. But I think there are more delights to come with this book. :)
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If anyone's interested in a good (but Loooong) House/Wilson fic, I recommend A Modest Proposal and its sequel Involuntary Commitment, by Ignaz.
Last night I was a gypsy kid, trying to escape, with some siblings of mine, from someone we had embarrassed, and the night before last I was a refugee from war and plague. Although in both dreams things were looking up at the end - it seemed as though the guy took pity on us and was forgiving us at the end of the dream last night, and the night before last we found a couple of kids still alive in a line of dead who were waiting for burial, and then found a quiet place to camp where there was even a store which had fruit for sale, and I bought a white peach. So I guess over all I'm hopeful, and haven't completely lost my faith in humanity?

We were up early and got the car out of the garage, and I went out and gassed up the van (have to go to an Irving station because we have this rewards card, and let me tell you, it was low enough on gas that the trip made me nervous). After that I had an appetite and when I got back I maued down 2 eggs, 4 pieces of toast (two of them with cashew butter and some good 'tri-berry' jam that Eor got for Christmas from a coworker) and then an orange. Buying a white peach in my dream of night before last made me think my body was trying to tell me to eat fruit.

They did a nice job cleaning our street last night, but it's snowing again. :P

Over breakfast I read What Is And What Seems To Be (Arthurian Legend, about Guinevere, by Lesserstorm) and 1918, by [livejournal.com profile] rabidsamfan (and now I'm sucking up all the drabbles on his/her journal.)

The other thing I've been reading compulsively, lately, is "A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century" by Barbara W. Tuchman. I've been working on this book for at least all year, quite possibly more. I'm starting to ship Baron Enguerrand de Coucy VII with Baron Olivier de Clisson )

Oh how am I so distractible! The Recently Deflowered Girl (a long-lost Edward Gorey book) just grabbed my attention. Must make this link as I am NOT going to read the whole thing right now (am halfway through it) and I'm sure the rest of you will find it enjoyable. :)

I have been neglectful of keeping track of the books I've read so far this year. I guess I read "The Affair at Styles" on our way to Florida on the train, so that actually goes as the final book of 2008...
Book #44) "The Mysterious Affair at Styles" - Agatha Christie. (a Poirot mystery.)

At for first book of 2009 I get to claim:
1) "Daily Life In Victorian England" by Sally Mitchell. A little repetitive due to the method of dealing with each aspect of life separately in order to show attitude and technology change over the era, but interestingly enough written to keep even Short Attention Span Do-Do amused.

2) "The Man Upstairs" - P. G. Wodehouse: in fact I hope I didn't already claim this one as read, because for some reason I'd thought I'd finished it, but when Eor mentioned something about the last story I was confused and went back to find that I had only read a little over half the book. Short stories, why I hates them.

I currently have in progress "A Distant Mirror," "The Horse Stealers" (a collection of Anton Chekov's short stories), "The Clicking of Cuthbert" (another collection of Wodehouse short stories) and "The Shadow In The North" by Philip Pullman. Ugh. ADD much?
Title: Swept Away! - Two Boys Adventures on The Great River
(“With A Thousand Elephants!”) - A Pseudo Victorian Boys Adventure

Author: Derien
Genres: Science-fiction/Victorian Adventure/Queer Teen Romance.
Notes:(Please see Chapter One for full Notes)
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

(Final word count for this chapter: 2,278.)

Previous chapters can be found on my own site here,
or read on LiveJournal: CH 1 / CH 2 / CH 3 / CH 4 / CH 5 /

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Chapter Six - Swept Away! )

Onward to Chapter Seven
An icon of me with the Lord of the Rings hair.  Doesn't it look like I just kind of pulled it forward and hacked it off so it wouldn't be in my face?  That's because I did.  Elvengirl told me my eyebrows could use plucking, but I kind of like how they look.  Then again I've always been fond of bushy eyebrows. 

So, anyway.  This stupid Ivan/Byerly story I've been working on for ages; I've come to hate it.  I feel like the guys don't act enough like guys, and the feedback I get from my beta reader indicates that my sense of dramatic timing is off.  I had the climax happen about like I thought it really should, I mean, if such things were playing out in real life.  I think I'll just post what I have here and hope someone can give me a clue, since I just don't know what the fuck I'm doing at this point. 

Title: Adjusting Perspective
Author: Derien
Fandom: Vokosigan series, Lois McMaster Bujold
Pairing: Ivan/Byerly
Rating: PG 13 for some implications
Summary: Byerly's reputation is in danger?  Also, weapons runners from Jackson's Whole.
Notes: No more AU than any slash, but borrowing some artifacts from "A Deeper Season" and "What Passing Bells" universe.  (At least I'm reasonably sure that's where I picked up the flower shop girl, although I gave her a name.  But that's certainly where the androgenesis idea came from.)  Miles is with Ekaterin, Gregor is with Laisa, Ivan's at loose ends.

Adjusting Perspective Ch 1 of 3 )

Chapter 2
Title: The Book III
Author: Derien
Fandom: P.G. Wodehouse
Pairing: Mike Jackson / Rupert Psmith
Summary: Psmith is still on crutches, Mike is trying to distract him from the frustration.
Disclaimer: Mike and Psmith belong wholly to Wodehouse; their actions in this story belong wholly to me.
Notes: Sequels 'The Book' and 'The Book II.'  Set just after the end of "Mike and Psmith."  They are about seventeen, I guess.  For Tootsiemuppet, with thanks for poking me with a pointy stick.;)

* * *
Over the next several days Mike automatically took the role of fetching and carrying for Psmith )

* * *
(For those interested, here's the sex that happens after this story...
Two Minutes After
I hope that this is going somewhere, but each one is fun to write.  Britpicking and any other criticisms highly encouraged - I'm always surprised at the silly things I miss when I'm writing. 

Title: The Book II
Author: Derien
Fandom: P.G. Wodehouse
Pairing: preslash hints toward Mike Jackson / Rupert Psmith
Summary: Psmith returns from infirmary with his bad ankle and needs help hobbling around.
Notes: Read The Book first.  Set just after the end of "Mike."  They have the bulk of their last year at Sedleigh to go through before going on to college, making them about eighteen.
Disclaimer: Mike and Psmith belong wholly to Wodehouse; their actions  in this story belong wholly to me.
Word count: 844

* * *
The next morning Psmith turned up at breakfast, hobbling around with a crutch and splint... )
Oh, I know I should not do this.  But I already have.  I am evil and bad because I'm writing about something I have absolutely no firsthand knowledge of - Greek texts.  Does anyone have A) any idea what text he might be reading?  and B) any crits at all regarding this little short?  Anything might be helpful if I decide to keep going with this. 

Title: The Book
Author: Derien
Fandom: P.G. Wodehouse
Pairing: Mike Jackson / Rupert (?) Psmith
Summary: Mike finds a book Psmith had been reading that teaches him something about Psmith which he hadn't guessed at.
Notes: Set just after the end of "Mike."  They have the bulk of their last year at Sedleigh to go through before going on to college, making them about eighteen.
Word Count: 646
Disclaimer: Standard - I don't own these characters, I just borrow them for a little fun of an evening.

* * *
Psmith had got himself laid up in Infirmary, likely for the night )


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