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( Jul. 20th, 2017 03:10 pm)
It is so ridiculously hot. And I have the kettle on, because I need tea so badly.

Work sent me to a training in the next state, lodgings got messed up, I ended up doing things for work for too many hours in the last two days, and then I was told that because I was IN class and traveling for being in class (not TEACHING the class) I would get comp time instead of overtime pay. Which I think it complete and utter bullshit, because my pay grade is part of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The problem with accepting Comp time is that it becomes time off that has to be used, and getting time off when you want it is almost impossible. So I was basically offered the option of go home early today or try to figure out when I would be allowed to use more time off when I can't even use my vacation time. I was so tired that I chose going home early today, and just took a nap.

Now I'm trying to revive myself with tea to see if I can get anything useful done.
A notice about this 3-D printable gun is supposed to have been in our briefing at work yesterday, although typically of where I work the rank and file will probably get it next week and already have read about it on Facebook long before it comes out. Eor read about it LAST week, of course, and I was very annoyed he hadn't told me so I could have the jump on management. :)

Eor's take: "We really are living in science fiction." His example - quite a while back (probably late '70s) there was a sci-fi role playing game called "Traveler" which had different planets you could visit during your campaign. The Lawfulness levels of the planets were illustrated in the game book by types of weapons which would be illegal. A plastic gun would be only be legal on a world one step from complete lawlessness.

In other things I've reposted on FB, today:
Raw sewage regularly overflows in the Black neighborhood in Rochelle, Georgia - and the white mayor screams at Black lawyers, and threatens them with arrest. I felt I really had to pass that one on as I read it posted by a Black lawyer who was my best bud when we were kids. I trust him to know it's not a hoax, and after reading the article I feel sure, but my initial thought was "Whaaat? Preposterous!".

I'm not going to give you the whole FB rundown, today. Too much bother for too little gain.

We worked in the yard and filled the dumpster AGAIN. Still not done with spring cleanup. The pak choy and radishes are sprouting, and I'd better get some mesh up for the snow peas to climb on very soon. :)

My cousin is thinking of selling his house, which has been in the family for almost 200 years and is on ten acres of land with a quiet little river that looks perfect for kayaking in running along the back boundary line. We're looking for just that kind of property, but he lives an hour South. Too far to commute. :( Also, he hasn't decided what he wants for it, so I probably should not have even expressed any interest in the matter. If I offered what we can afford he might feel insulted, or if he sold it to me for that, because I'm family and won't raze the house or parcel off the land, he might feel resentful because he could get more for it.
So, I just read Copperbadge's Charitable Getting. Feeling conflicted about how happy the ending was, and how much the character who was very obviously Copperbadge got to shine at the end. I think I'm torn in that classic conflict of "Life is not that neat and tidy and doesn't have happy endings" and "But I read fiction because it's required to make sense! And I LIKE happy endings, because real life is too depressing!" Oddly, I had not read his Extribulum page before copying that link, above, so this evening while preparing this post I perused several entries and found he addresses that particular conflict here, and comes to the same conclusion. :) It was a very enjoyable book, even though the formatting got all messed up on my Nook and it was often difficult to tell who was talking. Paragraph breaks just weren't happening.

And I only just realized that was book #7 for the year, and I'm only in the beginning of week #4. I started trying to keep track, although I suck at it. I will never, ever be able to keep it up all year. But reading is something to do while I'm walking.

And for my walk, a sad showing after two days off because I wasn't feeling well:
Today, Derien travelled 0.56 miles on the journey from Bag End to Rivendell. Nothing interesting to report. A total of 41.6 miles along the way.
Generated by Eor's Walk Tool inspired by Eowyn

"Work" was riding in the car all day with Mainertoo, who talked non-stop. Yes, he totally knows it, and gave me a can of cashews for putting up with him, but honestly it's not hard, he is amusing. :) I just can't get my own thoughts sorted out in the very little spare air space left me to think and respond.
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( Jan. 18th, 2013 08:03 pm)
Today, Derien travelled 1.55 miles on the journey from Bag End to Rivendell.

Continued on the journey to Rivendell

A total of 40.67 miles along the way.

