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( Aug. 3rd, 2014 08:05 am)
Cyberquail is here! Actually, she has been since Friday evening (she was far later than she had intended to be because, she said, all of Connecticut was a parking lot.)

We toured the History Barn, our Library (I have my new license with current address, so got a card), went to Pineland Market, and then the regular grocery store after getting Eor's new car inspected, then worked in the yard a bit.

And because she knows how to use a grill and we just got a grill she christened it for us last night and cooked us an 'orgy of flesh' so that we could try out some different cuts of beef:

Flat iron steak with coriander. Flat iron steak is a rectangular slab, and ours got less cooked and came out nice and juicy.
Rib eye with zatar* on it. This is an uneven oval with large streaks of fat, and ours got more cooked and was tender. (She says a good substitute at half the price would be eye of chuck)
Porterhouse with oregano and cinnamon. This is a large large t-bone shaped thing.
And some delicious little lamb bits, not sure what cut.

And then corn, potatoes and asparagus - I particularly love how corn and asparagus cook up on the grill. She put olive oil and salt on the asparagus, and left the husks on the corn so it sort of steams itself.


*a Lebanese spice mix
Oh my word, breakfast was delish! I couldn't stop eating. Omlette, hash browns, grits, baked apples and bacon, three pots of tea, and had to buy myself a chocolate bar on the way out to sustain me on my drive home. *oink!* The price was good, which just about made up for the terrible country music and the waitress - who I know has been there a couple of years and continues to just not be able to get things right. (Bring me grits with no butter? Really?) But she tried, and I ran her little legs off getting me more food, so she got almost a 50% tip. People are grateful after they've been hungry and are now fed. ;)


I'm planning my next breakfast two weeks out, because I'm thinking about it right now. Friday, February 8th, 8am, Becky's. No terrible country music to contend with, and they DO have gluten-free baked goods. Because working people on Maine's waterfront are more civilized than wherever Cracker Barrel is from. ;) (Pennsylvania?)

Now I've been home for two hours. That caffeine high is wearing off and all I did with it was huddle, try to keep warm, and read. The heating can't seem to keep up with the weather - I have it set for 68F and it can't get there, running constantly and only getting to 67F even at the thermostat. I wonder if I should turn it up higher in hopes that the kitchen might get a bit warmer? I've got leggings and jeans on, and an insulated flannel shirt wrapped around my legs, but it's not working. Or, I could abandon ship, trek through the cold up to Coffee By Design and thereby extract myself from the clutches of Facebook and the Internet in general. Or, on yet the third hand, it is actually quite a bit warmer in the room next to the bathroom, where we keep the treadmill - I could take a pot of tea in there and get cozy with a book and/or notebook. It's not really set up for sitting, there being an bike right in the middle of the room, but I could make it so.

There are also LOTS of clean clothes to be put away, so the obvious first step in order to do anything is that I have to stand up from this seat in front of the computer. Which means unwrapping my legs. Brr!!
Yesterday was quite relaxing - did some laundry and dishes, but mostly finished reading "Truckers" (Prachett) and read all of "Diggers." I don't have "Wings," I'll have to get it.

Oh, and got my hair cut, so that when we went back and got our passport pictures re-taken in the afternoon I didn't look quite so much like a crazy person as I had the first time. It was a lucky break that actually the first passport pic was not in spec for what the application demands - the face can't be more than one and three-eighths inches from chin to top of hair, and the top of the hair has to be included. The guy who took the pics had not done a particularly good job printing and cutting. And I had done an absolutely terrible job posing - slumped, eyes half closed, hair all over. I looked like a stoner.

And then we went to Portland where Eor spent some gift money (an appreciation gift from his coworkers for just being great) at Enterprise Records. We went to Norm's for fries and a coke (our oh-so-nutritious dinner) and Jasper was behind the bar and waved wildly at us when we walked in. We're not at all used to being remembered, that was weird. :) And he can't know, I'm sure, that we bought his CD (he is, or was, in the group "Hiss and Chambers" - which is named after something to do with U.S. politics in the 60s, Alger Hiss...?), although he might recall telling us about his band work, when we used to be dissipates at his bar.

