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( Jul. 2nd, 2008 09:13 am)
So, through [ profile] daegaer's post I found myself on this page where some guy is cooking through the alphabet and is now on snail porridge and he says Being as comfortably middle-class as I am, and thus filled with impotent rage about the state of the world accompanied by equal feelings of guilt that I don't do anything about it...

I stopped right there and began to wonder, is this what being middle class is about? Impotent rage and guilt? I carefully examined my soul for the guilt, and realized it's pretty much all the impotent rage for me. I'm not guilty about not doing anything about it, I'm angry because I have no prayer in hell of doing anything about the state of the world. I must not be middle class.

Of course I thought "I'll get all kinds of things done, being home today," but what do I REALLY do? Stalk [ profile] triedenture's LJ for at least 25 posts and fall madly in love with her webcomic. And watched this video which she linked to on YouTube, Flight of the Conchords - Business Time. Great stuff, very funny. :) When I can (some time when I'm not listening for the doorbell for a terribly important package) I'll have to watch more of them.
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( Dec. 16th, 2006 08:46 am)
Cool idea - Open ID lets people from other blogging sites leave comments on your livejournal with their other blog ID, or even read your friends locked posts if you allow them to.

Someone set up an LJ in the name [ profile] anonymous.  It's a no-brainer joke, but there's a bunch of really stupid people who think that lj user=anonymous is the person who anonymously posted something mean on their journals.  That is scary. 

I was hoping there was a community called anonymous.  I imagined it would be a lot like Post Secret. 

Thanks to [ profile] holyschist I spent possibly an hour reading Nathan Castle's Nude Rollerdisco of Comics.  I think I read all of them - Melaines Choles (existential angst), Seamonster (sweet human folly, but then gets creepy and sad at the end), Great and Small (ironic and odd stories of animal/human interactions during WWII, but the last frame nearly made me cry) and Squid Gideon (which I actually thought was really amusing in a meta-humor way.  I love meta-humor.  I'm a dork. :)) - and that hour even included pauses for reflection.  I'd say it was an hour well-spent. 

I think I need to turn the conversation at the beginning of "Seamonster" into an animated icon. 

And did I mention how much I loved Looks To Alaska's response to my lament about honor duels being not okay in today's world?

there is a NEED for Honor Duels......
in today's world we sadly settle for the random ass kicking or drive by........

It's sad.  Sad.  Isn't it?  I think it goes right along with our loss of respect for craftsmanship.  We have no artisans, now, just Wal-Mart and drive-by-shootings.  It's no wonder I have a thing for those gay Victorians. 

Something else, there was something else much more important I was going to say...  Oh, right, gosh, how could I forget!  I'm staring at a picture of a rabbit which has taken up residence in the typing stand on my desk.  The picture has taken up residence, that is.  The rabbit is in the picture.  Get the picture?  Yes, like the impatient child I am, I tore open your gift as soon as it arrived, [ profile] daegaer, and didn't stop to wait for Hogswatch morning.  It's a very lovely picture! :)  As too, was the card. :)  Cute little cottages.  I'll take that with me to my real estate agent, Afa Twoshoes,* and tell him I want a house like that.  Only with trees around.  And I want it for $135,000.  ;)

*The other day my co-worker came in with two shoes on.  They were both black, but they didn't match. :)
His other job is real-estate agent, and he's constantly pushing me to buy a house, so I string him along a little for the fun of the conversation, but basically I tell him that I want to live in town and pay the same for a mortgage as I do for rent.
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( Dec. 5th, 2006 08:38 am)
Because what else do you do when you happen to have textbooks still lying around from your first year of college? 

"We cannot assume today that men must in the last resort be governed by their own consent.  Among the means of power that now prevail is the power to manage and to manipulate the consent of men.  That we do not know the limits of such power - and that we hope it does have limits - does not remove the fact that much power today is successfully employed without the sanction of the reason or the conscience of the obedient." --C. Wright Mills, "The Sociological Imagination," 1959

I just opened a lovely Christmas present from someone who I haven't talked to in ages.  I had to open it early because I was so surprised that she'd be sending me something, I had to know what it was.  I'm stunned, amazed, confused, and ... feel guilty, of course.  I have to wonder if she mixed me up with someone else.  Now I'd better find something for her.  Eep!
D.S.  (a co-worker) and I ended up in a conversation with a police sergeant from a neighboring town, today, who, it turned out, had been in Iraq with another of our co-workers in the reserves.  This police sergeant served as a First Sergeant training Iraqi military.  Quite interesting - and amusing, the way he told it, though I'm sure it was a little frustrating for him while he was there.  I'm sure I won't be able to reproduce the way he told these stories, but here's the short version. 

Inshallah )

Anyway.  Other than that, boring day. 


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