Generated by Eor's Walk Tool inspired by Eowyn


And other than that, I read "Dodger" (Pratchett) and Chapter 13 of Post Captain (O'Brian) and did a couple of loads of laundry and dishes. Quite the lazy day.

I really needed it after all last week, where every day was giving tests to people as fast as I could. The days flew by, I barely had a chance to snarf bites of my lunch, and then at the end of the week the person who'd organized the testing schedule was pissed at me because I'd missed a few people. I say it's her fault for setting up an unrealistic expectation that we could do everyone in one week - it can't ever happen. There will be people who are on vacation, out sick, or just can't be spared from the line work. Or, some bonehead like me doesn't realize that there's a specific hour that certain people are available, and gets involved with another project during that hour. It happens. The stupid thing is, she's all stressed and pissed at me (literally wouldn't even acknowledge my existence when I spoke to her directly) and is probably going to blame the failure of her perfect plan on me and throw me under the bus to the higher up managers, but we actually have until next September to complete this testing, so it's not as if she even needed to schedule everyone in one week. *le sigh* And people are, rightfully, telling me, "That's just how she is," and "We can't worry about what people think of us," and I know they're right, but I still hate it when people think I'm an idiot, because I not-so-secretly fear that I actually am an idiot.


ETA: Just did another .37 miles, because I was cold, so...

Heard a Black Rider, met elves, and continued on with the elves.

A total of 41.04 miles along the way.
Eor got my new Kage Baker books loaded on my Nook and I'm so excited! I was thinking "Gods and Pawns" was going to be all her short Company stories that had appeared in Asimov's ("Son, Observe the Time," "The Applesauce Monster" and all the Alec Checkerfield parts) but I don't recognize any of the titles and the first one seems, so far, to be new to me. It opens with Lewis and so far highlights his heartbreaking crush on Mendoza. (She likes him, but is largely indifferent to anyone romantically because there's some kind of mystical thing going on with her - although thankfully 'mystical' is not what her personality is about - and I don't want to give too many spoilers if you haven't read this series.) Oh, I love Lewis and his sweet naivete', and now I'm all totally excited about this book. :)

And now I'm trying to peruse Wiki to find out what IS the name of the short story collection I need to round out all the Alec Checkerfield parts of the Company series, but trying not read too many spoilers. Normally I don't care a bit about spoilers, I merrily read every spoiler going.

I definitely need "Black Projects, White Knights."

Okay, so, my day. Very strange. I didn't expect a lot of people in the office because it's a holiday, but my boss went home sick, yesterday, and called in sick today, and the afternoon manager called in sick (he was looking pretty bad, yesterday, too). Moose called in sick, and I've got to admit he usually comes in even if he's hung over as all hell, so he might really have been sick. Half the people who did come to work looked and sounded pretty bad as well - snuffling and hoarse.

However, when I looked at my email I realized there is a plan afoot to send a guy I'll refer to as Franklin down to MA for a test, and that Moose and I were supposed to have worked together with him to get him ready, today. Also, that the afternoon manager was going to talk to Franklin about the fact that he's going to MA on Thursday - as in day-after-tomorrow - and work out details. But, see above paragraph - everybody's sick. I got a different manager involved, and hopefully things will now be worked out. And I worked with Franklin to get him ready for the test. I still don't feel confident and I plan to work with him a bit more, tomorrow. I hope everyone's back in, because there's paperwork to be done which I can't do and I'm afraid my boss has forgotten about.

I sort of felt weird about the whole thing, like I was picking up some slack that wasn't my business, but that's why we have a team, I guess. If someone can't be there, someone else has to do it.
Well, (my not-really-boss) the Ogre's last day is today, but this is my day off, so when I go back again he's gone forevermore. It's sad, it's the end of an era, because he's been there since the beginning. And ever since the beginning people have asked what he actually did. Lately they asked me what he actually did, because Moose and I have the obvious faces of the department to the majority of people we know - we interface with the workers when they are students. And it's true we'd picked up a lot of the slack of things the Ogre should probably have been doing which he'd never been good at, the computer stuff. Only recently I've realized that upper management kind of thought he was doing a lot of the stuff we were doing, probably because his position is the interface with upper management. At first I was incensed that they thought HE produced the monthly report, but then I sat back and recalled that in fact he could put together the report, he would just do it differently than I would. And of course I think my way is superior, so I tried to avoid letting him do it. :) But it still came 'from' him, because it came through his email, because he was our interface to management.