And then we spent a couple of hours at a friend's house, having tea and chatting about work and geek stuff. :)

Eor is actually having some of the chocolate chip blondie I made on Thursday - I'm glad, because I was beginning to think I was going to have to eat it all myself. It was an attempt to make chocolate chip cookies which went horribly badly. The first batch of cookies turned to dust when I attempted to scrape them off the pan, so I dumped the rest of the batter into a casserole dish and baked it a little cooler, and it didn't seem to want to set up, but I ate some yesterday and it's not so bad. Of course I ate the rest of the cookie crumbs as well, because I hate to waste food. I dumped them in a cup with tea and milk, and ate them with a spoon, and then didn't feel too well, after.

I also ate a whole pound of tofu; did I mention that, already? Yes, I realized it was a month past the sell-by date, and I didn't think I'd ever eat the rest of it if I only ate part, so I dumped the whole pound into a pan with some margarine and lots of curry powder and two eggs, and that, with two peices of toast, was my early lunch. "Breakfast" had been yogurt with peaches and cookie crumbs. I ate a LOT of crap, yesterday. But I walked twice on the treadmill, for a total of 300 calories loss. I realize that doesn't count for anything in the food equation, but I'm still happy that I did only a little less than 3mph at an incline of 10 and didn't feel dead. I probably need to record that on my Eowyn's Challenge.

Today we spent more of Eor's gift money (his coworkers gave him $200, they like him a lot) up at Bull Moose music and he got me Red Dwarf X! And Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, just because we don't have it and he loved it as a kid, and it was only $5. :)
Now that I think about it, I might have done this once before.

I decided to make a cornbread this evening, and thought I would save on dishes by mixing the liquid ingredients first, then adding the dry ingredients to them. I figured I might have to break up some lumps and mix it a little more. Instead what happened was that the dough came out really runny and never cooked all the way. It was close to burning on the top, so I took it out and it was still running liquid in the center. Not just soft. So, of course, I ate the center, with a cup of tea alongside, and called it pudding; it was delicious, actually, though now I feel a little sick because it was so sweet. I think the only other change I made was twice as much honey as usual, and I could swear I did that when I made it at Eor's sister's house at Christmas, too.

I guess method is important.

File under: I make these mistakes so you don't have to.

In other news - it was a holiday, so I got to work uninterupted. :) I talked with people a lot and got feedback about their problems with the training website, and made books for them to practice from in order to get ready for the upcoming testing, and it really felt productive. Sometimes I wish all the bigwigs could have their offices in a different building. The only drawback was that the secretary and the back-up keyholding office guy were both gone so we couldn't get into the cabinet to get out tissues in order to blow our noses.
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( May. 2nd, 2009 08:24 pm)
I may be beginning to get hungry. This is only noteworthy because I've been going for something like 10 hours on breakfast. It was a big breakfast - homefries, bacon and eggs - but I never go that long without getting hungry. Oh, I did have a bowl of icecream at 4:30pm. Still, that's nothing like my normal feeding schedule.

Groceries will have to wait until tomorrow, but laundry is done. Now there's dishes before I can cook, I guess.

The laundromat was quiet this evening. I guess 5pm is a pretty good time to show up.

PS - The new rice cooker is the same brand, but so many details look different, it's weird!
That conversation on [ profile] cox_and_co which I mentioned yesterday (which continues out of control! I've still not finished reading it all!) caused me to reread An Ideal Husband, by Irene Adler. I read it a few years ago and had forgotten that in fact it has hot f/f slash, and women dressing as men. I've got to admit I usually don't read f/f, but for some reason it always works better for me when they are passing as men. I'm not sure why this should be. Probably the easiest answer is that I'm fucked in the head.

And completely unrelatedly, [ profile] mollyrazor mentioned something which I noticed on Sunday when I went shopping - Hannaford has greatly expanded their gluten free selections and awareness.

Also, Algorithm March made me giggle! (Thanks [ profile] tronella! :))
Anyone have a carrot cake recipe they want to offer me? It has to be a from-scratch type so that I can just substitute the wheat flour with my tapioca-rice-and-potato-flour-mix.

Carrot cake used to be my all-time favorite, and my grandmother would make me one as my birthday cake every year, but her recipe was "take a Betty Crocker spice cake mix, reduce the water requested by half and put in a cup of shredded carrot." She was all about ease of preparation, Gram W. ;) Her mother would beat her for being lazy because she would do things like sit on the ground while using the hand pump when hauling water in, but she, along with Eor, was a big believer in laziness as a motivator for inventing easier ways to do things, and arguing there'd have never been any technological progress if it weren't for laziness. (Oh, I just recalled someone thanking me yesterday for my tip about taking shirts out of the dryer as soon as they stop and hanging them up quickly as a way to avoid having to iron them - "You saved me an hour's work, yesterday! You're brilliant!" "No," I said, "I'm lazy!" ;))

Or if you have a good spice cake recipe I can obviously work from there. ;)

Ow, my neck. Time to go stretch and get ready to go to the gym. I think Diz will be there at 8:30, Phoebe might be late.
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( Aug. 22nd, 2008 07:20 am)
I just swallowed, all at one go, all the amazingly cool little ficlets that [ profile] daegaer's been posting over the past few days, and have no brain to properly compose comments on each. She always comes up with a twist on the story or a way to tell it that's somehow not quite what I would have expected. I think that's the particular genius which always makes me stand in awe.

So, for my part, I've had Lady Grey tea, blueberries swimming in goat's milk, and toast with chashew butter and tayberry preserves for my first breakfast, and that was all so very yummy that it makes me want more, but the point was to get myself moving early and go do all the things I didn't yesterday because the boy at the Chevy dealership neglected to phone me until 10AM to let me know that my window handle was in. I don't know if he just doesn't come in until that time or if he thought that because I was out there only shortly before that the day before that 10am was a suitable time for me to be leaving my house or what, but by then I had to tell him that it really was too late for me to go out.

I don't expect the fabric store to be open this early, but it looks as though we'll have the always delightful company of [ profile] littleredhead and [ profile] groundctrl with whom to peruse (or, as she said, ravage and plunder) the fabric store tomorrow, so that's okay. :D
making flour substitute mix )
work restrictions form needs returning )

*Tapioca is made from casava root - why don't they call it casava flour?? It would make things so much easier.
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( Jan. 23rd, 2008 10:24 am)
Well. The pie is done. *looks at it dubiously* I know the filling tastes good, but the top crust turned itself into a crumble crust as I was putting it on. So I dropped a few butter shavings onto it hoping the extra flavor would make up for how bad it looks. I think it will taste great, if the leftover filling is any indication (I cooked it down a bit more to a sort of applesauce). I'm thinking I should have cut the apples smaller to begin with, though. Ah well. It's a learning experience. Now I need to do a pile of dishes. :P And possibly eat something more. So far I've had rice with pepperonies and feta cheese. (Which is really quite tasty, btw. Rice cookers still rock.)
Well, we were hoping to go see midget strippers tonight, but maybe tomorrow. One of the girls at work was trying to organize a trip out to the strip club, but she just phoned a few minutes ago and let me know that everyone has pretty much bagged out, just like they did a few months ago when I tried to organize the same sort of expedition. "People are poops," I said - completely ignoring the fact that I was one of the people who was sort of bagging out, because I'd left her a message saying that I really couldn't go at 10pm, if that was when she was planning on it, seeing as we have to be up at 6am. I feel bad, though! She said she just got done bartending (her other job) a twelve hour day, and the only thing that got her through it was the thought of midget strippers, so she was pretty disappointed. Possibly she's up for going tomorrow if other people will find that works better for them, so Eor and I said we would go if that was the case. (I also told her that they aren't really midgets, they're dwarves, and that the last time we went the place was so ridiculously crowded that you could barely move, so that hopefully she won't feel quite AS let down.)

I think I'll have a piece of cornbread. I finally made the cornbread I was thinking about months ago! I found a simple sounding recipe and did it this morning, because it was cold as a Norse hell in here. Okay, it was 68 degrees. Still. I wanted the oven on. :) And it's not too bad for a first attempt, I think.

PS!~ If anyone wants to go along to the dwarf strippers tomorrow, drop a line - the more the merrier! :)
I have to leave in about a half hour to attend a going-away breakfast for a co-worker, who has been mentioned herein previously as Granny Goose. She's seriously one of the best screeners ever. Slow, sure, but she has a right to be at her age, and she's careful, which is what really matters in a screener. Plus she's got a great attitude with the passengers, and they never seem to give her a hard time. I mean, who would? We're going to miss her.