cut for the boring - ramble about the stressors of being too close to the worker/management line )
Tall Guy#2 came into my training room as I was working on some project, quietly in my little corner, and handed me a ten-year pin. Which gave Moose an opening to be offended on behalf of everyone in my cohort, as he thought there really should be more recognition for those of us who've been with the organization for ten years. I guess so, for those who like hoopla. I'm not even inclined to wear this pin, it's yet another piece of bling I'll have to keep track of. I don't even know where my five-year pin is, if I got one. There are pretty few of us left - Style, Mainertoo, Mistress of the Night, Diva, Rocks-in-Pockets, Lance Hardbody and Buck Nekkid. There are more, I'm sure of it, but this year turnover has been high. We really should have done that last-man-standing pool, I might have won. ;)
ETA: I'm taking that last post down because from the vantage point of an hour later I realize it made no fucking sense. You know what else I hate? People who are cryptic for no damn reason. I should either tell the story or suck it up and deal, and I think I really need to suck it up and deal.
My [personal profile] eor just gave me an ultimatum: "Mop the bathroom floor or put your socks back on."

I went in and mopped the floor, musing about that - do I hate having clothing on my feet so much that I'd rather mop the floor than dress my feet? Even though my feet are freezing?

Well, it made me smile. :)
work )
Also, the last two days must have been a little stressful because my right eyelid would not stop twitching. It's still doing it, today, though I think it's calming down a little.

Today I got a yen to find out if the American Chestnut Blight caused an uptick in people in need of social services. I've heard that the streets were lined with chestnut trees in many towns, and if that's the case then my thinking is that the poorer people in the towns might well have used the nuts as a regular source of protein, so when they all died off more people may have been in need of food aid. But the above site seems to concentrate more on the loss of the wood (very desirable as lumber) and the tannic acid (used for tanning leather) as economic impacts on Appalachia. Always a poor area, anyway, and that economic loss would have tossed more people into need of social services, anyway, so it would be hard to sort out the data as regards just a food source, I'm sure.

Oh! I think I've been using Dreamwidth to crosspost to LiveJournal for about the last three years, but Eor just made a Dreamwidth account yesterday and he immediately figured out how to switch Semagic over so that I can use it to post to Dreamwidth (and the crosspost still happens automagically). So no more making links in Semagic, copy and paste to DW, etc. Damn.
Moose is back from yet another training, and about ready to start his actual work as a Trainer. I don't really know why he even wanted this job. His favorite line/excuse is "I can't fix stupid!" and today he followed that up with, "I can't train these people!"

I said, "Suck it up, it's your job, now!" and started beating him with a rolled up sheaf of papers - "suck!" *whack!* "it!" *whack!* "up!" Heh, yeah, that pretty much is my training style. ;)
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( Nov. 10th, 2011 06:20 pm)
Spent the day in a class about communication at work, learning how to facilitate the class. I do not feel at all prepared for actually doing so, but the person who's been doing the facilitation will work with each of us, supposedly, before we do it alone. Maybe being a 'facilitator' will look better on my resume than just 'instructor.'

So, not a bad day, but my week has been... not so good. I'm teaching a class next week, starting Sunday, and haven't even had solid news on who my co-instructor is going to be, nor have all the people who are supposed to be participating even been informed that they're supposed to be there, I'm pretty sure. The scheduler refused to do the scheduling and made me do it, the upper manager who insists on having his fingers in everything he doesn't even need to be involved with refused to come back with an answer on whether it was okay to swap someone from the next class (in three weeks) to the one starting Sunday (seriously, that should have been a rubber stamp approval - if it works for the people involved, make it happen). Nobody arranged for another room to hold the class in, so I had to set up the special computers in the training room with all the normal training computers, maxing out the electrical outlets available. Eor thinks I should turn all all the computers at the same time and see if I can't blow a fuse. ;)

I really feel as though I should have refused to do the class when I realized they were not giving the participants the two weeks notice they should have had. I'm not sure how I could have taken control of the situation, though - I'm nobody. But they made me do the scheduling, even though I'm nobody, so maybe I could have just made a new schedule and shoved it out there when I realized that the okay had not come back on it and the start date was getting closer than three weeks...? I'm never sure when to give up on stuff.

What a fucking shambles. I'm goddamned embarrassed to work for this organization.

Oh, and I'm on this medical diet, so no alcohol or even chocolate for me this week, which didn't help my mood any. :P
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( Sep. 5th, 2011 08:47 pm)
Going in to work at 12:30 tomorrow, to attend a class until 9PM. This is the major class I've got to take and then learn to teach. I'm trying to not let The Ogre's stress level affect me, but it does, when he's around, so my mind swerves wildly back and forth between "we have plenty of time" to "how in the hell is all this going to get done?!?" (I don't want anyone to think I hate him, we actually get along okay, but he just chose this nick for himself this evening when he introduced himself to Hawk today in the store down the street; "I'm The Ogre." And it's shorter than 'sorta-but-not-really-my-boss.')

Eor got me out to the woods to go rock climbing for three days in a row, over the weekend. :) The dappled sunlight and cool air, and an excuse to focus our minds on something physical; it was exactly what we needed just then. He claims it's been almost 18 years since we used to climb, but it all comes right back so quickly, and I seem less afraid now than ever. NOT that I'm ever not going to be afraid of heights, mind you - I'm so terrified of heights that I get nauseous watching a movie where someone stands near the edge of something high. And I don't expect to ever have the upper body and finger strength needed to be a good climber. But it's something to do to get us out. :)
HardCore will be done July 3rd - he got a job with the government agency which follows up complaints about employment practices, so he'll be investigating and confronting businesses about how they treat their workers, and will get to work from home when he's not actually visiting the job sites. (It amuses me that the government enforces such things in the private sector but not for their own workers.)

Duffy's application for the air traffic controller job has finally gone through (it's been at least a year, probably longer) so he'll be leaving to go to school, first, and then will be going back to California, where he went to high school (and, I think, a year of college before he got sick). He'll be reporting there August 5th, I believe, so I imagine he'll be done a few days before that - probably the last week of July.

It sucks to lose people I really like, and two within a month... bleh.

Another girl is leaving, too, but I hardly had time to get to know her. She's getting a job with a college, and somehow it's been worked out (or possibly she's just hopeful) that she'll start in housekeeping but move to Security. Apparently their campus Security gets paid better than we do and gets better benefits, as well as a considerably reduced tuition for classes. I should possibly consider this, though a government job is at least fairly stable in these uncertain times. Maybe when the economy turns up again I'll consider making such a move. Put that on my long term to do list.
computer virus woes of yesterday become LJ interaction woes of today )

In other news, I went with Eor to hang out while he was starting up the van, in case he needed a push to get out of the snow, but all went smoothly. Then he stopped at the end of the drive and sat there until I came up to see what was going on. He just wanted to make sure I had my keys to get back into the house. :) I've been pretty good about remembering my keys, lately - it's easier when you're wearing the same coat and they can stay in the pocket - but 6AM would be a sucky time to lock yourself out. It's so sweet of him to watch out for me. :)

And while I'm posting, have a photo from the Winter Holiday party the other day. )

ETA: Sorry so long and full of mistakes (I've edited three times already). This is what happens when I don't eat or have tea before posting.

Now must go get new tires for the car, if possible.
Me: "I didn't realize who had made those brownies until after I popped that last one in my mouth*. I AM feeling a little sore throaty, now."

TP: "Oh, you think it's fine now, but wait until you start peeing blood!"

Me: "You've been watching too much "House!"

TP: "I love that show!"


*Our cleaning lady always brings us sweets, which nobody wants to eat when they know she cooked them because we've all seen her level of hygiene.
making flour substitute mix )
work restrictions form needs returning )

*Tapioca is made from casava root - why don't they call it casava flour?? It would make things so much easier.
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( May. 2nd, 2008 09:46 am)
We were informed yesterday that for people who fail the x-ray test three times the result will be termination. No more 'retrain and retain' policy.

The new test fails approximately 40% of the screeners. This is NOT because 40% suck, this is because the test is badly designed.