Afa, also, is retiring this week, and we're going to miss him as well, just for his inimitable Afa-ness. He's a good guy, always willing to help someone out. He constantly plays at being a creepy old pervert, and I'm sure his line "When did we start doing that?" will continue being quoted for years. :)

There's a going away party for both of them on Thursday, but someone decided that a select few ladies would be going out for breakfast today. Which has unpredictably worked out not so good for me. Eor is actually home, today, because they had a plumbing problem in the building he works in, yesterday (there was a leak in a water main and then one of the valves was shut off and broke in the off position) so he's kicking around here working on the van, since it's such a lovely day. And he has a desire for eggs with bacon, which I can't help him with. Someone take Eor out for breakfast for me! :)

Well, my half hour is almost up, now - guess I'd better pack my lunch and uniform and put some clothes on. Maybe I'll wear the uniform pants. Usually when we go for breakfast most of the women do that. It's going to suck when the new uniforms come out with the stripe down the side of the pants.

Did I mention that Hannaford carries goat's milk in quart containers? I only discovered that weekend before last. Yum! I needs me moar!

Also, Eor made a really delicious roast on Sunday. It's a little tough, because I chose an inferior cut of beef - I had thought he was going to make beef curry. But he did a good job with it. The major part of my lunch today is going to be some of that with frozen collard greens and peas/baby carrots/pea pods/baby corn frozen mix. I'm still doing the fruits and veggies kick. I don't know as it's making me feel better, yet, besides mentally/emotionally because I feel as though I'm doing something good for myself.

Yesterday Phoebe and I did not do the ellipticals, but went for a nice walk in the sunshine down around* by Back Cove instead, because she was hung over. She said the walk did her wonders, though, and she felt fine after that. :)

*We only made three miles, we're slow.
Finally, the gas meter guy has been and relit the stove and the gas smell has cleared out, and I feel as though I can safely shut the window and go do the recycling and groceries.  I had no problem waiting, of course, drinking Tang and tea, eating chicken soup and vitamins.  (And finished "The Big Over Easy" of course!  That rocked!! :))  My cold seems to have decided to make a little comeback this morning, I guess because my nose got dried out last night. :P  (I'm NOT too sick to go to dinner, though, [ profile] littleredhead!)

With impending dinner plans for tonight I have finally sat down and looked at the link [ profile] littleredhead sent me on how to get to the restaurant.  It seems on initial review as though the written directions which Google maps gives are contradictory to the map.  It says to keep left at the fork in the road, but left would appear from the map to keep you on Rt. 1 rather than take you down Maine St.  Now, I know I've gone through there enough times I should probably remember how this works, but my memory sucks, so I'm glad I have [ profile] eor.  (If I didn't have him along I would trust that I would figure it out on the fly, because I usually can, and I've got the restaurant's phone number in case I can't.) 

Oddly, Google maps always insists on calling Rt 1 "Blue Star Memorial Highway" - as if anyone in Maine would refer to it as that.  Rt 1 has always been Rt 1, it's one of those touchstones of the Maine experience.

Now, must be productive. 

Oh, also, "Warlord of Mars" must have been book #11 for this year - I have no idea what day I finished it, forgot to tag it - and "The Big Over Easy" was #12.
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( Mar. 16th, 2007 03:45 pm)
Um.  V. unproductive.  Slept a lot.  Watched Jeeves and Wooster.  Ate bon bons cornmeal mush cooked in chicken stock.  Looked up Aberdeen terrier on Wikipedia (because Aunt Agatha's dog is called an Aberdeen terrier in the books, but they cast a West Highland terrier in the shows, and I wondered what an Aberdeen terrier really was... but I guess it's just a general term for the group Westies, Scotties and Skys all belong to...?)  Am trying to keep pushing the liquids.  A pathetic cough is trying to set in. 

Edgar Rice Burroughs, A Princess of Mars )
I've got to admit, though, for all the cheesyness, there's something about Edgar Rice Burroughs.  Something so... cheesy.  Come on, cheese-eaters, you know what I mean.
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( Mar. 15th, 2007 05:05 pm)
So, I slept til 10AM, finished reading "Persuasion," did some dishes, and picked at my story a bit.  I find that I'm anxious to post the next couple of chapters, even though I said I would do them at month-long intervals.  I mean... they're done.  And I want to be done thinking about them.  But there's going to come a point when what you've read will catch up with what I've written, and that point will come all the sooner if I post more quickly.  But although I dread that point in time, I'm also eager for it.  Somehow it seems right that the feedback I get might hopefully be used right away.  Still, you ought to dread it, as I'm sure that at that point there's going to be what feels like a huge huge lag in the story for a while, as I catch up again.