They're going exactly the way they shouldn't be, if you ask me. They're having a harder time finding people who want to do this job, even with the economy turning down as it is, partly because the demands of the job are so high and they're just wearing out the labor pool - at least in this area. We're now hiring kids just out of high school and retired people who just want some benefits and some pin money. Kids just out of high school are often quite good at the x-ray but not so good at completeness, bag searching and customer service. Retirees often fail the x-ray testing just because their eyes are not as good as they used to be, but they're really good at everything else. They shouldn't force everyone to have to do every function.

And the pressure to pass such a badly designed test is not going to help moral, which is already rock-bottom.
So many things I forget to post, which I had fully intended to. (Am composing between doing other things so as to avoid spamming my f-list.)
cut for length )
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( Jan. 6th, 2008 09:12 pm)
I'm going to pimp [ profile] eor's review of Charles Fourier, because I think he gives a nice, quick, summation, although it takes ages to even scratch the surface of Fourier, really. (I've also been reading a book about Fourier, though a much shorter one than that which Eor read, and I've gotten bogged down.)

I meant to mention on my post re Darrin that he said he's heard that the Manager who he asked to tell us where he was and that he would like visitors got reamed out for passing that info on, even though he had asked her to as a friend. Eor says that's not surprising, as there's legal issues with a Manager doing that. He thinks the only way around that would be if it had been in the form of a written note which had been posted, and then probably it could not be done by a manager. Well. I suppose this is where having an email network would have been of great use.

Reminds me... I need to find out if anyone's arranged a card. It will never be done through official channels because having a heart is not allowed by the gov't.

Oh... mu. I just remembered that I, um, should have arranged myself a ride to work tomorrow, if possible. I guess I could probably still phone Pheobe. I don't really want to ride the bus if I don't have to. The van is getting the heater installed. Hopefully for real this time. (Possibly some of you remember the debacle of... I think it was last spring - where the RV people kept it for two weeks and then never actually DID the work they were requested to do, "because it would cost you too much money." Sooo... you pass up the chance to make money because you don't want to do the work? Yeah it will cost a lot, but that was what we originally asked you to do. Idiots.) We're taking it to someone else this time.
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( Nov. 19th, 2007 08:50 am)
As you may have guessed from the fact that I posted Chapter Eight of "Swept Away" in the mid afternoon, I cut work yesterday. I went in, looked at how overstaffed we were for the day, and directly started filling out a request to use some annual leave time. Some fool okayed overtime for all this week, including the weekend just passed, and did NOT okay overtime for Friday - traditionally an ass-breakingly busy day as everyone goes home from Thanksgiving. They trickle in and out in an increasing flow all week, Thursday it's dead, and then on Friday everyone has had enough of family and they're all getting the hell out of Maine so they can spend their weekend in their own home. But I don't work on Fridays at the moment so I don't have to worry about that. ;)

The new shift bid schedule is out and they're actually offering a 9AM to 5:30PM shift for three men and one woman. (Yes, even though the work force is almost half and half m/f the women are rarely offered the odd shifts that the men get.) But the woman's shift has Sunday-Monday off so I guess I'll keep my working 'til 8pm schedule and see about getting a normal weekend, because getting a leave day when I needed it was nearly impossible last summer. But muuuu! Normal hours?! Waaant! Still I suppose what would I do with my evening? Just hang around with Eor and go to bed early.

[ profile] camwyn mentions teasing the screeners at the airport and says they get an expression like Kermit, and that made me think of how Bertie sometimes describes Jeeves having a look 'like a stuffed frog.' I wonder if both Jeeves and Kermit are also holding in check a profound frustration bordering on murderous rage because he can't very well slap the person he's supposed to be taking care of? (Because I know that's why the screener looks like that.)

I think I'm engaging in avoidance behavior. If I keep writing I won't have to go to the gym. Oh yes, it is gym day, but Phoebe has volunteered for overtime this morning so I'd have to be there by myself. Last time I did some exercising here at home instead, but that's probably not as good for me as walking on the treadmill. Grrrr. Dammit. There's no reason I can't go tomorrow, really, if I'm going to be there alone anyway.

I need to get a good learn-to-bellydance DVD. Anyone have recommendations?


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