Timesheets are this week, at work, but I don't even feel up to driving out there, let alone did I feel up to working, which I'd have felt they'd expect if I managed to drive out there. 

Today's chicken stock soup was mostly corn meal, with a stalk of celery and an egg.  And salt, pepper, cumin, garlic, paprika, chili... I likes my spices.  I wasn't particularly hungry, but I figured I should have something.  Mostly just been pushing fluids.
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( Mar. 4th, 2007 09:40 am)
Ah, to sleep until you wake up and then lie abed and stretch and yawn until you feel like getting up.  Is this not happiness?

But how can I eat all that french toast with blueberry syrup and two cups of tea and then feel like going back to sleep?  Eor says it's a gift. 

Memo to self: tapioca bread is not the best thing for french toast.  (Still, anything under blueberry syrup is good. ;))
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( Feb. 22nd, 2007 08:56 pm)
I just googled for cornbread recipes and there are like hundreds of thousands of them out there, and I'm feeling overwhelmed.  I don't want anything made corn kernels and sour cream and hot peppers, not today.  Just plain, basic corn meal and flour (I'm planning on using Pamela's all purpose gluten free mix to substitute for the flour, the pancakes and etc one in the yellow bag).  I expect a somewhat sweet flavor and am supposing I might prefer honey as the sweetener.  Anyone got a recipe they'd like to recommend? 
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( Oct. 25th, 2006 09:32 am)
I fell back asleep on the couch after Eor left for work, with the couch quilt and his coat over my legs, trying desperately to get warm.  Woke up, discovered it was 68 degrees in the bedroom and called the management company.  Sure I'm all for his plan of slowly adding water to the radiators, but they still should be taking responsibility for keeping us at least warm enough to be able to take a shower - it IS the law. 

And then I put two pots on the stove and made egg soup and hot chocolate...

Hot Chocolate for One Of Those Days:

Baker's Cocoa - about four heaping teaspoons
Teabags - two
Sugar [ETA: or Honey] - around two tablespoons - again, heaping [or level if Honey]
Vanilla - a capful (it's a small bottle) [ETA: half a capful is probably enough]
Red Pepper Flakes - a dash
Salt - an even smaller dash
Water - a little less than you have Milk
Canned Milk - over half a can [or a little more than you have of water]

Mix all the above in a pot on the stove and try to not let it boil too much. 
[ETA: Better to do all the heating first and add the milk only after taking it off the heat. Less sludge that way.]
[ profile] cyberquail's here, and we've had much curry (last night with lamb and tonight it was coconut prawn), and walking in the Audubon Sanctuary at Stroudwater, where we saw several uffa.*  Panir and aloo pakoras** were made***, rum was drunk and Trailer Park Boys was watched.  We are informed that a 'fastidious film' develops on top of heated milk! :)

Also, I tried to figure out something about politics in Maine.  Depressingly, all of our gubernatorial candidates are lame.  I shall now forget their names and vote for the incumbent, Baldacci, because he's done nothing, which is probably the best we can hope for. 

Tomorrow - Armageddon Curry! :)  I have to work, but I'm never much help with cooking anyhow. ;)

*Any of the tall, stalky (Funny how I can spell that word when I'm typing but not at all when I'm walking along, talking...) water birds, such as heron or egrets.

**Interestingly, my spellchecker tried to replace 'pakoras' with 'Karakorum.'

***If you use that recipe, cut the salt down, down and more down - the batter was at least three times as salty as we wanted it.
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( Aug. 18th, 2006 11:09 pm)
I have been granted yet another Monday off! :)  I feel a little guilty about leaving my trainee to the tender mercies of whoever will do the schedule, however.  I fancied he looked a bit lost when he said, "If you get Monday off... will that mean I'll be with somebody else?"  He'll be fine, though.  Of course... the last time I said that, my trainee got a bag dropped on her leg by the interim mentor.  Hm.

Anyway.  Eor and I went out for Thai wings and fries and drinks at Norm's, and it was lovely. :)  Now it's time to sleep. 

A three day weekend.  Yay! :)  Sleep.  Much sleep.


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